Friday, January 30, 2009

Jaded Solid Air - Skywatch

Sad reflections

For those that don't know this week has been pure reflections. One camera, one woman, no alterations. Images captured as see all refelctions. I have just stopped by to upload this, but then I will be off again. Many thanks to all for the Birthday congratulations. In brief this is Mooragh Park overlooking the lake conveiniently named Mooragh too. You can see Snaefell mountain in the background surrounded by peachy sunglow. The sky reflected in the lake has a slight jade tinge meeting the peach tinged sun. As you can see my the week's worth of reflections, we have had some interesting results. Again I have left the pebbles in the image and not removed to leave a smooth surface.

This was an experiment this week to show you what can be achieved with just a camera, and no digital alterations.

Had a great day thanks. Gary is just offered another Illustration commission and it's a biggy. Only sad news is one of the artist's, a UK musician, who was big influence on Gary called John Martyn(click here) died today. He was a close friend of someone who was a great influence on me Nick Drake. Hence the Jaded. So may we never raise our glasses for better reasons than birthdays and passings into solid air under a saturday sun. It makes sense if you know the music.

Gone for a Bailey's or several.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lake Placid, in a sense

I am a name not a number

Reflections of the Week

Ok it's not really Lake Placid. It is a placid lake though. Google will be confused. For the moment it's it's working title, or as Hyde DP humorously commented on yesterday's image, #13. Very true. Technically the image is a number. I always give images a title, even if it's a library only image just so I can find it again. I'd never find dc10205 and know instantly that it was this image, but a name I'll recall and which named file it's in. You wouldn't believe how many names you can up with for a puddle. No, really you can if you let your imagination fly.
Happy puddle, dopey puddle, sneezy puddle. As you can see I really take my filing system seriously (she say in mock ironic tones.)

Another reflection of the little houses on the hill behind the park. Just tiny silhouettes. The longer thin lines are the lamposts. I said some would not be easy on the eye. This is pretty to look at but you have to use your imagination to envisage those black shadow boxes as buildings. If you live in Ramsey you would probably guess that's Mooragh Lake as low as I've ever seen it and I'm photographing inside the Park, over the lake onto the road. I'll show you another image. In fact I will try and get one for skywatch so you can compare. Time of day for this image was late afternoon again. Same as yesterday manual setting and left as taken.

It's my Birthday today, and I never ever work on it. I get very drunk instead.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Black, blue, bare, branches

I love it when a plan comes together

Continuing the experiment of the week. Back to the dreamy images. It's Mooragh Lake as the chosen subject. That ball of white light is actually the sun and this is a day image, late afternoon where the light is fading at this time of year to dusk. Always manual settings. This would not have worked on auto, but a small point and shoot on manual would do a fairly good job. You need to employ manual setting for fading light images as light travels as we know. Auto would just create possibly a blackened image all over or a harsh white on black with no nod to the subtle blue of the lake and no definition of the black silhouetted bare trees branches

Notice the small object just off centre? It's clear to see on the large file that it's a large pebble peeking through. This then is the quandary. The image is as I planned, seamless colours drifting into each other with no harsh lines, but the pebble is clearly defined. If an artist painted this scene they have the option to paint it in or paint it out. I too have that choice with digital wizardry to erase and clone the water creating the overall smooth image. It would be the only alteration. I choose not to thus keeping the image pure as it was taken, what I saw, what was there. That is the way photography is for me. It's what I enjoy best taking the mundane and making in surreal. I like the pebble today, for tomorrow the same scene it may have been displaced and a new fresh unique image can be created. It also gives me a chance to have twice of many photos to sell, pebble in, pebble out. Twice as many names to come with though.

B's today, black, branches, blues, bare, ball(of light) and for me bewitching. You may have your own.

So when I put this for sale what would you title it? Any letter you like. I have the title already.
Just curious to see how others see things and for marketing purposes and would this be best, matt or gloss.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Reflecting on the new Swimming Pool

My World

This week is reflection week on this blog. All images will include or be a reflcetion of one kind or another. All images will also have no alterations and shot on a Nikon D50, wide anlge lens. I am trying to show what can be achieved with a camera, not a computer. Here then today is the inner side of Ramsey Habour, the inlet, or " little harbour " as I have heard it refered to by a few locals. As you can see the Harbour was without much water, so reflections were a little thin on the ground, but I prefer it that way. Makes you work harder to find a suitable subject and tease out the photograph.

What can you see?

