Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What no longtails?

My World

Following on from yesterday I continue the path past the stumpy tree and find myself on the bridle path leading into town. Until as recently as two weeks ago this path was a sorry sight, submerged in muddy puddles, threadbare grass and desolate. Spring has sprung, the grass is seeding( and as you can see freshly mowed by the council) and the foliage is spouting in the meadow to the left. Even the archway of tree has sprung to life again on the right hand side of the image. Soon there will be birds on berries wild, wild, rabbits frolicking (yes definitely lots of frolicking of rabbits here) and of course longtails scurrying. What you don't know what a longtail is? You may know them as a different name. If I said Pied Piper would you know now? Ah yes you do, but why do we call them Longtails here?

Longtails are better known as Rats. One of the first things you learn when you move here is do not under any circumstances say the word Rat or Rats out loud.

The origins of this barmy superstition date to sea-taboos. Certain words and practices were not allowed to be mentioned aboard ship, for fear of attracting bad luck (or worse, bad weather.)This particular sea-taboo is one amongst many and never used to apply on land. It has become a popular modern myth that the word is somehow "unlucky" and has been adopted by some as a typical Manx weird saying, even though older Manx generations had no qualms in using the word, or its Manx Gaelic version "roddan". In modern times, even non-local and non-superstitious people will refrain from using the "r" word. They take it very seriously here you know. Other alternatives for the superstitious also include joey, ringie, queerfella, iron fella and roddan. Perhaps you know these.

Until I moved to the island I used to say the R. word. Not anymore. I have seen 3 since I moved here( which I have called all Basil of course!) but none when I lived on mainland Great Britain. Newcomers to the island can often be found laughing at the cheeky squirrel they nickname stumpy as they think it's lost it's tail. They are even known to feed them. We have no squirrels on the island, just cheeky longtails that you will sometimes see darting about the bridle path being chased by cat. Yes we can call a cat a cat but a ra.... is a longtail. Don't even get me started on what a longhair is!

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One more thing before I go.


No one said I couldn't type it!

Monday, March 30, 2009


When wood a tree trunk be called a stump?

Monochrome Odd Shots

Stump - What remains after of the tree trunk and roots after the top section of the tree has been felled. Ok that makes sense. Pretty straightforward so far. Can someone explain to me then what they think has happened here? I came across this stump/trunk in the heavily wooded area of the nature reserve. This was a close as I could get but all around seemed untouched apart from this one tree which stuck out like a sore thumb with it's top lobbed off. I checked the area around it and as you can see the foliage around is undisturbed. So not only why would this have been done, but how. I assume it's those corn circle aliens or possibly the Manx Fairies lopping off tree tops to make fairy furniture or something. So until someone has a rational, practical explanation I will as they say print the myth. I know the truth will be fairly innocuous and the reason why it was done so mundane, but in keeping with the island being all myth and legend hiding under shrouded cloaks(fog, nothing more, than fog) thieving mermaids, barmy witches and cheeky fairies I just have to play along with the spooky tale.

This is not the only odd shot I have found in the woodlands of the reserve though So maybe it's not such a fishy tale after all. You may remember, click red below,

Welcome to the Deadwood Family Reunion
I never did find out who put the paper there, and how they got up there without being either a giant or someone who carried step ladders around with them at all times. Such is island life.

Click Katney for your odd shot quirks. Click Aileni for your monochrome maniacs.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Keep your cats away from me!


When in doubt get the bird shots out!

Not a chaffinch or a siskin on my hand this week, but a goldfinch. That would be a European Goldfinch, or as I prefer to call them our little masked raiders. You should see the way we have a group, or a"charm of goldfinches" as they are called correctly attacking the bird feeders. What about this archive image though?

This is a little male goldfinch I rescued from a very naughty cat. Not one of the critters cats I will no doubt see. He'd got a paw to the little birdie, swatted him like a fly bringing the poor bird to the ground. I just ran at he cat(as you do) to scare him off. A mad woman screeching at him like a howling Banshee in a whilrling dervish soon did the trick. I picked this little bird up as gently as I could and tried to coax him round. Eventually he had a bite of the seeds and kindly posed for this photo, before flying off with no lasting damage. I do think he looks a little grumpy on this image. There again if I had been squatted mid flight bounced on the floor and then been subjected to posing for a photo I think I might look a little p""""d off too.

Another lovely collection of goldfinches can be found at the lovely Wigger's World along with a variety of other cuties.

For more camera critters see Misty dawn's den.

Scheduled post I'm out and about.

Go out the sun is shining!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Do blue skies have purple rain?


Blogger is being a pain so I have to just leave you with this rinkie dink image today.
The text is just not being posted right and I'm working and no time to mess about with it.

This week was my one year blog anniversary. Thank you again.

Other images to compare perspective.
Wish you were here
Far and Away
Big Sky
Billowing Clouds

Back to say this is the jetty along the harbour.

Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Another one bites the space dust!

Just when you thought you were safe to to view the blog again after the One Year Anniversary, I hit you with this. Not the poster for the Watchmen film at the cinema that's for sure. What part of Ramsey would this be then? For those that know from previous posts this would be my house. No, really. I don't mean I reside with aliens in an inter galactic state, although..... My other half(who out there said better?) is an illustrator, you know the one that was the Political Cartoonist for the BBC Politics Show. He created this image, Captain Pluton. Looks like a film poster or graphic novel doesn't it?

So to illustrate my post about the Watchmen I utilise this image. Crafty, I mean inventive eh!

It's simple, one question? Are we getting the film The Watchmen or not on the Isle of Man? Not complicated is it? Actually is seems to be. Rumours abound we're getting late night screenings only at the one and only cinema in Douglas. The cinema though has other ideas. Well at least the website does as it's not showing The Watchman in it's coming soon section. Look this may surprise you, but not all females want to see chick flicks. Some of us actually can't wait for Star Trek. I want options. Hello it's called the "Isle of Man" for pity's sake! Would that not be a teensy clue as to roughly the sex of half the population here. Duh! You know the ones who traditionally, in a stereotypical way of course, are graphic novel ( no not comic) sci fi nuts and don't want to see films about girl buy shoes, girl lose boy, girl bore me to tears with your tedious pink world. We need/ want choice. So the campaign to get the Watchman screened on the Isle Of Man starts here. People I need ya. Don't let me down. I will have no Quantum of Solace until we get it. So can we boldly go (split infinitives abound) to the final frontier - a film I actually want to drag my sorry ass all the way to Douglas to see. Don't even think about not showing Star Trek. Phasers set to stun, but Captain Pluton will shoot to kill if we don't get the Watchman.

Ooh that felt good. Image today courtesy and copyrighted to Barker, of (click) Gary Barker Illustration and Design otherwise known as the one is using my living room as his personal office space. Yes folks back in business, busier than ever. Regular magazine slot, private work and a hush hush campaign I can't wait to tell you about but can't yet.

This superhero needs her bed and has to wash her superhero suit. Dry clean! Don't be stoooopid and reveal I'm Babooshka handing it it at the Dry cleaners.

Live long and prosper.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ramsey Daily Photo Ist Anniversay

J is for Jubilations

In the style of Babooshka this post will veer off at who knows what tangents(I really have to stop referring to my alter ego in the third person) but the gist is Ramsey Daily Photo is one year old today. Ta Da! Do I hear fanfare and drum roll? Why thank you. So I had this wacky idea to post a daily photo of the the place I live. Ingenious. Turns out Paris, Eric is the ingenious one the Daddy and gazumped us all. Without Eric and the wonderful team at CDP we would all be lonesome daily bloggers floundering in the wildnerness, virtually. I digress. I blame it all on Gailsman though really. Yes you GM. I meandered on that blog looking for something else and guess what it was a daily photo. I liked the humour, I liked images, I thought hey I wanna do this me thinking I had the brainwave remember. I started RDP. I still frequent GM and our common goal the hunt for white dog poo! You are wondering how I have lasted a year posting lines like that haven't you? So have I.

No long Oscar award winning teary gee golly gosh shucks speech. My thank you's would take me until my 2nd Anninversary. An en mass THANK YOU each and everyone. I'll be name checking over the weeks so look out for you yes you out there. One a day will get the pat on the back.

I chose the Isle of Man flag today for the image which just seemed most appropriate. You really didn't want another bridge image just yet did you? It's been a mostly good year. This blog was never meant to be a love letter to the place I live. It is what it is, the way a photographer sees the relatively normal world she lives in. Sometimes bleak, often beautiful, constantly mundane, sometimes extraordinary. Joe said I am the David Lynch of Ramsey in this Twin Peaks town kind of way. That made me laugh. Ah you know me so well, yet we have never met. Perhaps I should curb my enthusiasm. Nah! One thing I have learnt about blogging you have to Go your own way. Post for yourself, do not try and please everyone, but you will always please someone. Be yourself. Above all have fun. The day I stop having fun is the day I stop.

I thank you all for the continued viewing and comments sincerely, no jokes, or wisecracks, a genuine cheers. One for the CPD bloggers. For the record on a humble note, Community Favourites. Have you any idea how embarrassing it is to see London, Paris, and er Ramsey. I have visions of people going where the hell is that. I mean it's like who is this upstart. Again thank you.

Text ColorThank You


Not watching the Watchman, because the b*****y cinema aren't showing it here and I am so000000000000000000000000000 annoyed. Did you really think you had escaped the wrath of Queen B. Watch this space.

