Thursday, December 01, 2011

Skywatch # 88

Rugby, of course

Yes, yes, I know I've been away again in the real world and let the blog lapse. What the hell has happened in the meantime! People are Twittering, and posting tweets, when really should that not be twits, and they are.......? Not forgetting Google + with those "hey we are sooooooooo, you know cool" circles to "hang out" in virtual world instead of actually hanging out in the real world. Then of course there is Facebook (ok, guilty as charged on this one) trying desperately to not be outdone by the new kids on the virtual block and turning sane folk into virtual paranoid stalkers. So I return to post a simple post on the usual Blogger format to find everything has changed. Huh? Apart from my attitude and photography skills that is. How to incorporate them into this new virtual blog world?

So, for now, 'til I get my head round this brave new virtual world, I will leave you with a scene known well to the blog followers here. A Saturday rugby game. Silhouetted players against the late afternoon Winter sky. For other Skywatch shots around the world click here


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