The buildings on the left are a combination of apartments and bed and breakfast accommodation. Ideal if you like a seaview. The front of those building look onto Mooragh Promenade, beach and Irish Sea featured last week. To the left of me out of shot is Mooragh Park. The strange building with the sloping roof top right is a new addition to the skyline. That's the controversial new swimming pool which has featured before front on in the blog. Controversial as we already had one over the bridge which for varying reasons had to close. The new pool is not as conveniently situated as the old one and the design is not to everyone's taste. I've covered this before, prior to opening and before I do another post I want to(over) hear what people have to say. Honest reactions not just "yes man" noises about how wonderful it is. We can all do posts like that, but that is not an honest representation of the place I live, and that has and always will be my aim of this blog.  You can see for yourselves on other posts the beauty or not of the town. For now I will leave you with a  cool blues winter afternoon reflection of a small part of my world.

How do you show your world, true or not? You can always say on facebook too. Look for the link.

Click here for more my world posts

Monday, January 26, 2009


Bresson-esque by Babooshka

Reflections of Ramsey 

Last week we had a trip around the two beaches of Ramsey. This week I am purely indulging myself with for me pure photography reflections. As it is Monochrome Odd shots I used this one to start the theme, "Looking Glass." It's Mooragh Lake with the park. I was standing one side taking upside down reflections, a particular speciality when I spied the couple of walkers. I purposely waiting for them to walk into the frame.  I have often tried to convey that photographers are born not made and you either think photography or you don't. I saw in my mind's eye how the image would look and waited for the walkers to arrive into my image naturally. Not serendipity, not stage managed, but a natural image nonetheless. 

(Photography, what is it?)

This week I am going to use one camera, the reasonably priced Nikon D50, wide angled lens on various setting, times, weather conditions. All images will be pure. No cropping, colour balance, contrast, brighten sharpening. The ugly and the beautiful will stay within the image. The common links will be around Ramsey and all reflections of one kind or another. One camera, one lens, one photographer. Ramsey is a very normal looking town as I have shown you. I intend to make it look surreal in a natural way. Twin Peaks, Alice In Wonderland anyone. You may or may not like these images. They may not be easy on the eye, or may be too easy. For me photography is using my eye, my brain, my natural ability. I think when we employ other techniques ie photoshop then it should be classed as photo art,a new genre perhaps. We really do need to make the distinction to safegaurd both photographers and artists. I am a photographer and I take photographs. I am a dying breed, please don't make my partner or I the artist extinct.

Aileni will see to your Monochrome needs
Katney will see to your Odd shots.

To know me as a photographer, go google one word Bresson.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I spy with my little eye - a mad woman with a camera

The female Mallard on the grass verge of Mooragh Promenade concludes our week around the beach of Ramsey. Well actually both beaches. Ducks and swans don't usually venture as far as the beach opting for the main harbour or smaller harbour inlet, but occasionally we get these wanderers who venture a little further afield. Mallards have to be the most recognizable of ducks male or female and they are certainly the most common. Apparently the Mallard and the Muscovy featured last week are the considered to be the ancestors of almost all domestic ducks. As you can see this one was nonchanlantly pretending to ignore me, but that beady eye followed me around. When snooping on birds a telephoto lens is advisable.

I've just been reminded by G that it is the R.S.P.B (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Great Garden Bird Watch. Householder's watch their garden, balcony, patio, yard for roughly an hour and record the birds they see. It's a way to keep check of birding habits numbers etc. I'm sure I won't be the only one taking an hour out this weekend to sit and watch and record the birds, and I'm sure I'll have the camera to record the results. 

One blog you should check out this week if you are into your wildlife and want to delve deeper, 
Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris: 
You will enjoy this one, very informative wildlife blog. Dave is an expert and friendly chap.
Misty Dawn is the critter lady, and other critters are there too.
Don't forget to join us on Facebook - click the logo, more island stuff there.

Last week was the beaches of Ramsey. This week from tomorrow will be Reflections week and I have some terrific images lined up for your viewing pleasure. Personally I enjoyed taking them more than any other image recently. Not as straightforward as you might think. What do you plan to post next week? 

Ps. Please remember these images are copyrighted. Thank You.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ramsey Jetty in perspective.

Still on the beach, well obviously I'm still on the beach as that is the sea and that is the jetty. Would you jump off there though? Now I know you may not think it's a great height but I am talking perspective. You know, it's in the distance far away, will look smaller than the subject in the foreground. Anyway I digress. Would you jump off this jetty into the freezing water below? Me, no, don't be stupid I'm the photographer. I just take images of idiots-I mean brave adventurous types doing this kind of jolly jape. It's called tombstoning in case you didn't know.
I will tell you all about the island and tombstoning, or another time though. Usually cliffs but in the absence of cliffs the kiddies have adopted the Jetty. It is the Isle of Man, we improvise.

