Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skywatch # 86 The Abridged Version

For those keeping count, 25.

So, I said the blog would be back this week. Trouble is we've been having bi polar weather and my camera does not go out in the rain. Far too sensitive. Trawling the archives, what do I find but yet another shot of the most famous bridge in blogland, Ramsey Swing Bridge. So the game is back on to get 100 shots of this bridge at varied angles, blah, blah each one different from the last, and drive me slowly crazy in the process. A lush blue sky as a backdrop unlike today, which has been dull, grey and April showers all the way. Also, the seagull deposited a load just after this serene image was captured, which I woud have taken had I not been trying to dodge the fallout!

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