Saturday, February 28, 2009


Grand Theft Auto?

Be warned I'm having a rant.

Skywatch post below for those you don't want to read the ravings of an angry blogger but would like some photography tips. Back to the post in hand. Remember a couple of weeks ago I showed you an image of the building about to be demolished for My World? Click here to read the full post. In a nutshell The Grand Island Hotel has closed, due for demolition, new flats(apartments) complex are to be built on the land, and an auction to sell any keepsakes has taken place. Well guess what? Since that post a bunch of scumbags, not as polite a word as you deserve but all common decency will allow me write in blogland, have burgled whatever was left inside. Not only that they have vandalised, no trashed, the place in the process of stripping the place of it's final trappings and dare I say dignity. Nice world isn't it when even on a small relatively safe time warp island thieving scumbags hatch a plot to do a final act of ignominy to a once Grand Hotel. Sad sign of our times. Apologisies too for the image just grabbed anyone I had to hand.

That's better Now I'll do the funny side so not to depress you all. On a lighter note all I will say is the bunch of tourists who I featured the thursday all have alibis. Of course as the hotel was way off along Mooragh Promenade it was too far for their elderly weak bladders to get to without stopping to spend a penny anyway. there are no toilets that way now the hotel has closed. Also they would have had to negotiate the swinging bridge of doom and they just will not cross that particular bridge when they come to it for all the hotel fittings in Ramsey, never mind tea in China. The Zimmer Frame Gang then have been ruled out and as the Police say it's a local job.

Make of this post what you will. It happened. That's just how the world is. I chose to post it because I like light and shade and as I say in the header sometimes the ugly side of life rears it's head and I will not gloss over this just to keep folks happy. It happened, it's sad, but tomorrow is another day as they say.

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Friday, February 27, 2009


Golden Wonder


I wanted to call the image The Golden Triangle but that really wasn't a good idea. Google why if you don't know. The Golden Hour it is then and it's not the medical one, but the one you hear photographer's use a lot or also referred to as the magic hour.

The Golden Hour is the the first and last hour of sunlight during the day when you'll find a certain photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light within these times.

The light tends to be warmer and softer. Shadows are more focused and pronounced as the sun is closer to the horizon. The sunlight is traveling at a slant striking subjects at an angle and not straight on.

Highlights tend not to be overexposed. This is due to the direct light of the sun not being as intense and harsh. Landscape photogaphers use this light a lot as the sunlight enhances, warms the ground colours. Also a favourite with painters too for the same reason. Portrait photography is favoured too as no fill flash is required as you can use the natural soft lighting and shadows. The worst time to photograph for harsh, too bold, brash sunlight is midday. Put it this way you don't get a sunset or sunrise at noon but but you do in the Golden Hour.

The image was captured towards the end of the Golden Hour, not optimum but enough to catch the yellow and golds in that Industrial Triangle of cranes, winches and sail masts along Ramsey Harbour Inlet and silhouette the building. I hope that all makes sense?

Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Not The Magical Mystery Tour but roll up anyway

I told you we have tourists. Not just for two weeks in June when the TT Road Races are here either. Real live people spending their hard earned salaries(actually pensions these were more your retired folk) to help boost the economy here North of the Island. All the way from Barnsley, Yorkshire, England. To a Manx person here the island is the mainland and the UK is commonly known as "across" which means wherever the tourists came from, they came from across but are very welcome. Very, very welcome. So where would they go this side of town?

The little group you can see were heading off towards St Paul's shopping centre. That would be a left turn at the conveniently named St Paul's church you can see that's the tallest building on the left. This lot went straight for the Shoprite, one of local Supermarkets. Actually they hit the toilets first but we'll gloss over that one. Next was St Paul's Bookshop, then we had a split in the ranks and they stopped by the one or two cafes we have dotted about the town which would be off towards the right of the image. Of course the odd one or two sneaked off for a heavier tipple in the oh so many pubs we have. Incidentally the grass verge you see that is adjacent to the old Swimming Pool. Apparently that's the place they normally went first for a slap up lunch, but that's now closed and they didn't want to leave the main body of the town and go over the bridge to the new Swimming Pool. The words told you so come to mind. Apparently it suited a Pensioner's pocket. I'm sure they'll love the New Pool soon, 0nce they are brave enough to cross the swinging bridge of doom.

