Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Are you Xenodochial on New Year's Eve?


X is for Xenodochial In the Xtreme.

The image is a favourite from Ramsey Day, the fun day we have in Ramsey when The TT Road Races are here. Look at the pennant on the left and you will see the word Xtreme, and an X on the riders shirt for Xtreme, the people behind the stunt bikes. What of the other X though?

For those of you who know my blog you know I first found this word for my 1OOTH post. What of it though. According to varied sources it's an archaic, bookish, obsolete word rarely used word for Southern Hospitality. Think Gone With The Wind. Xenon is from the Greek for stranger as in xenophobia fear of strangers and therefore the opposite is xenodochial. Strange isn't it that the obsolete word is the friendly one and the uglier word is in still in every day usuage. I'll let you ponder that little irony, but what a fabulous word to describe this year of blogging, the cdp and y'all out there in the bloggoshere you have be so kin to lil' ole Scarlett, I mean Babooshka. You're welcome to folks.

Xenodochial New Year's Eve To Y'all.

Hop on over Mrs N. To play Abc.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Duck Babooshka's here with her camera again!

Sounds like the macabre version of the 12 days of Christmas doesn't it? Four Headless Swans and one hunted Wren from yesterday's St Stephen's Day Post here Not at all just the way the photos fall. A walk along Ramsey Harbour, here) with camera is always a sheer delight for the photographer. I do mean real photographer, not snapper too but that's a matter for another day. At least acknowledge me you amateur!(you know who you are)

An image that begged to be shown as a black and white and the odd part well, all swans just swan diving at precisely the same time is a gift. Serendipity the photographers greatest friend lending a helping hand again.  You ignore serendipity at your peril. As you can see another natural image with all the debris that flows in and around the harbour left in the frame.  Why clone out something from an image that is perfectly natural just because it is slightly ugly and not perfect? Another time for that discussion on perhaps another blog.

Bad news again. Gary's laptop has died too. Now we are back to sharing one laptop that is borrowed until next week only.  You can appreciate a photographer and artist need a laptop each so blogging will take a back seat for a while. I will post as best I can, but it is difficult presently, work I'm afraid comes first, especially when people are still trying to clone my very being. 

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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm a baby Blackbird not a Wren, Babooshka

Yesterday was Boxing Day, St Stephen's Day and also Wren Day/Hunt The Wren Day. I had never heard of Wren day until I moved to the Isle of Man. Unfortuntately I have no Wren images so I chose my smallest bird image a baby blackbird.

What is Hunting The Wren ?

Hunting the Wren was quite a bloodthirsty ritual as gangs of youths, boys would scour the countryside looking for a defenceless wren to trap and kill. Now a more humane option is to use an artificial bird you will be glad to hear.

The wren then became the centrepiece for a "bush" - two wooden hoops set at right angles and placed on top of a pole and covered with ribbons and evergreens.

 'The "bush" would then be carried from house to house while the group sang the Hunt the Wren song and hoped to collect some money or treats for their troubles. 

'The song charts the progress of the wren from being hunted, caught, cooked and then eaten. There are many suggestions as to why the poor wren should be singled out for such treatment, such as it being a commemoration of the martyrdom of St Stephen and revenge on the wren because it is the reincarnation of an enchantress who lured men to their death in droves. 

'The feathers of the wren are distributed amongst the wren boys as a good luck charm, being particularly potent against witchcraft and to prevent a shipwreck.' 

What wiki has to say click here 

Do you know any other Wren Day connections?

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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Still no snow!

Season's Greetings

No Santa Claus was not on Ramsey Beach, Mooragh Beach having a rest, it was I who was AWOL leave from by blog, internet, outside world. I had intended to post for skywatch but Christmas, drinkies and food rendered me incapable of posting, using a camera or just about anything. No instead Gary and I lazed around as much as possible with the screen projector on and a selection of Chritsmas veiwing. Life for one day was postponed just to pause and relax. I'm sure many of you did the same. 