I was going to finish the beach walkabout today but I've a few more you can have.  For those interested in the photo graphical(is that even a word two words?) aspect of today's image please note this totally ignores rule of thirds, but is more concerned with composition and optical illusion of the lighthouse. I am not spoon feeding you today with the intricacies of photography. You can work things out for yourselves by now, I have faith in you. Like the bridge and the pier the jetty is another static subject for a photo series. I like things that don't move and and don't speak. Perfect subjects. No quibbling.

Please excuse the lack of facebook input tonight. I will make amends tomorrow.

For those who follow the blog it's Friday and we know what that means. Southern Comfort.
For UK reader perspective Father Ted Episode - Far away/ cows/ Dougal.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Life's a beach 

Mooragh Beach is on of the two beaches here. As you can see it is part pebble/shingle and part sand. It's not a beach you would expect to find swimmers and sunbathers.  You do find like I said yesterday dog walkers down here and occasionally horse and riders trotting along the beach. As you can see it's quite a view you get on a clear day.

To the left is Mooragh Promenade. Behind me out of shot would be the harbour jetty, bridge and town. To the right is obviously the sea, but as we are and island you would expect to happen upon land too. You do, England. On a even clearer day you can make out the landscape of the Lake District. I have many photos of the outline of the hills of England across from Ramsey. Looking north the bay sweeps round to the promontory known as Shellagh Point. More of those Manx words. It appears Shellagh means willow and has also become used as a girl's name. I'm not sure those using the name know of it's origin. I wonder if anyone has another meaning or anyone named Shellagh

I haven't finished with beach just yet. Like the wood will shall drift by there often and you can walk virtually with me, if you want or join me on facebook if your'e on.

To join or check others in the neme click Skywatch and the team will help you.  I came across an image that is a beauty but not in our friday club. Take a peek it could be a great inclusion for skywatch. So many wonderful images out there aren't part of the club and would be perfect.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well I'm stumped how this got here!

There is a sports related saying in Britain, "rain stopped play" which we tend to say when a cricket match has to be halted. Well I can apply it to my beach adventure or should I say non adventure this week. It has been persisiting down all week so one we made earlier as they say.  A mid week monochrome, from midway along the beach.

Things you find on the beach in Ramsey

I was hoping to find lots more sewaeed, groups of birds, odd items but to no avail. I did happenstance upon the tree stump on the beach nestling amongst the rock pools. Not going to reveal exactly where, so I can return and see if the tide has swept it  away, it remains, or the beach volunteers have removed it. I'm hoping it's a keeper. It's a nice rough textured material to photograph against the smooth pebbles and lucid water. I photographed as a vertical but it's an image that could be shown anyway round as it's not really grounded.  I took this with the little Olympus just for fun. It is all very well me saying it's the photographer not the camera, but then I have to demonstrate this. Leaving the big Nikon and lenses at home is not only lighter but makes me work harder to find an interesting suitable image. The only difference with the Nikon would be no bleaching of colour on the trunk, but that's it. Framing would be the same for both why - repeat after me "it's the photographer who thinks the image not the camera." Might have to use this as my mantra

I'm really not up to much blog wise at the moment.Late post, really busy and not much free time G's new assignments.

Out of interest have you found a tree on the beach?

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today we look through the Arch window

ABC - Wednesday
Brought to you by the letter A

The beach trip is just not going as planned. Rain, rain and more rain. We even have a very light dusting of snow atop the mountain. Not enough for a fabulous image for the blog though. So back to the beach and this week's letter which is A. I give you Arched Archives. No really difficult to work out why is it. Just in case it it. Those are "arches" and this is an "archive" image

I have  shown you this place before as a black and white and as a colour version showing more of the pathway and less of the beach. Told you before this is a hidden gem. You have too walk a way along the beach to get here(the left arch leads to Ramsey) but it's really worth it. You can wade or jump the stream and head towards Maughold(right arch)well you could if it was safe. Remember tides come in as well as go out. Behind me leads the path up to one of the little glens we have here leading out of Ramsey and on the road to Douglas. There is a pretty picnic area up there and as I have said before a lovely place for the photographer. Very low light though so not forgiving for a snapshot. Rabbits have been known to do whatever rabbits do here, but reports of the phantom escaped wallaby of Ramsey are false! Or are they?