Next time I'll try and get a tourist eating a Davison's ice cream or should I say fighting the seagulls for it. I swear the gulls can spot a tourist from a local a mile off and dive bomb for bag of chips. So no posed contrived smiley images but natural sneaky peeks of grumpy kids, moaning pensioners, stressed parents and argumentative adolescents. Still wish you were here?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009



ABC this week is brought to you by the letter F

Last round I had the flower fuchsia which is also known as the Tears of Mann. Yes Mann. Back to all those Manx spellings again this island's rich language throws up. So that would be Tears of the Isle of Man then. This time around I have plumped for a tulip from Amsterdam. That is Amsterdam via the local Supermarket in Ramsey which actually has them all year round. I rarely have flower photographs and I have for both F's. That would be F for flower as well then obviously. For more tulip info click the word Wiki. I have to be honest doing a flower write up isn't for me and Wiki does have lots of generic info for you and sub species and what not. I'm sure my flower people friends out there who I rely on to name wild flowers for me are tut tutting but I'm afraid it doesn't float my boat in the way some other subjects do. I'm much more interested in the issue of language. F for foreign language to you F for friendly readers out there.....

...... such as the F word, Fastyr mie- Good evening in Manx. I will have to use more Manx words in the blog for you. Not that I actively speak Manx. Heavens no. I'm trying to master another F, French. Ooh la la, I digress. The F I really wanted to show you of course are the Fairies that definitely don't live at the bottom of the garden, specifically the Manx ones. Flitted away to freedom at the very thought of being photographed no doubt. Yes I am having another F tonight
F for fun because.... It had been noticed I have not been around on another F Facebook the blog
or my emails. Well I'm here now.

A eclectic stream of consciousness for you tonight. For more cohesive F's go to Mrs N.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mooragh Lake - My World

Who let the water out again!

Mooragh Park contains conveniently Mooragh Lake, otherwise known as the boating lake. I know it's hard to believe as it's so shallow but normally you can see canoeists and very small sail boats on the lake. If you have read any of my earlier posts you will also know I am one of the locals of that have actually swam in this lake. Not by choice may I add. Capsizing out of a canoe fully clothed taking a swim in the blackness of the water below and climbing back into the canoe fully sized and sopping wet is well no fun. I hasten to add it was most definitely unintentional and in much deeper water than this. You can see why we need a lot of rainfall here.

Can you believe at one time this area was a 200 acre tidal swamp. In 1881 the Ramsey Town Commissioners purchased the land for the princely sum of £1,200 with the idea of creating a pleasure park. Now we are not talking Disney World or Central Park, but 6 years later the park was opened. We still have the boating lake, two cafes, crazy golf, crown green bowling, wooded area, grassy area, skateboard park, kiddies playground and tennis court. The lake is the dominant part if the park being viewed from any part of the park. As you can see I have actually taken this image close on the edge of the lake looking towards Ramsey Town with North Barrule Mountain in the background on a very sunny day. As much as I hate to say this as it's so lovely to have the sunshine we could do with one very heavy downpour just to top up that lake. After all I might need to go swimming again when I fall out of a canoe. It's dark too when it's full. Can't see a thing. No sharks though, well only the financial ones. I dedicate this post to Jim and Sally who very kindly(OK nagged me so much by email) to " show the lake we used to canoe on as kids" again please. There you are then. A wide shot as requested. You never did say if you two fell in,... er I mean went for a well intentioned swim in the Lake? Let me know.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Swinging into action I6/100

Monochrome Odd shots

Back to the Cult of Babooshka's Ramsey Swing Bridge. You know the story. Challenged to take one subject 100 different ways. So one of what the bridge actually does so many times a day swing which is a oddity to a lot of people. I'm sort of used to it now but it was a little peculiar witnessing this act when I first moved here. I mean bridges don't swing around by their own volition do they? So why does the swing bridge swing?