So did you all have a good Christmas? Did you have any nice pressies, boring pressies, or perhaps something really unusual. Me what did I have? Well I will not divulge all but the oddest has to be a slinky. What do you mean it's a kids toy. Have you no sense of fun? Do you remember them? Needless to say I have had an enormous amount of fun with it. Who needs stress balls get a slinky. The slinky has been needed to relieve the stress of the Isle Of Man postal service failing to deliver Christmas post to some our friends and relatives in the UK and elsewhere. So the job of tracking the items starts next week. Remember how those cards Gary designed had been opened and soaked in water too. Isle of Man postal service shame on you. Now where's my slinky...

As you can see by the image of Ramsey beach, still no snow. Not so much as a flake. Kept it simple today no fancy arty shots just a very wide angled crop of the beach, and no it isn't Skywatch just a normal day's image.  Gary and have been watching the web cam on Nice Beach France. No snow there either, but I wouldn't want there to be, but I would want Gary and I to be there. See Angela's Nice blog here for why.

(Dear Santa Claus thank you for my slinky, but can Barker and Babooshka find work in the South of France now please?)

Thank you

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone from Babooshka and Barker,  who designed the card

Early post just to say Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating and to those who aren't have a good day whatever you are doing. I'm sure like most people blogging is the last thing on our minds. Actually a glass of red that I'm drinking and mince pie are on mine. I'm raising a glass to you all as  I type.

This image is the card that Gary designed and printed. Like the Royal family, The Prime Minister, and the President we have an official card too that goes out to all.  The image for those of you not from the UK is Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I'll let your read the rest.  Good news today Gary will be doing another cartoon for the Daily Star again in Jan 4th, so watch out for that BBC Politics Show work now and then. For those of you that also don't know Gary's job at the BBC credit crunched last month, yes just before Christmas so anyone needing an illustrator see here. Did you know I am Gary's unofficial agent too.

Have a great time all. If anyone wants me to email them the card Gary said that's fine just this one time only. Let me know. As for the ones in the post, I hope you receive sometime. I.O.M post, terrible service.

Thanks to anyone who has clicked Google alerts too, an unexpected little bonus.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


 Ramsey Harbour

Working boats 

As you can see we have very different weather here to most bloggers. It's either been rain, fog or an unnaturally still aura about the place. The one thing we haven't had is snow. Just as well really for the boats above moored by the harbour side wall I'm referring too, that's a real life working boat. There is also another behind out of view.  I don't usually see the boats here in the day they are usually out at sea. 

Not being a fisherman myself (or woman) by either trade or hobby I couldn't tell you what type of fish they would be fishing for, quantity, quality etc. All I know is the boats go out and then they return laden or not with goodies,  Manx kippers of course and scallops. Well for now anyway. The Scallop Industry on the island is going through a credit crunch which you can read about here that may scupper scallop fishing in the future. So those boats may be at rest a lot longer than the short time I had to take their image. 

In case you are wandering what Manx kippers and Queenie scallops taste like well to be honest 
I couldn't tell you. I'm a veggie but Gary's not. Well he is from Fleetwood and they used to have even more fisherman than the island. What occupation is suffering due to the credit crunch in your area.

More abc's see Mrs Nesbitt, the hostes with the mostest

The Barker christmas card will be posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


On  a not so Clear day

The Isle of Man is often used as film location, sometimes studio work other times outside locations often doubling for many other countries or England of yesteryear.  From Keeping Mom to The Libertine many Hollywood and smaller independent production companies make use of the stunning locations which just happen to be in my world. One of them is the lighthouse above which featured fleetingly in the film On A Clear Day

On a Clear Day is a 2005 comedy/drama film written by Alex Rose and directed by Gaby Dellal. It stars Peter Mullan and Billy Boyd(a former hobbit)

After 36 years working as a labourer in the shipyards on the River Clyde (in GovanGlasgow), Frank Redmond becomes stagnant and quickly sinks into depression. A naturally strong swimmer, Frank gets an idea while on a 'booze cruise' with his friends to swim the English Channel to France. A simple but heartwarming tale, especially relevant now with so many people thrown on the scrapheap again during this next recession. A movie of hope just to make you smile, and that's not a bad thing is it?

The lighthouse is not the only landmark in Ramsey to feature in this film. Queens Pier also features in the very first sequence and later in the film. Coincidentally it's also featured here for a previous my world, skywatch and abc post.  Click here to see one of those posts.  Just before I started this blog we had a weekend away across in England. On the way to the airport we passed a tent in a field. Nothing special about that you might say. What if I told you that tent had the one and only Burt Reynolds in filming A Bunch of Amateurs. If only I had know I would be doing this blog I would have stopped the taxi to the airport and got the camera out and got his pic. 