Mrs Nesbitt is a visitor to the island no less, is the lady with the letters to see to ABC

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Mystic River

My World

This image is a bit of mystery. Not how it was taken that's the easy bit, I know that. It's where it was taken. By that I mean I know it's along the Sulby River, I know it's the Poyll Dooey nature reserve, I know all I have to do is wander over in my kimono and slippers take the photo and be back in the house before the kettle boils,(I only said I could do that I didn't say I did) but I can't recall exactly which stretch of the river it was. Doh! On the memory card the image is sandwiched between two totally different images I remember capturing and why, but this one is a one take image of yes a beautiful reflection but why? Not that a beautiful reflection should not be reason in it's self. Was it to tell you about the geology of the island, the overflow from the reservoir, the pond life (use your imagination) or the surrounding myths and legends I was capturing the scene for I don't know. My world today then is a mystery that also reminds me of a painting and I can't figure out what or who? Any ideas? I think this flu is making me delirious, that or the medicine.

Waterworld scenes I can recall when, where, and why click to reveal.

Mellow Yellow
River Deep Mountain High

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Monday, March 23, 2009


Treasure Trove?

Monochrome Odd Shots

Click to enlarge, it's huge.

Still full of a horrid virus. Images will be what you get this week, so not perfect images at all. This was not really for the blog but personal use, just a snapshot of the place with cars and people, life in the town. What the hell it's amusing. Can you see why? Actually there are a number of odd things about this image, besides the obvious, Aladdin's Cave which is an oxymoron. It might have been a treasure trove at one time, but not anymore. Before anyone mentions the Auction Rooms, no that would not be now. That's about it too full of horrid virus. If you enlarge it you should be able to read the writing on the wall( no pun intended) and a few other close up slice of life images.

Like I said this image was not intended for the blog. It's what I'll call a rough, untampered, journalistic workaday image taken primarily to check the light, distance, white balance and lens compatibility etc. It's the image you take before you take the real image. Think of this as an artist's sketch,a jotting, a doodle a prelude to the finished article. Perhaps that's also odd to post a sketch rather than the finished article.

I am sure I will be bryter later ( and yes that is an intended spelling mistake)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Big Momma's House


Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK although I have always known it as Mother's Day which I 've since discovered is another celebratory day, different day same idea US. I'm still weighed down and housebound with the horrible virus so an archive Mother and babies image blackbirds, from my very own garden and a little info on Mothering Sunday, which yes we do celebrate on the island too.

Mothering Sunday celebrated throughout Europe. A celebration of motherhood, and the equivalent of Mother's Day as celebrated in other countries mainly the USA where the name has actually been copyrighted.

Religious motherhood celebrations in Europe have been around in one form or another for many centuries going as far back as the Romans who worshipped mother goddess Cybele sometime during march. This Pagan festival was soon replaced by Christian Mothering Sunday as the Romans caught the Christianity bug, celebrations usually the fourth Sunday in lent known as Laetare Sunday too. Gathering at their Mother(main) Church on Sundays was often the only time whole families could actually get together. "Gone Mothering" or "Gone-a- Mothering" came into use and may account for the term Mothering Sunday becoming the adopted name for the day we now celebrate. In subsequent years the name became associated with a servants and day off when they commonally went to visit their mother's and the term Mothering Sunday became especially associated with the UK, but not to the exclusion of other countries. Rose Sunday, Ladies Day, Women's Day are also related names. Does your country have any of these?

More little cutsie critters can be found at Misty Dawn's den.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Take it to the Bridge


Let's get this out the way. Skywatch is the post below for those who are just not interested in "the cult of Babooshka's Ramsey Swing Bridge."Just when you thought it was safe the swingiest of swing bridges in all the world launches another attack on the visual senses. Actually you have this image today because I feel like crap and my visual senses are impaired and I am not able to show and tell about anything else really. Absolutely full of crappy flu nonsense and even my Friday night tipple of Jack Daniels and Coke didn't help. I know, that is how rough I'm feeling. So back to the bridge. Blah di Blah. We are up to 17 0f 100 ways to leave your... no I mean capture one subject in a cool interesting ingenious super fantabulous way. Oh alright then let's do boring photo speak - how to use one's lens and camera brain to interpret and reimagine one subject captured.... no I can't do the oooh cleverly juxtaposed/composition/angle etc tonight. I'm too pooped. It has lines, shadows, crosses, arches, triangles, circles, curves, it has geometry. That will do. Geometry. I know you can all play hunt the bridge below and I'll go hunt my bed.

Click below for a bounty of bridges.
Poop Deck
Perfect Day

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Friday, March 20, 2009


Blue River, wherever your going I'm going your way.


