Friday, April 04, 2008


Ramsey has a nature reserve literally at the back of my house. It's a great place for sky photographs, especailly when the clouds are gathering, and a storm is soon to follow.

On the right you will something called the countdown to the Isle Of Man TT Road Races.
TT, stands for Tourist Trophey. The TT is a week long series of Motorbike road races, the week before is practise week. I did say road races. It's the oldest motorbike road race in the world, and last year it celebrated 1oo years and is still as strong as ever.

Word of warning if you do come over for the event. Watch out for Mad Sunday. The public are allowed to ride part of the TT course the bikers take, including Ramsey and the Mountain at whatever speed than can. So don't cross the roads that day unless you really have to.


Anonymous said...

My mum and dad used to go to the Isle of Man every year for the TT races in the 60s when they were courting and when they were first married. I've never been (they stopped going once we came along and made biking more complicated), but I'd love to, as it feels like part of my heritage as I've heard so much about it.

Southern Heart said...

This is an amazing and beautiful photo! It should be hanging in a gallery...very stunning!

Gerald (SK14) said...

quite an ominous looking sky full of foreboding. The TT races seem foreboding to me too as there are several fatalites every year.

Unknown said...

All pictures are great and the colour is amazing.
We love to see your photos at Sky Watch Friday.
-Cheers from Canada.

Janet said...

Best sky I've seen today! Great advice on the "raging" road race.

Around the World said...

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Destitute Rebel said...

This is a wonderful picture, the sky looks fierce.

Lake Lady said...

Still perusing your archives. I think this may be the one that first attracted me to your blog!


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