Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sulby River, Sunset

                              Summer nights

Taken on a Friday night pub crawl around the drinking spots of Ramsey.  Summer sun setting over the harbour. Beer and sunshine, making way for beer and snow this time of year. 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Save Ramsey Post Office

          Not every Post Office has a view like this

I had to use the Ramsey Post Office today. This is the view outside, the Post Office is just to the left side, out of shot. I had to post something and get a receipt. This is not something I could do online. I had to post something across to England. In the queue were people cashing cheques who do not have bank accounts. People paying utility bills. People collecting their pension. People posting large items, to big for a post box. People doing all sorts of transactions, they cannot do anywhere other than the Post Office. People collecting forms, like driving license applications. Not everyone is online, or has access to the internet at home. Ramsey has no internet cafe. The Post Office is an integral, important, part of Ramsey community. Today I've discovered plans to close the Post Office, and have sub PO's in local shops. This is not acceptable to the people of the town, and as I type a campaign, petition and meeting are taking place and setting up to voice the residents objections ad overturn the proposed closure.  The Isle of Man is a small island, and Ramsey is the second largest town after the Capital Douglas.  The second town, should have a post office. The people of Ramsey fought and won to keep the local hospital. Now we fight for the post office. Anyone like to sign the petition link here. Not often I have something to shout about on the blog, but even a small town is more than sunsets.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Ramsey Harbour, under ice

                             Winter is coming

The view of the harbour inlet taken from North Shore Road.  The golden tones of the icy river are from the sun, even though this looks more like an early evening shot, was actually around mid afternoon. The mountain in the distance is North Barrule. Not often the town is snow covered, but the mountain tends to get snowfall most winters.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Queens Promenade, Sunrise

     People ask why move to the Isle of Man......

Sunrises and sunsets like this to name two. The island may me small in size
(33 miles, length by 13 miles, width) but we make up for up for the smallness of land, with gorgeous panoramic vistas and seascapes. Image part of Skywatch, a group around the world showing their patch of sky, here

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A walk along the river

                      Summer meets Autumn

If you want to getaway from the hubbub of town, look no further than the Sulby river. Nestled in the Poyll Dooey, a former tip, now set aside for wildlife and nature trails you can pack a lunch and weather permitting, head for the picnic area, take a walk along the river, or just wander round the wooded area in search of local wildlife. Little bit of peace ad quiet, on our doorstep.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Round the Island Yacht Race

                                     Gone sailing

Another summer event, though the overcast skies may tell a different story for the race organised by the Manx Sailing and Cruising Club. Ramsey Harbour is the start of the island race, so a good vantage point for spectators and photographers to capture a sea full of competitors before the leaders make a break for it. The race has been run for over 50 years now, attracting both locals and competitors from towns like Fleetwood and Morecombe, across in the UK, and Dublin Ireland. As the Isle of Man is a little island i the Irish Sea, it's easy to access by air or ferry for both Ireland and UK.

The first race was held in Coronation Year and the main trophy was called the Coronation Cup. It's still the prize for the overall winner of Division Two. The contest in Division One, trophy called Ramsey Town Cup. The clubs also race for the Squadron Trophy ad this is awarded to the best three yacht team from any one club entered.

Not as famous as motorbike racing or cycling events we have here, but another sporting event for the adventurous, and another photo opportunity for us photographers of the island.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ramsey Sprint, Ramsey Day, Isle of Man TT

                                 Usual TT stuff

Isle of Man TT Races area two week event on island usually, June. First week practise, second week races. In between race days we have a day set a side in Ramsey, conveniently called Ramsey Day. It's a fun day out for all ages, with everything from face painting, motorbikes stunt team display, the Red Arrows  display, bike merchandise stalls and take out food stands. Most of this takes place on the Mooragh, where the rugby pitch doubles as a bike park. Strange sight to see a rugby pitch full of motorbikes.  It's also the place for the Ramsey Sprint, seen in the image.

Ramsey Sprint is a drag sprint, with a lot of wheel burns on show. Anyone can compete, though they will have to pay a small entry fee to pay. As you can see, it's not all sprint race, but stunts and entertaining the crowds for some. Visitors from all over the world take part, some with specially modified bikes for that special trick or two.  Sunshine is optional, but always welcome. More of  TT photos can be found here on facebook

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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Parliament Street

                           The local High Street

It's a few years since I captured this image, and a few changes have occurred, but it's still the main shopping area of the town.  Shops open and close every few years, but the pubs, banks and late night take out venues remain. The high street is a one way system which has changed direction a few times overnight, much to the confusion of non residents of the town. If you can't buy it on this high street, then you probably can't buy it in the town. A mix of chain shops like Costa Coffee to more localized shops like The Tide, Ramsey.  You won't find big department stores here, but you will find an eclectic mix of fishmongers, butchers, cafes, restaurants, toy shops, one off clothes shops. Even with the advent of internet shopping, the high street is still surviving in Ramsey.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Shoprite, the local supermarket

                             Gone shopping

There are a few supermarkets in Ramsey, but Shoprite is the one that is probably most local, as it's Manx,  from the Isle of Man. There are about 12 of these stores around the island, serving the needs of the island folk. Not just local Manx produce, imports too, are sold and Shoprite is the only local supplier for Iceland food store goods. Douglas Shoprite now have a Subway outlet too. Ramsey branch has a Lloyds Chemist outlet just set inside the entrance. Some branches even have clothing outlets too. The bread doesn't have to far to travel to the supermarket, as Ramsey Bakery is set opposite.  The shopping bags logo carries the Manx three legs, as seen on the flag. Those bags often turn up in photos in the most unexpected places in the world, thanks to all those Isle of Man TT visitors.

The slogan for the Supermarket chain, is apparently "The Difference Every Day" and the shops are no relation to ones in the USA or South Africa. The bird on the roof is optional.  Shopping local helps the local economy. Like the pub, I do my bit. Conveniently, the supermarket is situated almost next door to The Central pub!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Sunrise and Silhouettes

                              Good morning

After leaving the beach, to catch the sunrise, I came across the rising sun peeking through the foliage of a neighbouring garden. To pretty not to photograph. Intense oranges and silhouette foliage, makes it look more of a tropical sun baked island view, than the windy rain soaked island in the middle of the Irish Sea. 

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Monday, November 03, 2014

Bowring Road, bridge at low tide


At low tide, the stonework of the sunken bridge is revealed and its 3 arches, which allow the Sulby river to ebb and flow out into the harbour (towards the right of the image) and the Irish Sea. Above the bridge is the main road leading out of Ramsey towards, The Grove Museum, (once not owned by the Bee Gees who hail from the Isle of Man, but by an altogether different Gibb Family. A post for another day.), and the villages of Bride and Andreas. Small fishing and sailing boats are often moored here when not in use, like the one pictured. At low tide cormorants, gulls, ducks, and herons can be seen flying through the arches to the other side, which leads to the Poyll Dooey nature area.  At high tide you can find the same birds diving for fish. You can also find photographers waiting to capture the scene, which on a dry sunny day is not a bad way to spend some free time, even if those birds don't appear.

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