Take a look at the harbour and how low the bridge is. Now imagine boats, ships and sail masts heading towards the bridge. Doesn't work does it? The bridge doesn't lift and separate but swings round to allow boats and ships with masts to set sail in and out of the harbour. Certainly puts a whole new perspective on the photographic opportunities around the harbour for me. Have you noticed how the bridge always seems to be changing shape, elongated at the closer end. Of coure it's not uneven in the slightest just an optical illusion depending on focal point and lens used. It is a perfectly formed bridge. I'll have to show you a full on shot in perspective of course to see just how perfectly even it is. It is another res. image though as they all will be from now on and the high pin sharp large files are for sales only.

Click Katney for your odd shot quirks. Click Aileni for your monochrome maniacs. That's it off to re classify the images. At last a new laptop. No more maxtor. So did any of you ever start a sideline project of one subject 100 different ways?

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Come fly with me

Critters Sunday

One from the harbour again. I think this is the young Great cormorant who is no longer such a youngster. When I've shown these birds in the past so many of you say you aren't familiar with them as they do tend to be shore birds although they are becoming more adaptable to inland haunts apparently. In fact until I moved to Ramsey I confess I had never seen one in the flesh either. When we first came here we spotted just the pair of cormorants now there is a a complete family fishing and flying the waters of Ramsey Harbour. Majestic birds expert divers can go to great lengths but usually find they shallow dive for surface fish. Often you see one dive and resurface about 50ft away down stream with or without it's supper. As you can see they have quite a wingspan too and always tend to fly in short low bursts along the harbour. For more info click here for a great wiki round up.

Too view my other cormorant pics click words below.

And Everywhere

The new laptop has finally arrived. Just getting to grips with it. The screen is a little too bright and lacking in red tones I've noticed so I may have to re calibrate it. This image maybe a little small as I'm getting used to the screen size as well. Bit hit and miss tonight. So finally will be able to make a start on the website and re file all the images. Now if I can just find that elusive escaped wild wallaby of Ramsey and a Manx Fairy for critters that would be fantastic. For more critters of the world click Misty Dawn.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009


All aboard

After skywatch  yesterday a more realistic photograph. One of those walking shooting images you take when you hope no one is looking. Notice that white lump in the background that was the embarrassment of snow I told you about we had? It settled on the mountain and wouldn't budge just didn't make it's way down to the town. Told you our snowfall was pathetic.  That's going off at tangents though. This is as you can all read is the bus station.

 As there are locals on this I have compressed and posted the low res version. This was last Saturday. Not very busy is it? Credit Crunch after Christmas not many travelling to the sales in Douglas. You can see the buses lined up ready to go as far a field as Douglas and Peel. We even have bus called the "Ramsey Skipper" which basically travels full circle around the town. Handy if it's raining(have I mentioned it does that a lot) or you just can't be bothered walking with your shopping. It's a great way to see the town should you be a tourist or new to the area as you get to see not only the town but a trip along the promenade for a normal fayre and not an over priced tourist bus price. If you are visiting the island I recommend a bus ride. Fabulous way to see the full majesty of the coastal cliff areas from the top of a double decker you just don't see from a car. As you can see our bus station is graffiti free inside and out and the waiting room has non vandalized toilets and radiators that work in winter. Jealous aren't you? I here so many places now where people won't wait inside. Sometimes it's good to be small. When you can't get a bus though......

......Get a taxi. We have had a lot of problems recently in Ramsey with the merger of two taxi firms, one now owning the other and the service I am sad to say has not been up to the old standard and we have been let down badly. Happily a new one man operation we came upon by chance taxied me to Douglas. I want to give a big shout out here to Adrian of NE Cabs 817272 Executive Private Hire. Came at very, very, short notice let me take a detour to drop off some work, was on time and got me to my destination on time too. Friendly and professional and I did say to him that he was getting a plug on the blog. If you read this blog and you are North of the island, call him. First time we'd used him and we continue from now on. We all to often moan about bad service, but tend not to praise good. Redressing the balance. 

Maybe I should be a tourist for a day and try the skipper. I can't recall the route so that could be fun. Who's for a virtual bus ride round Ramsey via the camera and the internet. Let me know. Do have a local skipper type bus and do you use it I wonder?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Wish you were here?