So that's it round 4, week 1. To join see the lady with letters Mrs Nesbitt and others too. The facebook experiment continues see you there. Click the logo. Just for fun.

Mrsnesbitt's place: ABC Wednesday..Round 4! Did you spot one or two TV programme refs. today? 

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Q,How Manx are you?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ramsey Beach Blues,
 My world,
 300th post

Yes today is my 300th post. I'd like to say the sun came out and the sky was pure blue for me but no it was dull and cloudy. Not really beach walking  with the camera weather. So an archive when the sun was out and the sky was blue. As you can see this stretch of beach is very sandy normally damp. This is not a sunbathers beach because the sand is always damp  and you would be washed away on your lilo or beach towel quite often. It is a great walkers beach though. Always dogs running about, flocks of oystercatchers, and the occasional brave child who doesn't mind the wind and rain with a bucket and spade.  What  you can see is the jetty with what looks like two lighthouses on it. Another optical illusion. One jetty is behind the other, a lighthouse on each one. Often you will see fishermen here. Not sure if it's for the fish or relax but the end of the jetties are often busy. Behind me out of shot would be the Queen's Pier which has featured in many posts. The slither of land you can see on the left over the jetty is actually some way off in the distance and part of the bay on the other side of the harbour. Yes Ramsey is greedy we have two beaches.  

Thanks to the My World team where other folks world's can be seen.

All that I have to say is a big thank you to all who have ever stopped by commented, advise, work, sales, emailed etc. Changes are afoot with the blog where I am hoping to show you larger images. Got one or two other ideas as well but for now will keep quiet about those. You understand I have had so much stolen either work or ideas that until they are live I will keep a zipped mouth. Facebook the experiment is still going strong. Join me us just for fun, but able to add a few island extras there. My new laptop will be here soon and then it will be the new website.



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Monday, January 19, 2009


Leave no stone unturned to spot the birdie
Ramsey Daily Photo -

Can you spot the Birdie?

Monochrome Oddshots on the beach. It's still torrential rain here, so again not today's image.
Part of the series of images from the beach, a turnstone. Honestly he is in there somewhere. I know it's a small image but he's not hard to find. Strangely even in the colour version he is quite camouflaged as he seemed to blend in with  the colours of the pebbles along the beach. 

Usually find groups of these birds in Ramsey, along with oystercatchers, cormorants, gulls of course, redshanks to name a few. Usually too see another mad bird(this is a joke, calm down you rampant fems.) called Babooshka walking quickly towards them or hiding behind rocks, or crawling along the ground to catch a snap of them. Don't even get me started on chasing swallows. They fly right up to you strutting their stuff goading you to take a snap of them. I've got a few swallow shots but not many beach ones. Wagtails too is another bird found here and occasionally a wheatear. Ok there are a lot of birds on the beach. You just try snapping one!

Well it's time to batten down the hatches. Ramsey is suppose to be in for a really rough ride the next few days with gales and tremendous rainfall. Maybe the house will end up on the beach.
Facebook has been down, I'll be on when I can as the server here is also slow today.

Creative Monochrome Maniacs see Aileni at Loose ends
Oddest of Oddshots see Katney

Did you spot the birdie?

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Tomorrow is the big 300.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Definitely my best side Babooshka
Ramsey Daily Photo

Critters Sunday

As you know I was supposed to be running a series of photos this coming week, Ramsey Beach Images. Of course the moment I suggest that it has consistently rained. Typical. Fortunately I always have a ready stock of recent beach bird images, such as this one. Now I think this is a Muscovy. Can you confirm or deny that out there in critter land?

Funny name Muscovy don't you think? Muscovy meaning coming from the Moscow area but these ducks are don't originate from there. It seems it could be the company that traded in the bird may have given the bird the name, rather than the area. Also Muscovy could be Musk Duck. Anyway lots of Muscovy related stuff for you at wiki here. 

As you've noticed a logo now appears on the image. Sorry folks but well if you've been reading this week you'll know about the problems. For those just passing through, lets just say keep an eye on your own blog and images. They are yours, not anyone else's. 

Take this blog, it's me Babooshka,Ramsey Daily Photo,
Anywhere else it's theft. 

It's been a long week. See you on faceboook see logo. For more critters see Misty Dawn to join or view others.