Click here to see a list of Isle of Man films


Monday, December 22, 2008


Do you think a cold front means a warm back?

Well I hope you all agree with me this is definitely odd. Taken over Mooragh Park by the entrance form the roadside, I spotted this very strange horizontal set of lines. I have the colour versions too but it was so striking in contrast I knew immediately it would be an ideal black and white and an strange one too.

The feint vertical lines are not rays of light but extremely fine rain, so why was the cloud so light and white? I took this with the little Olympus and no alterations so those shades are as taken. The horizontal lines ran for quite a length either side of this image Looks like the clouds are full of lovely white snow doesn't it, but unfortunately not. No this weird image is quite a common sight here, it's called a "cold front" a weather phenomena .

So there you are. A natural weather occurrence not at all odd when you know what one is but decidedly weird when you don't. We actually get them here a lot usually followed by rain and followed with me and camera as they are ideal photography subjects. I hope the rowers didn't get too wet on the lake. It really did precipitate down fairly soon after this was taken.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz

Jackdaws, a member of the crow family are a very common birds on the Isle Of Man, especially around Ramsey Harbour. This one settled on the rope lines of a moored boat and seemed to be oblivious to my camera
 and I. Good. It meant I could get an image of the lovely plumage. Note the variety of colours from deep magenta to iridescent blues and greens.  A quick look they look all black but the plumage does have these very subtle change of colours. The throat and back of the head plumage have a lovely shimmering silver grey tone.  This one seemed to be very interested in something, but I have no idea what it was but I can guess it was shiny.

Jackdaws have a reputation like the magpie for theft of precious objects. They are known to have a penchant for shiny objects and swoop down to steal the item that capture their attention and fly off to the safety of their nest or other desired safe place. Fortunately the camera is matt black and I had gloves on so no distracting shiny items for the Jackdaw.  Actually they I have never seen one behave at all badly. Even our garden ones tend to be well behaved and queue for food. In fact I seen tiny siskins and goldfinches chase a Jackdaw away.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's 14/100 Everyone

What is the surprise shot going to be today? Can you guess. I bet you can't(can).

Here we go again! It's time for the obligatory "Cult of Babooshka's Ramsey Swing Bridge" Image.Today we have reached the grand total of 14. The challenge 100 shots
of the same subject at varying angles, times etc. So here you are.

It's taken from the very heart of the bridge(yes they have hearts, minds and souls) the centre of the pathway, underneath the apex of the arc taking in the pathway and the left hand side arch. Taken around noon on a sunny day to create those interweaving shadows. I included a slither of the right hand arch so you can contextualize the width of the pathway. You can see the raised path/sidewalk on the right and the left is the driveway for cars. Small distance isn't it. I went with black and white as the last few have been colour. You also see locals, yes real live people in the distance chatting or perhaps just waiting for me to take the image so not to be any closer to in the frame. Spoilsports. Either way I sneaked them in so ha ha!

I do like to tone things down after skywatch which is click here is that's the one for you.

Thanks for all the techie advice. I had tried word but no it seems it's IE. I've switched to Safari and the line breaks seem to now be in the right place. For now anyway.

So is anyone else photographing the same subject over and over or am I the only nutter?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Poyll Dooey - Sunset Surprise(not really)

Good news a borrowed laptop for a few weeks. Bad news it's behaving very strangely.

A quick sunset over the nature reserve from about a month ago. Not much else to say tonight.
Going to grab a coffee and come back and see if I can get to grips with this laptop. Still converting and uploading images one as and when which is painstaking and boring.

Why is the line break double spaced or cramped I don't know, but's its very annoying. Any ideas anyone.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I see a teeth and tongue

This is the jetty in Ramsey. As simple as that for a subject. The sun was behind the jetty. The tide as you can see was low. The sun high noon sun shone through the jetty slats bouncing the light on the low water creating a white glow. The jetty slats broke the light as it streamed through creating the illusion of the slats being black. Desaturate the image, so taking any colour out which in this case was a slight blue tinge to the water and there you have it, the above image.