This definitely wasn't today but a recent image. Sometimes the blue skies benefit from cotton wool clouds. This is one of the harbour from yesterday photographed further out standing on one of the two jetties. I photographed it with the bench slightly in and not tucked into the corner to show you perspective and scale.Wish you were here don't you. On a day like this I'm glad I'm here. What do you think of this as a postcard? It just has that kind of UK seaside look. I may keep this just for me though. I just like it. Simple as that.

So I promised to reveal all today. I was at the Manx Super Third Thursday meeting of the Social Media club concerning the new Social Networking site In a nutshell (Babooshka speak to you) it's place for Manx graduates and Isle of Man employers to find each other and encourage islanders ( think just left University or working in the real world) back to the island for those prestigious jobs. What has that got to me with me, well nothing but the blog is a great vehicle, as it's become so popular, for letting Manxies abroad know they are needed back here. So that's why I had to break cover. You try explaining to people you are Babooshka and no that's not my real name and glaring at the photographer( hypocrite, how bad am I?) for taking your image. Very naughty I took my name off for the photos. At least he had a Nikon. Weird to have people say they follow your blog in person, even weirder telling people not to reveal who I am. It would be easier being a spy!

Anyway I'm back undercover tonight. Many thanks goes to Sherrilynne Starkie from Strive Notes for organising the hoopla and the invite. What you don't know folks is Sherrilynne has been a huge supporter of the blog for a while and it was about time I showed my face at one of these functions. The lure of strong black coffee was all it took.

So safely back home and back to the job in hand of sifting through the images. I'm trying to decide what image to have as a new business card. Also maybe branching out into ghost writing other blogs, paid of course which I've been approached to do. Not sure about this and wondered if any of you writers out there do this at all or know someone who does. Don't even get me started on Consultancy fees. All new to me, how about you? Advice always appreciated.

Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Who let the water out?

Yesterday I showed you the view from the bridge looking onto the inner quayside, harbour and Sulby River and was asked if I could show the view in the opposite direction, flowing out to see. So doing a 180 degree turn this is the polar opposite view looking directly onto the outer harbour east quay and out to the Irish sea and beyond to the UK. As you can see someone pulled the plug out the harbour and let all the water out. Just by turning round and taking this image you can see how the light is fading further. Always adjust your setting re the light if you can, that is if you are using your manual settings. Don't forget how the sun rises and falls East and West so a turn of 180 degrees and a minute later will have a bearing on the light. Check out yesterday against today and you can see how that one minute and position change has drastically deepened the blue and introduced a peachy gold tone on the horizon instead of the pastel pink. If i had left the setting as they were the image would just be a flat dark, not graded shades. Even in Manx minute a world of change can happen. 

This leads me nicely onto my closing words. It is wonderful for me to not only show you Ramsey but now and again pass on a few tips in a light hearted way without getting too technical, encourage you rather than bombard you with info. Well good people out there here's someone else to check out Brett Trafford. See my links he's there and  he has been my go  to guy for ages. Well guess what he's only gone and started his only CDP - click Leek Daily Photo and hop to his excellent photography tips blog too. By the way he was also a blog of note like me and responsible for nominating me too for several awards. What can I say he knows a fabulous photographer when he sees on and he is extraordinary too. 

I am going somehwere hush hush(not really) tomorrow and breaking my cover of Babooshka for the day. All I can say for now. If you're good I'll tell all about it.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


East Quay, Ramsey Harbour

Can you guess where I am standing to take the image? Hands up all those you said the Swing bridge. Right in the centre looking down onto the Sulby River which would flow behind me and out to the Irish Sea. That doesn't tell you what the E's are though. Well the E's are good ones, at least they are for me.

Evening - Get the first one out the way. Low tide Early(ooh another E) Evening. Got to say the light was beautiful and fluid so the camera was very happy.I could have taken many here for skywatch with pastels on show, and I of course I did.

