Thursday, October 30, 2014

Northern Sunset over The Northern Swimming Pool

                              Northern Skies

The the curved silhouette building, The Northern Swimming Pool, otherwise known to locals as the new swimming pool. Though it's a couple of years old now, it will always be the new swimming pool, and the old swimming pool, now converted into a bowling alley will always remain the old place to take an indoor dip.Very modern in design and interior, located between the harbour inlet and Mooragh Promenade boasting a terrific sea view. Fortunately, the pool is heated, unlike the very cold Irish Sea. Even in Summer.

Sunset over the Wave is my image for Skywatch this week. Other Skywatcher images can be found here.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meet The Nesbitts

                                 ....And duck

Regular abc bloggers will know who Mrs Nesbitt is, the person who started the weekly post of the alphabet around the word. I too, met Mrs N, virtually through a fellow blogger, and then finally in person right here in Ramsey. I've since met The Nesbitt's every Isle of Man TT for the past few years (although this year was a "flying wave as she goes past" meeting) and we have a mini photo shoot of her and hubby leaving Ramsey. The duck, is her infamous secret weapon back pack. The duck has been held my both Policeman and TT riders who happily pose for photographs with Denise, like Guy Martin for instance. Though I live in Ramsey, and photograph the TT races, Mrs N, was actually here first, visiting every race week for over 20 years, nearer 30. She is as much a part of the TT as the races themselves and island wide is known to many of us locals and new tourist each year.

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Roll on 2014 TT and a visit from a duck and bonkers friend. Mrs Nesbitt :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Lakeside, Mooragh Park

                                       Food and reflections

I mentioned in a previous post, the local park boasts, not one but two places to eat. This is the other one, The Lakeside. Overlooking the lake, indoors boutique bistro style restaurant or alfresco dining. Sundays include, roast carveries, with a daily day and evening menu. Flavours of the world and locally sourced produce  are served, with a creative chef twist  The premises is unlicensed but customers may bring along there own alcohol of choice, with free corkage. The Lakeside also caters for private functions, like christenings and Birthday parties.  Not many places can offer a lakeside view with a meal, set away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mooragh Promenade, Skywatch

                                  After the rain

There are two beaches in Ramsey. I usually take photos from the other one. This week, skywatch image is from the other beach. The silhouetted building are apartments overlooking the Mooragh promenade and beach. On a clear day you can see mainland UK from the Isle of Man. From those top floor apartments you can view both beaches, the harbour, UK on a clear day and most of the main part of town, and of course a great vantage point for skywathcing.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

It's raining again, Bowring Road skyline

                      Typical island weather

To the right, the Central pub, where most people will probably head for a quick one after shopping and work on a cold, wet day in October. Behind the pub you can see the mountains which overlook the town. To the left, the abandoned building which still says Aladdin's cave. Once, it may have been a a treasure trove but not anymore, as it's long since been used as an auction room for Chrystals. Today the Isle of Man is bracing itself for more wet weather. Looking at those swollen clouds, I'd say yes, and head for the pub. The only wet you'll get in there, is the beer.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Moody blues and moonbeams

                             Tonight in Ramsey

I didn't intend to do any photography today, but quickly grabbed the cameras and headed for the beach when I spied the moon over the beach. Very clear night with the moon fortunately above the layer of clouds. Usually obscured by them. Unfortunately, as this was a spur of the moment decision I left without a tripod and preferred lens. A hand held shot in fading light of the moon. Next time, tripod, remote and a warmer coat. Due to no light pollution over the horizon, or little in out small town the colours remain truer, so the intense blue of the evening sky and sea remain without that awful orange urban glow.

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Ramsey B 33-13 Douglas B. Rugby

               Ramsey in blue, scoring a try

My Our World Tuesday post this week is about one of the local sport games on the Isle of Man, rugby. Played by both men and ladies teams, school teams, and boys teams, the juniors across the island. I photograph Ramsey most home games, played at the Mooragh Park pitch. It's a sport I have photographed for 8 seasons now, through wind rail hail or shine. Even in a snow blizzard. It's a winter game, so the sunny image will soon be replaced with wetter windier images. I have occasionally photographed away games, but usually those are cup semi final or finals. As the island is quite small and not enough teams for a full season to play each other, the teams are part of rugby leagues across. Across to anyone living on the island is England in rugby terms. I've taken the team new kit shot for the rugby club website, and have several images printed in local newspapers, both here and England. Anyone can come and watch, there is no entrance free as the pitch is open, overlooking the beach. My world in winter, rugby.  See below for links to my other photos or my facebook page, click the badge to get there.

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Friday, October 03, 2014

Cafe, Mooragh Park

                              Teas, coffees, ices

There are two cafes situated either end of Mooragh park, overlooking the boating lake, this one at the park entrance off North Shore Road. While the more adventurous can hire a kayak and take to the water, for those wanting to sit a while a rest there is the cafe. Indoor and outdoor sitting, hot and cold food, and Davidsons ice cream, a local favourite, on a summers day. The art deco building is another of Ramsey's iconic features. Shot taken on a winter's afternoon, as the light fading fast on a very still day, for those mirror image reflections.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Daybreak, Ballure Road

                Before even the sun rises, I'm up

Not often you can stand in the middle of the road to take a photo, but before sunrise you can. Absolutely no traffic. Ballure Road is the road leads out of Ramsey, towards, Maughold, and eventually onto the Isle of Man Capital, Douglas. You can see by the chimney pots, this is a residential area. Behind those chimney pots lies, the beach. That's where I was heading to capture the sunrise. On the left hand side you can see silhouetted scaffolding where locals flats/apartments are having a spot of renovation and building work. From those flats you get a fantastic coastal view straight onto both  beaches. Yes we have two, as the harbour inlet separates them, unless the tide is out far enough to have one continuous walk round beach. The view before sunrise is often more intense than sunrise itself.

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