Ok it's not that simple! Firstly you have to spot the potential in the subject in the first place. That is what separates photographers from people who take photographs. Composition. So many potentially good images are ruined by poor balancing or setting of the image. Think before you click. Have you got what you want in the right place. Timing. The light was perfect at this time, but only at this time. To get that slither of white swirling shimmering light was at the time of taking the image or not at all. The ensuing tide would have been too reflective casting a white sheet of colour over the water rather than just that central column with the outer edges silver and the slats jet black. Taken once only and desaturated to a monochrome image. No other alteration apart form re size for the blog.

Now it's your turn. Go on and post your results with no photoshop!

Unfortunately I won't be around to answer to many queries. Laptop time is now down to the bear minimum. Emails are on hold. It's why you have another archive from the real photography section. Not so much whether you like it, but to learn from.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Pretty Vacant

V - Is for vacant

Now there's no point in asking you'll get no reply, (just like Isle of Man Newspapers!), honestly no one's out to lunch as no one is at home. This is just another empty property I have come across on my travels around Ramsey, Lezayre Road in fact. If anyone was looking for prime spot in Ramsey to rent a flat(apartment for my American friends) then I would suggest here. A minute from the Swan pub, Shoprite Supermarket, The library in fact you could watch the Isle Of Man TT Races from the window. Any takers?

It really is rotten luck that a lovely building such a this should be lain to waste. On the other it makes a great photo opportunity. With the credit crunch now it's just a vicious circle of pretty vacant properties like this beauty awaiting a tenant or buyer while falling into ruin, then becoming to expensive to restore etc. I've no illusions about the romance of buildings such as these. Yes perfect for photographers, but I'd much rather it was restored and converted into affordable housing even if that means making it into a bland faceless facade. Unfortunately accommodation is paramount not my photographs.

This image is a month old. Still no laptop and my borrowing time is now down to a minimum. Some of you may have noticed I have had a little fun with this post.

To view the road this property is on, click below

Lezayre Road

Mrse nesbitt is the lady of letters.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Over The White Bridge onto the Battle of Skyhill

Another Ramsey Landmark, and one of Babooshka's regular haunts is the aptly, if not imaginatively named White Bridge. The bridge is situated in The Poyll Dooey Nature Reserve and crosses over the Sulby river. The hill you can see on the left in the distance is Skyhill as in the battle which I have covered before in the viking posts and a My World post. It's basically a single file pedestrian only bridge, although bikes and motorbikes can be walked but not ridden across. It really is quite a narrow, sturdy but perfectly formed walkway. It's also another of many favourite places to photograph in Ramsey.

When looking for information about this bridge, again, I either came back to my own links or just found the vaguest reference, or uncorroborated info, which I need to confirm. Even images seemed limited. The Poyll Dooey Reserve is just the same. This is a specific area that has been set aside as a nature reserve/wetlands site for wildlife and yet it's almost as if it's some dirty little secret the island is ashamed of. To say I am exasperated by this is an understatement. I have a few ideas where to find text to post with my photos I regularly take of this place, so I will elaborate more soon. Nothing more fustrating than coming back to your own blog.

White bridge

If you take the Bridge away and look up to Skyhill you will be looing upon the same view he Viking would have seen when they arrived marching towards Skyhill an onto battle. No skyscrappers to osbcure the beautiful veiw here.

MY WORLD and thank the skywatch gang once again for another inspired idea.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Poyll Dooey

Tree trunk legs can slimmed down in monochrome?

What an I say you all know what it's all about by now. An image in black and white that is quirky.
So what's odd about this. For me there are many things that are slightly odd, weird, quirky, peculiar about this image from the twisted branches to the odd trunk but I'll go with the spot of light you see. If this was colour you would know whether that was sunlight, moonlight, a sun flare, a fill flash etc. Oddly when you strip the colour from the image there is no point of reference, no colour, light or shade poking through the leaves and branches. The ball of light could be anything now, any time of day.

So here's my question for you photography enthusiasts out there, what time of day do you think this is. Just for fun of course, lighten up people I want this to be educational as you request, but please don't get in a flap.

Well you all know the problems I'm having and now I really am struggling. Only half the images to hand, and have to borrow Gary's laptop and upload one image only. So no at the moment no new images can be taken and it's getting to be a real headache as I cannot post at my leisure and choose an image and text in tandem already written. You could be getting some very bizarre images turn on the blog like my other tree odd shot click here

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Sunday, December 14, 2008


The postman always pecks twice!