East Quay - Looking back behind behind the other side of the bridge would be East Quay near Mona Street and the cranes I showed you last week. You usually see me refer to Ramsey Harbour or Harbour inlet in generic terms without breaking it down into specifics. On my right the walk would take you to the beach and Mooragh Park on the left the town.

Ellan Vannin - Isle of Man. That is it's Manx name and that's the island I live on, on the East coast too. I'll never be short of E's then for the as so many pubs bed and breakfast are called Ellan Vannin.

As some of you have noted I am having a very quiet blog week and having some time out doing some very mind numbing activities. Normal service soon. That's the eclectic mix tonight. Just noticed empty too for the river. For more Abc's see the lady with the letters Mrs N.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Grand Island Hotel, Ramsey

My World

The Grand Island Hotel has been scheduled for closure for several years now and always survived. Not now though . Time has been called on the faded Dame of Ramsey. Demolition and of the premises to be replaced with flats(apartments) has caused mixed reaction. It is fair to say the Georgian style hotel set in it's own grounds as you can see had seen better days as far as paying guests were concerned and business functions. Set alongside Mooragh Promenade which I've shown you often looking straight onto the Irish Sea, secluded and within walking distance of the main body of the town it was the place to stay. Time has not be kind to the hotel that looks like it would be at home in Florida, rather than the Island. It had become run down, a money pit and time was called. It is such a shame that plans were not drawn up earlier to rescue such a former glory but the inevitable march of time caught up with those that dragged their heels so to speak and the rescue had become too costly, too late. The Grand Island Hotel is no more. The image is just a quick snapshot, a keepsake really of the former most prestigious building in Ramsey. We still have bed and breakfast accommodation and a few smaller venues can perhaps cater for business, but this is a sad time not only for the building but the small group of staff who were there to the end.  So long.

The image was taken two weeks ago. Had to act quickly before it disappeared so not my usual standard, but waiting for the right day and right conditions are a a luxury you can't afford when something is about to be demolished. Next time you pass something in your town you always intend to photograph take that photograph. Wait to long and it just might not be there anymore but consigned to the history books. Is there a building that you would regret not capturing? So long to The Grand Island Hotel for tomorrow is another day.

Klaus, Imac,  Fishing Guy, Ivar, Tom, Louise, Wren, Sandy and others are to thank for the neme. Click here for more my world's.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


You never know what you will find on the beach in Ramsey

Monochrome Odd Shots

I mentioned Friday that the beaches (yes two, I know lucky) were ideal for dogs walkers here great for bird watchers and I even mentioned the horses that trot along the beach. Now some of you laughed at this and thought I had gone too far and was spinning you a yarn. As if I would! Here you are then, right in the centre, horses. Even got a dog with them. Now this might not be odd to you if you have always lived coastal but to me this is the only sandy place I have lived near where the horses have a trot along the beach. Donkeys yes, horses no. We do have the Isle of Man Rest home for retired horses, South of the Island, horse drawn trams for the tourists in Douglas and wild horses roaming about but these I have no idea about. Was it you?

That's your lot tonight. Another Birthday to celebrate, no not mine and emails to do. Has anyone else had a problem with hotmail lately asking you to refresh the browser? Hats off to everyone for stopping by and taking interest in little 'Ole Ramsey, Isle of Man visits and comments especially when I'm offline for long periods. For your Odd Shot needs stop by Katney
and if Monochrome is your Mania then Aileni is the one for you.

Are horses on the beach fairly common then? Happy B'day G & J

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Watching Wagtails


Wagtails are a very common bird here well the white one here is along with the pied wagtail. We do have a grey wagtail which are rarer which visits our garden daily. Wagtails are really cute birds whose  long tail is constantly wagging and bobbing up and down.  Insectivores they have adapted really well to urban living. I am more likely to see one of these birds wandering down the high street drinking out of puddles that in the garden or along the promenade like this cutie. They don't often settle, constantly on the move. I didn't bother trying to get any closer in case he flew off I used the telephoto lens to create the soft focus shot. So I am at quite a distance, the lens draws me closer. Honestly he is real and not stuffed. Like the Robin I snapped he is just so still.