Ramsey Quakers
Isle Of Man
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


On a clear day(not today then)

What did I say I was going to treat you to this week? A series of images on and around the beach. 
What has the weather been like today horrendous. 
Rain all day long. So no this image was no taken today but earlier in the week. Typical isn't it. Remind me not to suggest
a beach photography shoot in January ever again. Of course the post is also late for me. You guessed it. Friday is pub night.
Babooshka had an appointment to keep with Mr Jack Daniels and his close personal friend coke cola.

If You had seen the crashing waves images on Ramsey Daily Photo then you will possibly recognise this
place. It's standing on the jetty again looking down onto the rocks. No two days are ever the same
in the week it was so clear with the lovely
lucid green tone. When it's like this and still you really can
see all the way to the seabed quite a way out. not often like this though as I'm hoping to show you
that is if it ever stops raining! If you are a bird spotter this is a good place to stand. Often find groups
of shorebirds of many varieties resting on the rocks. Even the elusive cormorant family of birds
can be seen here. Seldom but it has happened.

Still having blog issues, but some have been resolved. Remember now comments are open on this post
for a few days then they will be closed to new comments to stop the the spam bots and trolls.
The facebook experiment continues. I'm finding it a really useful back up to the sight and it's a great place
to add some videos for you to see.

Hopefully we can have some better days and I can get onto the beach ad photograph whatever I find.
Surely I won't find anything as strange as the chair in the nature reserve on the beach, but this is
a mad town so you never know. What's the weirdest thing you've found on a beach?

On The Rocks
Isle Of Man
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Friday, January 16, 2009



Starting from yesterday I am starting a series of images taken on the beach. Not necessarily of the beach but what you can see all around. This is the view from Queens Promenade Beach. Those are the tallest buildings in Ramsey , St Paul's flats. From the beach looking up over the high promenade wall I could just see the skyline and get that great angle to catch the sunflare ans tip the lens to create the star effect. Don't do this at home. Naughty photographer should no better. Can damage your eye and lens. Just can't resist these shots.

A few changes to the blog.
Backlinks - Sorry but someone linking to some really bad sites. Also getting persistant bloggers linking to all post regardless of whether it relates to their blog. This is not how backlinks work.  So they are off for now.

Comments - Comments  box will only be open for a couple of days after the date of the new post. After two days I will keep existing comments and disable the comments box. Had lots of spammers dropping by on older posts and placing those long spam comments that link to spam blogs or again some bad sites. 

I did say last week this would happen and apologisies but the few spoilt it for the many. So if you want to comment do so soon (including yesterday's post) as the box will be disabled soon on this post. Another thing is I have had my blog reproduced again elsewhere so I need to look into that too. 

On a lighter note Babooshka and Ramsey Daily Photo is now on facebook. It strated as a joke after a flippant comment but now now it's getting it's own fanbase. It's actually really useful as I can put vids and clips of the island on there and other stuff not right for this blog. Everyone is welcome to join and drop their own link on the wall to their blog. I am the Puppet master

Join me this week on the beach here. If it rains too much though forget it. It is Ramsey after all.
So comment quick, and join us on Facebook. Todays Vid on Facebook is Back Door Slam

Thanks to the skywatch team once again and everyone taking part. Go see the them.

St Paul's Flats
Isle Of Man
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


On a spacious beach no one can hear you scream

After a really crappy day yesterday and I mean crappy a gentle walk along the beach.  I was
going to show you some pretty Manx scenes  and Manx Views of the beach in long shot and wide angle but I was distracted by this alien invader on Ramsey beach.  It didn't move. I poked it with a big stick to make sure, it didn't make a squeak.  Just had to take a photo or twenty of it. Pretty Huh! Actually I think it is. He(Gary) who won't move his ass off the sofa so I can stretch out, really likes this one. It's an artist thing isn't it. I can see you all salivating now over this if you are feeling all artsy today. Yes it would make a fabulous black and white too dahlink!

This image has sewn the seed of an idea for a series of images which I should do of just the
beach and see what I can find. For Gail's Man, maybe the elusive white dog poo. Be interesting to see how much rubbish has discarded there for all you realists. For all you artsy ones I'll photograph the weird shingle and sandbanks and for all of you who just want a plain old view I'll do that too. Of course a skywatch one. Who wants beach images then . Show of hands, well comments if you do.  Babooshka's Beach you have it.

Ramsey Daily Photo is now on facebook- see the logo. Drop by, join the group and add your details, links, etc to the wall to tell others about you. I will add other island images of other places outside of Ramsey there and stuff not for this blog. To Lisa, Onchan one day. To those of you who I know here behave, or Queen B will bar you and I don't mean the pub.