I'm back in sync again now after missing a day. As I said blame it on St Patrick, Mr Jack Daniels and the Plough. That will make no sense to you if you have just stopped by, for those in the know stop laughing. So it's Friday(well actually it's Thursday as I type but who cares) it must be skywatch. It's spring you know what that means don't you? It means I can be found along the lazy river back in the nature reserve again. It's been far to muddy in there but at last I can bombard you all with images of the Sulby River in The Poyll Dooey Nature Reserve. Why is this so fabulous? Well obviously the place is absolutely gorgeous, full of wildlife, wildflowers, meadows, the river, the white bridge, fish, fabulous reflections and sunsets blah di blah di blah. Yes, yes, it has all that majestic wondrous nature stuff of course by the bucket load which is terrific naturally, but it's not the best reason it's a boon to be able to go back in. No the best reason of all is..... It's at the back of my house so when I really can't be ars..., sorry I mean when one simply does not have time to traipse around the town I can wander over in my scruffs or kimono and slippers take a pic and walk back all before the kettle has boiled. I never said I was a hardworking photography genius, just a genius.

Of course I jest and really playing on the irony tonight. I adore the Sulby River, the nature reserve and it's close proximity to my house is so welcome. What the genius bit? Who said I was being ironic there?Ha! Ha!

Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

The image has the blues I refuse too.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Plough your own furrow.

I know I know, I skipped a day again. Now do you want a blatant lie that I was working or had some emergency that prevented me from reaching a laptop or the net was down or do you want the truth. You couldn't handle the truth. Well maybe you can, that I spent early and late evening between the Swan and The Plough( the image) getting louder, drunker, emotional and of course happy to stay when it was hometime. Look it wasn't my idea, it was St Patrick's and I only intended to go to the Swan where a silly oversized hat and play punch( don't ask,I have issues apparently and er I am willful. Well obviously!!!) which you really don't want to know about, but noooooooooo! we have to go to the Plough and well. One too many for Babooshka but who cares. I am me and that is all there is too it. Having works 6 straight days(into my 7th and counting) getting hardly any sleep all work and no play makes B a dullard, and boring is not on my to do list. Ironing is but I'm avoiding it. All I can say is I had a wonderful night's sleep and absolutely no hangover. I have been ravenous all today though.

Now the image is a chance shot another running one so not neatly composed, but just wanted to get the Plough Pub on today. Too many parked cars so scooting around them. I'm happy with the walker and the bent bollard though. Great for the daily photo so who cares. It's not a work image where it needs to be precise. You may be getting more of these. I'm a tad busy at the moment as you can probably tell and really not in a mood to take petty nonsense. Anyway the Plough I'll do an in depth post another time, but let's just say it's a real pub. No airs and graces here, decent beer and constant cable sport. We watch football(it's not soccer it's football) matches in here. It's a tiny pub, but perfectly formed. This is not a pub to be seen posing in. This is a proper pub to go in take a seat, have a beer(ok Jack Daniels, who am I kidding) watch the footie, catch up with friends and you know converse with people who actually may have more than one brain cell. I like this pub. I like this pub for what it is and what it represents old fashioned but not quaint, down to earth. Yes down to earth. In a world of designer soulless pubs and bars with inappropriate trendy(no you aren't) names it's refreshing to see a pub that literally Plough's it own furrow.

Again kind of you to email asking as to my whereabouts. All's well just very busy, over tired, cabin fever etc. Probably need to mindjolt games on Facebook or something equally as mind numbing for a while.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Align CenterThe Irish Sea really is that green

My World

Click to enlarge.

As the Isle of Man is situated amid the the Irish Sea and has a strong Irish connections present and historical then A Happy St Patrick's Day post with a Manx twist it had to be. The image is kept plain and simple but it's the greenest one I had to hand. Nothing but the calm serenity of the Irish Sea lilting gently with hints of orange and white light light seemed somehow most appropriate. Who is St Maughold though and what's he got to do with St Patrick.

Saint Maughold ( 488 AD) is the Patron Saint of The Isle of Man Yes even we have our own Saint. Rumour has it he was an Irish Prince, captain of a band of robbers, drunk, wife beater and all round bad boy. Not very saintly you might say. Here is one version of the tale of the bad 'ole boy coming over all sinner to saint. There are many as always with myths and legends you take one and I write it my way.

Patrick punished Maughold after he tried to make a fool out of him, silly boy. Not a good idea. Maughold placed a living man, yes still alive, in a shroud and called for Patrick to revive the dead man. Patrick came, placed a hand on the shroud, and left thinking job done, miracle ensuing. No! When Maughold opened the shroud, they found the man had died in the shroud. Oops!

Patrick criticized Maughold, saying he should have been helping his band of merry men towards leading good and honest clean wholesome lives, and told him he must repent setting him adrift in a oar less coracle.

Maughold drifted to this isle, where two of Patrick's disciples, Romulus and Conindrus, were already settled welcomed him.

For a time he lived as a hermit to show remorse. Long before ipods remember. It worked! The Manx people really liked this new good guy Maughold and chose him as their next Bishop.