List ofWagtails by Wiki

The Mekong Wagtail was described as new to science only in 2001

I often have birds on the blog that are not so common around the world or coastal ones. I wonder if you have this bird where you are. Short and sweet tonight. Lazy weekend. To see more Critters see Misty Dawn.

So yes or no do you have wagtails? I'm curious.

Babooshka Ramsey Daily Photo h

Friday, February 13, 2009


Looking at the big sky and oh, England


That time of the week again. This was last Saturday afternoon Queens Promenade Ramsey. You can just see Queens Pier on the right and directly into the distance the horizon is Merry Old England.  On the large high res image(this is the low res compressed version) of this you can see the definition of the hills and mountains of the Lake District which were still snow capped. The light was fantastic and the bonus was the tide out leaving that pool of water for the reflection. The bonus for me was catching a real live local, yes and elusive local. Even better a dog. That dog really was enjoying him or her self. I've said this before but both beaches here are wonderful for dog walkers, they really can get to let those dogs run free. Even have the occasional horse having a trot along the other beach. Needless to say I couldn't resist taking a bucket load of images. Soon as the new laptop comes I can sort out the sales ones.

It's a week more down to earth images of cranes and pub and the odd street but I couldn't resist this one today. Definitely had a lot of locals on the blog this week and you've all given me a few more ideas of what I'd like to capture without realizing it. Laxeylass will get on with that list of yours. Good day today both Gary and I both sales on the same day. Usually one or the other. As you recall Gary got credit crunched as the BBC Political Cartoonist for the Politics Show. Good news is he now has another weekly commission for a financial magazine, and his still illustrating Politicians.  So the big blue bright optimistic sky really is the one for today.  Just a patch of blue, but that'll do. Only one cloud on the horizon. I still have no snnnooooooowwww!

It's housewarming party time Friday( 13th oh dear) night, (and other people's Birthdays) we shall be going. If I disappear for a while  over the weekend you will understand why. Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

Babooshka, Ramsey Daily Photo,, image copyrighted- all rights reserved.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nothing to moan about in this street

I was hoping to play the 6 game today but as usual time has run away, so I'll do that Saturday and 6 of you  bloggers beware. Instead I give you Mona Street. Now of course we have the Mona Lisa, but this Mona would be the Gaelic variety. Now I know that Mona in Gaelic means noble but I'm not sure if this is where our Mona in Ramsey got here little name from. Sweet little street isn't it? Very brightly coloured sunny yellow houses, lots of cars, cables, those chimney pots again, plant pots so much for a tiny street(or terrace as it used to be.) This was another of those guerrilla run and shoot images not overly composed. Quite enjoying this style of photography. Nicely rough around the edges, busy. The bonus was the crane from yesterday peeping over the top shows you where this is just behind the docks.

Mona street was built it seems between the 1840's to 1860's to coincide with the brand spanking new road built a little earlier. They were known as status houses, homes of note. Ones reason was piped water, which made it's way into Ramsey in 1857. Apparently it was a walk to the well before then. One other interesting fact for me. There used to be a photographic studio there many moons ago, and the street is the main focal point for today's daily photo post.  What goes around comes around. Oh yes the one other interesting fact. I know someone who has just left this street, and that's why I had the idea to capture it. How many times have I passed here and ignored it. 

Post and run again.  Had sometime out with mindjolt games. Now to bed. Work can wait. I'll do some proper photography again next week, just wanted to experiment a little this week. Unless you want more of these quick snaps and less of the pretty perfect ones?

Having email probs. Trying to sort that out but they are boucing back.

Babooshka ramsey daily photo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Down by the dockside

ABC this week is brought to you by the letter D

Click to enlarge, it's a biggy.

Can anyone answer this for me? Is there another D in there, the crane. It that a Derrick?  I'm side on  to the image and no expert so I'm appreciate it if anyone could answer this. The docks are still alive and well in Ramsey. Unlike a lot of coastal towns, fishing boats still set sail from here, a shipyard serving local and visiting boats for repairs as you can see is still working, transportation of dry goods and boats still moor. It may be on a smaller scale now but with the recession I consider this to be the lifeblood for the town. With so many shops and and business folding it's refreshing to see a real old fashioned industry still working.