Q. How childish was the title of this post?

A. You tell me.

For the inquisitive

PS. - Onchan is pronounced without the h. 

PPS- Sal- You know it makes sense!


White Noise, or Zen again

Waiting for the Man maybe?

Why have you got two images. As a treat. One you have seen previously on you haven't. You have them because I have to use do the same Z- Zen. Why because someone(Ok Gary), took the Maxtor, with all my images, to the building he is working in and as left it there overnight. Still no laptop yet( soon though) so no images at all whatsover. Guess what I can't even get images off the net I have copyrighted them at watermarked them too well. So Zen it is. Not such a perfect day for me though. Back to Zen

Now, the interpretation of Zen is subjective. As it's the last one this round, I thought a little lateral thinking was required. For me I just wanted to illustrate what it meant to me incorporating all of the above, from my spiritual, religious, human standpoint etc and a time when I felt all or most of the above and usually for me it's through music. So please accept this offering in the spirit of the post, and in no way is it meant to belittle or denigrate any one'sbeliefs.

The Lou Reed concert At the Douglas Marina, Isle of man, was one of my all time Zen moments. A Perfect Day. For me this the perfect example of a group of very diverse people, putting, politics, race, religion aside and being caught up in the moment of pure musical euphoria. You can call it escapism, and maybe it is but for me live music, especially by one of the all time greats is a slice of heaven, or being at one with the world, point of fact my own slice of Zen.

I wasn't feeling very Zen at all today. No photos, my usual bread not in Shoprite (is anything), Tescos still hasn't delivered our food, the food shoprite hasn't got, which is why we have to order from Tesco's and some nutter is spamming blogs with his sex blog, that carries a virus. You boring idiot. Grow up!  Don't forget Ramsey Daily Photo is now a group on facebook, anyone can join, just introduce your self on the wall of fame. Click my facebook logo. I can really rant and rave there. I'll even upload some vids. You tube anyone.

For more ABC see the hostest with the mostest Mrs Nesbitt

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Queens Pier Ramsey - To save or not to save?

I was going to The Grand Island Hotel and it's close next month but today we had breaking news. No seriously this is like a big deal here. So I give you Ramsey Queens Pier. Last time I posted the pier it was certain to be demolished. Read the history then I'll tell you what going on now on this quirky island. Funny business to me!

Today has been declared make or break for the pier. There will be a vote my the Tynwald, the Manx government on saving or not saving. This means provide a £5million restoration plan. Now I have to say I don't understand this, and judging by the comments I've seen on the I.O.M. News website neither do other people. I was one of those that wanted this saving, I have posted and said that before. So when we had money on the island we not do anything to save the it and now when we have an economic downturn, recession and no surplus cash has £5million been quoted as an amount that could be approved. None of this sounds right to me. 

Two things. The blog will continue. It will still be a while before we can move, along while. Next. Find me on Facebook and join me and Ramsey Daily Photo which now has it's own group. Come and say hello to the world on there. I'll be looking for you.

For more my entries click MY WORLD and thank the skywatch gang once again for another inspired idea.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ramsey hides under Manannan's Cloak

Manannan is the mythical god of the sea, lord and protector of our land, Isle of Man. Manannan appears in many other Pagan and Celtic myths and legends but for us he is the guy who put the "Man" in the Isle of Man, and why you sometimes see the spelling of Mann as well. What is Manannan's cloak though? I can tell you one thing it's not and that is snow. I have really missed not capturing any snow shots his year. Back to Manannan's cloak this weeks Monochrome Oddshot.

Manannan's Cloak.
A mythical shroud of mist that was thrown over the island to hide us from our enemies.
Manannan was also known to be a shape shifter, so next time to you ask a local the way, be polite. It could just be Manannan and if decides you aren't a worthy visitor he will shroud and protect us from you. Shape shifter sounds like something out of Star Trek doesn't it.

We still get the mist descend upon us. The image shows a rolling mist on the mountains, sometimes it rolls in from the sea. It is an awesome sight, especially when caught my sunlight. Sometimes a white blanket, a gold sheet, or a lilac candyfloss gently engulfing the island. Underneath the cloak is the North Barrule Mountain. I never tire of seeing this eerie mist especially when travelling over the mountains and your view is totally obscured. It is so evocative of every horror story, and fairytale you can think of. A bit like the island a horror story built on a fairytale, the legendary blog and Babooshka is the mythical creature that brings you the words and images that won't stay hidden. Now if I can just find That wallaby..

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