He is remembered on the Isle of Man for his kindness toward the Manx People. He now has his own Saint's day. Cool eh! Several places on the island have Maughold in the name and I have shown you those. Ok, not all of them as Maughold is another place, but you have seen it in the distance on those skywatch and other My world images. By the way Maughold is pronounced Makold just in case you decide to name you next offspring a really crazy way out there name. Can't say I have ever come across one before.

So a little Celt instead of the Vikings for St Patricks Day. Many a Guiness will be sunk tonight on the island and many will be feeling as green as this image the next day.

Klaus, Imac, Fishing Guy, Ivar, Tom, Louise, Wren, Sandy and others are to thank for the My World neme. Click here for more my world's just for fun again of course.

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Monday, March 16, 2009


Give us our daily bread. Not here.

Monochrome odd shots

I pass this place almost daily and without fail I have a compulsion to look at it. It's the shop for Ramsey Bakery. Yes we make our own bread and cakie things here. Shame this shop is now closed though and you can't buy the bread here. Has been closed for sometime, long before the credit crunch. Don't get me started on this subject of wasted property in Ramsey. Bakery products can still be found throughout the island, like the supermarket opposite this empty shell, but just a little sad that a"local shop for local people" no longer has this outlet. Always had yummy looking cakes to catch the eye in the window too. Left with a yummy looking building instead.

I'll show you the colour another time which always reminds me of a certain painter and doesn't look at all creepy. I'm sure some of you will already can already visualise the colours by that comment. That one really needs to be photographed on a bright sunny day. Same place in black and white and a cloudy place always strikes me as odd. Surely I'm not the only one who sees a sort of manic grimace to the facade and those soulless window eyes following you round. Amityville Ramsey style. Another thing is why are the blinds drawn on a empty shop? In fact why are there even blinds? A Hammer Horror for another day and my over active imagination.

Click Katney for your odd shot quirks. Click Aileni for your monochrome maniacs.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009




Time has escaped me again so a little lateral thinking image and title. Almost lost another day(again) so one from the recent archives. Swan wings. I have so many swan images as the harbour is full of them all year round. They are a useful ( and needless to say beauitful) subject to make a study of by photographing many different ways. Just wanted to concentrate on the feathers with this image, so a partial capture of the area of interest.

One colour can have so many shades. Light bouncing off the water and the silken feathers show varying tones and textures. Angles too deflect or attract light which in turn cast shadows, heighten or hide areas. Individual feathers can appear almost translucent or groups of feathers the opposite opaque. The gentle breeze ruffles the feathers creating smooth or rougher textures. The image was taken at quite a distance but focusing on an area of the swan rather than the whole gives the illusion of closeness. Sometimes you can miss the finer detail by focusing on the overall image. For more swan images click red words below and spot the odd one out. Or is it?

Ever decreasing circles
The gymnast

Misty Dawn's Critters of the world can be found by clicking here.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Walk this way?

To change the mood a little an alternative skywatch that would be cool for some crazy cats who like to wander down the avenues and alleyways of the darker side life say a walk on the wild side, a slice of downtown urban grittiness. The pretty one is the post below if that's your kind of skywatch and dark dingy alleys give you the chills down the backbone. So if you're shaking all over at this moody image and wish you perhaps were not here this side of the dark moon,jump below. The brave can stay, take my hand as we're halfway there anyway and I'll take you through the alley in a Ramsey Minute. That is Manx time, as long as you want it to be.

Not what you have come to visualise in Ramsey is it? Actually it is classic Ramsey. We have a plethora of these slim and ultra slim alleyways about the mainframe of the town. This one is the connecting walkway from Parliament Street, our High Street to the Harbourside docks area. The white wall and the stone wall are both part of local business. If you walk the alley and take a left you turn to a wonderful Pub called the Trafalgar. It' small but perfectly formed as if you notice by locals that have appeared in the comments recently, popular. Probably because it's a proper old fashioned non chain pub. The alley is often full of those metal beer barrels under the fire escape waiting to be turned into ready pints for willing recipients. Take a window seat and you look straight onto the harbour and guess what else? The Swing Bridge of course. Glad you took the plunge down the alley now. As for the sky I love a purple haze and we do often get this intense deep hue due to the lack of urban streetlight pollution.

What is the giveaway that this is not an inner city alley, but an island alley is no litter, no needles, no cans, no smashed bottles, no graffiti, no... I'll leave that to your imagination. That makes this in this day an age after all some kind of wonderwall wouldn't you agree? It's around 9pm when I captured this imbued with Jack Daniels and curry (vegetable Biryani, mushroom pilau, mushroom pakora, plain naan Gailsman thank you for inquiring) it seemed real pretty. Ok maybe not pretty but alcohol goggles do make images you ignore come to life. I quite like it sober too, but then I have quirky tastes.

So that is a slice of downtown. I have more if you'd care to take a walk with me? Don't worry. You won't get mugged for your Manano Blahniks here!