The docks have played their part in Isle Of Man history. The Jane oil tanker and the Star of India(Euterpe) Tall Ship were built here by Manxmen. Fletcher Christian, yes he of the Bounty is rumoured to have skulked around here after fleeing Pitcairn. Could be true there is a family connection which I've covered before. The famous Radio Station - Radio Caroline a ship and pirate Radio Station of the '60's came into dock here and was normally moored in the waters just outside of Ramsey.  As you can see by this image it's still going strong. The docks are strangely the only ones on the island with the facilities to handle imports of bulk cement. Went for monochrome and kept the lampposts in just for the conversing seagulls, not for perfection, not this week. Bit of a unofficial bird theme going on this week. Unintentional unlike the realism of the image which was very intentional. Derrick or not I have to know?

Abc wednesday is the brainchild of Mrs Nesbitt. Click here to visit other D's today

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Fancy at pint or a pub lunch?

My World

You have heard me mention the Swan Pub before, well here it is. Lots of you have asked to see building on the blog, especially the pubs, and particularly this one as I mention it a lot. Yes this is the other Swan of my world the one I drink in, not the one that flies around the harbour. 

This is where you will often find me on a Friday, sometimes a Wednesday and why the blog always gets updated late. You may recognize this from those TT photographs. I'm standing in exactly the same spot I take those motorbike ones from. Bit quieter as you can see. This is Saturday afternoon too, and you can see how how little traffic there is. In fact I had to wait to capture a car. Just wanted to show you some life in the town other than me and the birds. It's split into two rooms. One the Pool room and yes you can watch football(soccer to some of you) on cable in there. The other side is the lounge. Comfy sofas or you usual tables. You can even get a decent meal full meal or light lunch to go with your classic British pint of beer, larger, spirits or coffee. Lovely strong cup of black coffee.  The British have a thing about quizzes and the Swan is no exception. In fact I used to play for the Swan Pub team in the Ramsey Quiz League. Too busy to now. Geographically this is the pub nearest my house(just out of town in the suburban bit) and that other great British institution the Fish and Chip shop. Handy when cooking is not on the agenda, and it never is on Fridays. 

So not only my world today but all this week, will be a little more down to earth than my normal photos, not so much the pretties. Going for realistic snapshots on the run, dodging traffic and people, and trying to sneak shots of the very heart of the town. So this is the pub you here about I used to be a quiz team member of and stop by for the odd pint or spirit. It's actually more cream than yellow but the dropping sun cast a sunny yellow under poor light conditions. I like this guerrilla style photography of hide shoot and run. Some interesting results. More like city daily photo should be too, just a no frills photo.
Klaus, Imac,  Fishing Guy, Ivar, Tom, Louise, Wren, Sandy and others are to thank for the neme. Click here for more my world's.

Does this look like you thought a pub here would look like?

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Monochrome Odd Shots- A bird in the hand

Bird onto hand transplant is a roaring success

Monochrome Odd shots

I don't usually like two bird images together, yesterday and today but I'm being rather lazy this weekend having a clear out. The back garden birds are also going a little winter mad. To be fair to them I don't think they are flying at the windows on a suicide mission this week but to get away from a very naughty cat who is going to get his backside squirted with water if I see him. Clumsy cat clattered into the patio windows leaving a great big dirty cat sized mark. Be warned kitty kat I will get you if harm one feather of my garden birds.

Sandi, asked yesterday what the bird was on the sidebar image. It's the same as this one as European siskin. Really cute birds and feisty but for migrating birds, no sense of direction. That's how I end up coaxing these little sweeties round again after they knock themselves out. The bird lover in me is helping them, but the dark side the photographer, just can't help going for those one handed photographs. Never one to miss an opportunity I always keep my portrait lens close to hand in the house for these close images. What's worse confessions of being a secret bird spotter or a "anything to get the photo" photographer. 

Will get back to the business of the blog tomorrow, anything goes good or bad and the ugly images of Ramsey. Going for realism this week, or as some of you know the search for white dog poo which I won't find or buildings instead. This is a serious photography project, stop laughing.

