Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Walk up to Albert Tower, for the view

                            Misty Mountains 

Short and sweet tonight. A walk out of town up through the Ballure Reservoir, cross the mountain road, continue to Albert Tower and watch the local mist known as Manannan's cloak roll over North Barrule. Then the walk back down through through the glens in time to catch a sunset. Not bad days photography work with the 
trusty Nikon

Jane Hards Photography 

Image is "up" part of ABC, created by Mrs Nesbitt, who will be over to the Isle of Man and Ramsey next week and Our World

Monday, June 01, 2015

Harley Davidson, stylish.

Design classic

Somethings are a design classic, and buck modern trends. The Harley Davidson motorbike is one of them. Synonymous with all things motorbike related, visions of the open road, cinematic panoramas, freedom, alone, but not lonely, part of the crowd, whilst remaining an individual. The iconic bike parked up in my hometown during Isle of Man TT Races, for what we call Ramsey Day  All the fun and focus of the two week festivities create a family orientated day for bikers, tourists and locals. Many a classic Harley can be found, with many an admirer. Including me.

Jane Hards Photography 

Image part of City Daily Photo theme day, which occurs first day of the new month, the theme today being stylish. For others around the world, see here


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