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Friday, March 13, 2009


Another wishing you were here picture postcard


Oh dear. Guess who didn't post and anything yesterday? Yes me. Of course I have the most wonderful reason (excuse) in the world that I could tell you all about. Would you like to hear about it. Actually I have no excuse whatsoever. Gary and I had a mid week drink with friends which somehow resulted in someone( er that would be me) suddenly interjecting they were hungry, so a trip to the local curry house ensued. All in a good course though. Yet another person known to Gary is leaving the island, so we had to send them off with a drink or two didn't we. When we eventually got home I got sidetracked and lost the rest of the night. Oops. By the time I got to a laptop Thursday(which is now) first time today) it was just too late as I'm now doing my Friday skywatch post of the photo that was taken Wednesday of the jetty and lighthouse from Queens Promenade. Confusing huh?

Anyway thanks for the emails as to why I had gone AWOL. No the Fenodyree, Ginnie the Witch or the wandering wallaby hadn't got me. No I was not hiding under Manannan's Cloak. No I hadn't fallen through the Stargate or Worm Hole. The Space Time Continuum is fine, no rips in time and no Parallel Universe has claimed me. I simply had a social break, no cameras, no blogs and simply forgot. No drama or crisis, just a time slip. I could spin you a tale of trolls under Ramsey Swing Bridge causing havoc an suchlike but maybe I'll leave that 'til the next time I lose a day. Knowing this place it could happen click red below.

Ginnie The Witch

Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

Friday 13th again! Ah that explains it.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Pretty in any language.

This week ABC Is brought to you by the lettter H

Har Mooir and Har what are they? Not H for higher ground as I'm out and about above the town, but it's not that. Behind me to the right would be(click) North Barrule Mountain. To the left would be Ramsey. I'm stuck in the middle with you. What you can see down by the sea is Maughold Head( pronounced Mak old remember.) That's the promontory you could see through the pier last skywatch.Still doesn't answer the question though. They are of course Manx words and here's today's collection of h's with a island language twist.

har mooir - oversea
Looking out far and away oversea we would gaze upon Merry Old England, but remember we don't call it England here. Oh no. That is far to easy and logical. Note from a small island we are the mainland here so we refer to England as....

har - across
Simply that as across is the name of England here. Don't ask me I don't make the rules.

So we are on the higher ground looking oversea towards England/Across. Har mooir and har. Hands up all those who thought I was speaking Klingon? You want to try saying them never mind reading them. Well could be (click) Manannan's Cloak-. If that is not a Star Trek Cloaking Devise I don't know what is! I often wonder whether Klingons are based on Vikings descendants of the Manxmen too. You did see my biker photo didn't you?

Enough now I want to get a doughnut and a coffee. Mrs Nesbitt is a visitor to the island no less, is the lady with the letters to see to ABC, which really is easy as taking candy from a baby or 123 whichever floats your boat.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Monet by Babooshka. Ha! Ha!

My World

Water lilies! I do hope Monet won't be turning in his grave too much at this homage. A sure sign Spring has sprung, even though we has our first snow this week. This is another hidden treasure. It's the little pond I pass in the Nature Reserve. It's been while since I've shown you the river or the reserve purely as it's been winter and it's a little too muddy to be traipsing about It is another little secluded haven for local wildlife. Ducks, dragonflies, frogs, butterflies bees, hoverflies long tailed tits(pretty pink birds) can all be found here come Spring. Bullrushes as you can see by the bucket load and those gorgeous water lilies nestling in the centre. I didn't do a close up of the lilies today so I could show you the pond in full and that's what made me go for the style of image. So much green, the slither of purple bloom and the blush of white lilies had to be a (click) Monet style image. Basking under bright sunlight filtering through leaving the top corner nicely shaded no alterations necessary, mother nature was very helpful today.This is my little bit of France in Ramsey and you know how much I love France. Open to job offers - anything considered. I'm not joking you know Gary and I need to be in France. On the other hand would you like to hear a joke......

.......A Parisian burglar nearly got away with stealing several Impressionist paintings from the Louvre. However, after planning the crime, getting in and out past heavy security, he was captured only two blocks away, when his getaway vehicle ran out of petrol. When asked how he could mastermind such a daring crime, and then make such an obvious error, he replied,

"I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van

You can all blame Gary for that artist's joke who is creating a of Manx illustrations for a commission as I type. All I can say for now. Hush Hush.

Klaus, Imac, Fishing Guy, Ivar, Tom, Louise, Wren, Sandy and others are to thank for the My World neme. Click here for more my world's just for fun again of course.