Monocrhome Maniacs hosted by Aileni, here. Odd shot hosted by Katney, here. Join or take a peek at others who have their own creations.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lone Swan - Critters

Me Myself I

The photo I wanted to upload I can't find to hand it's late so I've just grabbed this one. It's back in the harbour. The lonesome swan was swimming towards the wall that separates the harbour from the park lake. Is it me or can you make out a face in those feathers. Maybe it's me. 

The harbour is always full of swans so they are always a fall back option to post. I'm busy sorting through tonnes of images, especially bird photographs at the moment, particularly swans. I have that many now I may be tempted to let the odd freebie go to a good home. Have to think about that one.  I like this one very much on a personal level, how white the swan is against the darkened water, but it's a little arty and bold for the gallery I'm planning. It will make sense when you see it.  Have to see how the credit crunch is affecting this photographer to see if I can let a few images go then. This is one I am debating about for the new website. So many swans so little space. Somethings gotta give. 

I'm keeping this short and sweet tonight. Going to pour myself a drink, take a break and then plough on with the clear out. Maybe even update Facebook. To all you "budding" photographers out there have fun and don't be bitter, there's plenty of images to go round and advise.i  More critters can be found at Misty Dawn's if you just click here

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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Here we go again

If you're here for skywatch that was so yesterday. In other words scroll down for the post below. On the other hand if you are here for the never ending saga about a bridge stay tuned.
We are up to 15/100 of how to shoot one subject a zillion ways(well 100 ways) as challenged by Joe who probably has given up, as I never see a comment or received another email off him. Anyway the cult of Babooshka's Ramsey Swing Bridge continues. You only have yourselves to blame. This was second on the most requested things to see on the blog.

The bridge is a good subject to use the little no frills point and shoot olympus. It does have manual setting (they all do be brave have a go) but no extra lenses. Went for a nice tight close up in yer face close up. Right on the harbour edge. Do you have any idea the life and limb I risk to get you these images? I may have to start hanging off the bridge when I get seriously creative, and subsequently arrested for abusing a bridge to causing a disturbance of some kind. No cropping needed as I was so close in. Tried not to make this too tidy and image to bring out those lines and layers. Dullish blue sky which was OK as it allowed the red and cream to zing. 

I'm going to concentrate on a few building next week. I do say few with good reason. Ramsey is not a city. It is a town. Not quite one horse town, but teeny weeny. One high st, one shopping square, but lots of pubs. Not an awful lot but I'll show and tell for you the little there is. You'll see why I shop online put it that way.  Had you even heard of the Isle of Man before you stopped by here? I'd be interested to know.

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Friday, February 06, 2009


 Don't know when this snow is ever going to happen?


The UK has been under cover of snow this week. Further to follow. So you expect me to be out taking those gorgeous snowy scenes. Afraid not. The Isle of Man may only be under 50 miles across the sea from England but it's a world apart with the weather this week. The night the UK got the biggest snowfall we had torrential rain. We finally have a little dusting of snow on the mountain, but this was taken before the dusting came. Really you don't want to see our 3 flakes snowy effort, it's such an embarrassing snowfall. Instead I went for what we do best here. Clouds. Especially clouds fit to burst. For real drama try the manual setting to tease out the contrasts. Try tilting the camera too to create silhouettes and catch extra light. I've never had a monochrome skywatch, but these rolling clouds over Snaefell instinctively felt black and white. Makes a change from one of my pretty sunsets. I hope you agree, even though I wanted to show you snow.

Tomorrow morning the borrowed laptop has to return to it's rightful owner. I have been very grateful for the loan. It has get me going with the photography. I owe someone out there more than a pint. So for a few days Gary and I will be sharing one again which means a low profile for me. Good news is the new one will be here in the next few days. Yippee! That is if it doesn't get lost in the predicted snow blizzards of England.  

Totally of subject, but for my marketing purposes what size photo do you print off yourself, would normally buy. I am changing outsource printers which means re pricing, lowering costs.
The other question is does matt or gloss work better or does it depend on the image?

Sywatch watchers can be found here.  Welcome back to Wigger's World and Lake Lady.

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