I was going to just use Robin for the the title, but then I realised a lot of you wouldn't recognize this bird. Having seen an American Robin on several of your posts, you can see the two birds differ greatly. The British Robin is easily identifiable by the red flash, therefore, not surprisingly they are also alternatively called Robin Redbreast. A common winter garden visitor with a beautiful birdsong too and one of Britain's most enduring symbols of Christmas and here's why.

In Victorian times postmen who delivered Christmas cards wore bright red uniforms, and were nicknamed "robin redbreasts" hence people associated receiving their Christmas cards with robins. Cute story. The Robin legend says it received that redbreast from trying to remove the thorns from Christ's head and a small drop falling onto his breast turning it red. More about the all Bobbin Robbins can be found if you click here. Talking of Christmas Cards...

Remember my partner the artist is designing our card this year? He did just that and found online printing who could rush a delivery through. Well they did just that, they arrived this morning and they look fantastic. So far so good. When they arrived here the box was open and sopping with water. The post lady explained they arrived in Ramsey like that. So somewhere on the island between the Ferry or Airport at Douglas to Ramsey Post Depot the box was mysteriously opened and got a soaking. Fortunately most of the cards are OK, but some have unfortunately been irrevocably damaged. You can just imagine how angry we are yes I will be pursuing this and I shall want an explanation and compensation from the perpetrator. Island life for you.

I was also hoping to use the Robin as my own Christmas card this year, but due to the fiasco above and my own usual printers letting me down, Bobbin Robbin will have to wait until New Year. I swear by the way that is a live one and not one who has had a trip to the taxidermist. He was just very, very still.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Blue and green should n'er bee seen except upon a fool

It's Saturday and I know you may have been expecting the infamous Ramsey Swing Bridge after my skywtach frday but afraid not. Not until I can open the precious file or take some new ones. Instead another sweet little connecting bridge. Luscious green isn't it? So once more unto the bridge!(stop groaning)

This footbridge stands outside the two schools in Ramsey, one on either side of the road. A few weeks ago I uploaded a shot of Lezayre Road and I mentioned the footbridge. Why do we need footbridges for such a quiet place you ask? Ah well, that would be for the famous Isle of Man TT Road Races. When the motorbikes are here the roads around the island that are part of the course are closed off to traffic. So you really can get trapped in one part of the island for a few hours and indeed trapped on one side of the road. The footbridges were erected to enable the kids to cross from one side of the road to the other. Good idea eh. Pity the kids aren't actually in school that week. Doh! To be fair there is practise week for the bikes(outside of school hours though so double doh!) and exams are occurring so perhaps there is method in the madness. I will exercise the benefit of the doubt. Have I ever see anyone use the footbridge, no. Have I used it. Your'e kidding me aren't you?

In keeping with photographing one subject a zilion times I will show you a shot from the other side wthin the space of a Manx minute and you won't believe the change in light and shadows. Cartier - Bresson for those of you taking note will come to mind for that shot but then so many of mine are anyway, like the black and white of this shot. You want to be a real photographer, not a computer manipulation whizz kid you will understand. Before I realised who he was I was taking images that way naturally. Photography comes from within you, not a computer.

Click below for ideas and info.

Isle of Man TT

Friday, December 12, 2008


Could it be Manx Fairy Magic?

Well I don't think it's the Isle Of Man Fairies weaving their Manxie Magic and painting the sky with ribbons of gorgeous colour. No I think it's just another wonderful sunset over The Poyll Dooey Nature Reserve. There again with a name as weird as Poyll Dooey you would expect faires elves and Mystical types to be living here. Might even be Ginnie the Witch another famous Manxie. Click on the red words to find out what I'm on waffling about.

Good news - The Maxtor is working
Bad news- No new laptop yet
Good news- I can start taking new images again
Bad news- No laptop to upload too
Good news- The Maxtor holds tonnes of images
Bad news- Gary needs his laptop back.. er now.