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Monday, March 09, 2009


Echoes, past or present

Monochrome Odd Shots

During the course of taking the images I often rest a while with the ipod in between snapping on one of the many benches dotted around the town. Planning my next move. The music can be inspirational or a just a respite. In this case the germ of an idea. The last Shadow Puppets are a brilliant young group amalgamated from two other bands from the UK
whose music has many influences one of which is Scott Walker. Having the ipod on I didn't hear the walkers passing behind the bench hut but I did espy them. A gift of odd shot was about to occur with seconds to spare. Even at rest the camera is like Thunderbirds FAB and ready to go.
I only had one chance at this before the image here would be unattainable. The Shadow Puppets strings were pulled by the Puppet Master and the image saved for posterity. I've no regrets, no tears goodbye to them, and even if the sun ain't gonna shine anymore here I got the required image. Next! Another such recent image can be seen if you click here. Songs title and irony I am often guilty of with my posts when I am tired, bored or just be in a plain malevolent mood. Below though is not at all ironic.

Another more sinister and poignant group of images of shadows are the ones left in Hiroshoma after the Atomic Bomb dropped by the Enola Gay exploded. One of the most famous is the person waiting for the bank to open whose shadow became imprinted on the steps. Watches and clocks too stopped at 8.15am. One photo can be interpreted in so many ways however it was inspired, or could have no meaning at all. Interpretation, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Click Katney for your odd shot quirks. Click Aileni for your monochrome maniacs.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Got any Skeet?


Got any skeet? You may wonder what on earth I am asking of you, but that to me is what one gull would be saying to the other. No it's not a new drug that has be created on the island Although it is a Manx word. No, one gull is not asking the other if he has heard any good jokes. recently, or place to do lunch. Take a look at the title "Gossiping Gulls" and you see that skeet to Manx person is simply gossip.

Now the word skeet as I know already/have discovered has several other meaning but we are just concerned with this Manx one, the Isle of Man word. Some of the other meaning are just not what we want at all. Skeet then Manx style is loosely translated as gossip, but really it's a hyper gossip on overdrive, travelling at the speed of light. Not mere tittle tattle. It is a hobby, nay sport that Manxies would be Gold medalist at the Olympics at. Skeet has evolved from a nosy parker to gossip, possibly from an Icelandic word bearing a close resemblance to the word, erm how shall I put this - human waste/manure/dregs poo in other words. Nice! So that's skeet. Two gulls together look like they are in skeeting in the harbour. This was taken with the little point and shoot, not the big Nikon.

Skeet today is if you head on over to Misty Dawn you will get to see a world of critters. You didn't here that here though remember.

Please check out Help needed , re dogs home burnt down that needs volunteers in the area. Post by fellow blogger at KCP with all the details. Thanks.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Surreal, naturally

No not the sky. Skywatch is the post below. It's an abstract image of a wave crash created naturally with a camera. We've had glass reflections and crashing waves caught in frozen time moments but now for a visual feast of abstract photography. Don't be scared. Come with me on a mini journey to see how it's done.

Now you can take a photo and just play around with your digital software until you get the desired effect. Now me I'm the world's laziest photographer( you get to be good by nailing a shot first time, by being lazy) and I just want to take the image and go. For the image today I wanted to create an arty image of water. The sea was very obliging and tempestuous. Good start. Next I wanted to capture the fluidity of the water, not freeze it. Think looking at a still image but seeing movement. So it's all about shutter speeds and low light. So not a noon shot. What you want are longer shutter speeds. Think the longer the shutter speed the smoother and more silky the waves swirls will be. I wanted to retain a little choppiness so I didn't use a tripod. To get those mist silken water images a tripod, very long shutter speeds, low light and a remote are paramount. To create a slight fuzziness like artist feathery brushstrokes hand held and longish shutter speed will do just fine. One trick I did use was to photograph the water bouncing off the dark promenade wall( not in the image,but left hand side) to intensify the sea-green we get here. So the result you should get is a still image that feels like it's moving, not frozen. Only alteration to the image re sized for the blog. For examples of other shutter speeds and water images see the red words below.

Fast crashing waves
Frozen crashing waves
Mirror image reflection
Still surreal

Taken the same place as the skywatch image in Ramsey. Fortunately I live on an island so water a plenty for me but I appreciate not everyone has access to the Irish Sea on their doorstep. Try photographing a puddle, and overflow pipe, a stream, a gushing leak if you don't have the sea. Necessity if the mother of invention.

Have fun.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, don't you?


I know, bad pun but I just can't resist. Couldn't resist this image above either. The sea so still and the clouds just breaking to reveal the promise of a blue sky. Very different to yesterday and one day of snow image I showed you( which I am still quite excited about sad to say) that has since disappeared. Anyway back to the pier. Remember I said we have two beaches in Ramsey, well this one is not the one adjacent to the park this is the other one along Queens Promenade. Guess what the Pier is conveniently called Queens too.Where are we today then?

In the distance is Maughold(pronounced Makold) a small village named after St Machaoi. Maughold Point is the most easterly on the island. It's also the closest point to England so you can imagine the view on a very clear day. It's also where Johnny Depp stayed when he was filming the Libertine over here. If you take a walk under and past the pier you will arrive at the arches. I took this at the top of the promenade steps that lead to the beach. It looks like the pier is actually situated on the land but that's just perspective. Here are some other images to put this view in context what is around here and some pier close ups. Click the words in Red.