Gary is now designing his Christmas Card. Not just any Christmas Card, but a Political Christmas Card. You have no idea the places that this card will turn up, but put it this way a Black Door with a black door knocker and a White House will have a little bit of Ramsey, courtesy of Gary Barker, BBC now and again Political Cartooinst. Do you dare me to add my name, Babooshka Ramsey Daily Photo? Anyway he needs are greater we are sharing his laptop. By the way the cards are being rush printed tonight in America, yes that's right America. The best price and the best service. Now that's not manx magic.

To join us go to SKYWATCH.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Ready for my close up Miss Babooshka"

Say hello to George posing nicely here showing his best side. George is a bit of a celebrity as he escapes from the Wildlife Park, here on the Isle of Man to Ramsey, usually the promenade, (where this pic was taken) on several occasions. Why he only flies to Ramsey is a mystery, must be good fishing for pelicans. He is not the first escapee pelican, that honour goes to Scotty in '98, and I'm sure he won't be the last. Scotty though made it to Scotalnd,(what are the chances of that?) so obviously a more adventurous pelican. Actually I think George just wanted to feature in the Ramsey Daily Photo and was a bit miffed I have photographed so many other birds. He's make a great odd shot sometime. Whole new meaning to a Pelican Crossing!

I am really struggling now for images. The maxtor has them and won't relinquish them. Not sure why yet. This is a mono version of colour image shown earlier but as I mentioned George and his antics in the Red Panda post I had requested to show the Boy George here. Do you really want to hurt his feeling by not saying hello to him? Please excuse the bird poop. George had a little accident which he is rather embarrassed about, but as I like natural images the poop stays. Sorry George.

(Gary and I should have been in London tonight at the Political Cartoon Awards, but with credit crunch meant no way were we paying £600 for flights and then a hotel. Manx airlines sort your prices or we will have no tourists!)

Do you have any escaped critters in your area?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ramsey Rugby

U - is for Up and Under

No I haven't gone completely mad "Up and Under" is a Rugby Union term. The image above is not a demonstration of this but it is an uplifting ubiquitous upshot. It' also an image I have easy access to. Still waiting on a new laptop and my photo library still in a transitional state. We have them stored but having connection troubles. Back to an Up and Under.

An up and under is a term used in Rugby Union. No I'm not explaining it trust me. Google the term and you will find out what it's all about. 

Ramsey are the team in the blue shirts. The other team we shall just refer to as the opposition.
Another from what is turning into my "Rugby players as iconic images series." Only joking but they do bear uncanny likenesses to famous photos and statues. I'll let you work out which but click here and here to see the others.

Want to join ABC got the lovely hostess with the mostest, MRS NESBITT'S PLACE

For Uk readers- Eddie Waring - the only thing he ever said I understood was up and under.

This blog belongs to 
Ramsey Daily Photo
If you are reading this on another site that has a different url it is an illegal copy and I will take action.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Ramsey Swing Bridge- Golden Wonder - 13/100

I can't believe I haven't had the bridge yet for My World. So here it is the most famous bridge in the world, well my world, Ramsey Swing Bridge. Why is it numbered 13 of 100, because I was challenged to shoot one subject 100 different ways, and the subject just happened to be the bridge. Crazy I know, but the public get what the public wants otherwise I would be in a right jam with some of you out there not pandering to your whims. So the underground cult of Babooshka's Ramsey Swing Bridge contiues.

I actually do love this bridge, but I like bridges anyway. From the mechanics, the design and the purpose. Bridges afterall are connecting places. In this case the very little bridge connects one side of the harbour to the other. Over the bridge takes you to another world, Mooragh Promenande, Mooragh Park, the new swimming pool and the most importantly the beach. It may be bracing, ok blowing a gale, a little wet, ok torrential rain but it's still a beach that most people would like to relax and walk along but don't have and without the bridge above I wouldn't be able to get there. Well actually I could get to the beach, by taking a really, really long walk round the harbour but then I wouldn't be able to photograph such a picturesque bridge would I? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. It swings by the way to allow ships with sail masts to pass through out to sea. Would you like to see it swung out. You would, click here( red is always a link)

Well still on the borrowed laptop and still on the old photos. I may have to do some night photography as the Christmas tree is up in Ramsey and the lights are on. I have also seen Santa Claus in someones garden but don't tell the kids. He looks like he has had too may mince pies already and I can't see him getting round the world in one night.

For more my entries click MY WORLD and thank the skywatch gang once again for another inspired idea.


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