Close up pier
Beyond the pier
Under the pier
Hidden Arches beyond the pier
Big Sky and touch of pier
Steps where the image taken from
Room with a view

last week we covered the golden hour in photography. This was around noon. Sometimes photography rules just don't apply. This image needed to be flat and smooth no shadows so noon was the best time to shoot it. I know it's one rule for one image and one for another. Just think fight club. First rule of photography really should be- there are no rules in photography.

Skywatch watchers can be found here. Many thanks to Dot for the inspirational idea, Tom for the first care taking and the My world gang for looking after skywatch now.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Spring has sprung....snow!

Finally it happened we got us some of that there darned snow you folks out there have had and not just a dusting on the mountain. Actually it was really weird. It snowed for a couple of hours Tuesday night, started to settle getting that lovely white blanket on the ground then guess what happened? It started raining washing most of it away. Noooooooooo! Some has survived though. Clumps of snow dotted about the garden and round the town. Where would snow be then in Ramsey that hadn't washed away? A conundrum. Ah the answer would be the image above. Care to walk with me? I made you an offer you can't refuse by the way.

Well now where are we? No it's not the park or the nature reserve. It's not one of the Glens either or the woodland leading off from the arches image I've shown you. We are still in Ramsey though. We are just starting out on Claughbane Walk. From where I've taken the image from is just in off the main road leading out to Douglas. To the right of the image looks onto one of the housing estates looking down onto the town. To the left leads you into woodlands and Glens but we'll discover those another day. Back to the walk. Don't know how well you can see this bit the path has a very slight incline down into the town. Eventually we would take a slight right as the path meanders passing fields and woods on the left hand side and hedges and the housing estate on the right. It is another haven for wildlife with sparrows nestling in barns and longtails(rats) rabbits scurrying about, hedgehogs not scurrying and of course an abundance of butterflies in summer. The walk takes as long or as little as you make it, but if you have a camera with you then don't plan to hurry. Eventually you will get to town. If you want to see where you will eventually arrive at your destination( a clue) then click here.

Just a quick snapshot with the point and shoot, no smartypants camera work today. Had to make sure you got a least one image of the phenomena will call snow that has eluded these parts. As the weather gets better we'll have a proper walk in this area and see what we shall find. Might even be those elusive Manx Fairies

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Godred Crovan

ABC This week is brought to you my the letter G

I am so excited we have snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the letter and a Viking tale.

Godred Crovan founded of the last Dynasty of the Isle of Man. His father was Harold the Black of 'Ysland' (i.e. Iceland). His origin is murky, as is a lot of Island history. He received a considerable amount of support from the Hebrides and he was successful in establishing a Dynasty that lasted for two centuries without challenge that we do know. These circumstances argue that he was in some way related to some of the previous Kings of the Isles. First noting was 1066 and all that, when we find him with Godred, son of Sigtrygg, King of Man and the Isles at the time. He was helping out King Harold Hardrada of Norway and Tostig Godwinson. That would be assisting them in their invasion of Merry Old England. The invaders were routed by Harold Godwinson, King of England and a brother of Tostig at the Battle of Stamford Bridge as all Chelsea fans should know. King Harold of Norway and Tostig were slain. Both Godreds( confusing isn't it) escaped to guess where, yes, the Isle of Man. King Godred Sigtryggson of Man and the Isles died soon after succeeded by his son Fingal. Godred Crovan seems to to have returned to Iceland. However he had plans. Big plans! In 1071 in Norway, he formed an army to invade little 'ole Isle of Man. Naval support came from the Hebrides, but stubborn opposition came in Man. Apparently the islanders were not at all impressed with this interlopping Viking. He in return was also equally as stubborn though and unimpressed. Despite two setbacks, he finally triumphed in battle at Scaefell(Skyhill) Ramsey. The Hebrideans received the South part of the island. It was take land or plunder it. The people of Man were driven into the Northern portion, that would be places like er, Ramsey then. Godred Crovan was a mighty ruler, conquering Dublin and a large part of Leinster. He was married leaving three sons, Lagman, Harold and Olaf. He died of pestilence in Islay in 1087.

Godred Croven established the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles after the Battle of Skyhill, Ramsey as it happens, on his third attempt. Sifting through info concerning anything to do with the events and timelines can be a nightmare, but the above married times, dates, places and names most frequently. It's also a Ramsey connection, rather than just generic Isle Of Man. The image is part of a scuplture to be found in the lobby of Ramsey Library of Godred and his
son Olaf. To see the full sculpture and read about Olaf click here for my other post and the scroll to Olaf lower part of the post.

Go to Mrs N for a plethera of G's.

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