Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ramsey Rocks, sunset

                               Street party

Ramsey Rocks, I've mentioned before is a annual event that takes place in the town along the harbour quayside each July. For one night only, bands, kids entertainment, food stalls etc are out in force. Except this year. This year was a washout, and cancelled due the inclement weather. The image of a full town turnout resplendent with sunset, was, unfortunately last year. Oh well, what's another year to wait. The local pubs however did a roaring trade as many of the bands played indoors and those already out for the festivities made their way there too, minus the kids. 

Image part of Skywatch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To the lighthouse


Sometimes the tide is so far out, you can walk continuously from one beach to the other along the coastline of Ramsey.  You can also capture upshots of the lighthouses standing where would normally be covered in the Irish Sea. Doesn't happen often, but when it does worth taking a camera. If you're lucky you'll even capture a local group of horse riders cantering the same route.  One for future photography projects. 

Ramsey, Isle of Man, around noon, Nikon D7000

Image part of Black and White Wednesday

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ballure Glen

                               The walk to the sea

Ballure Glen is another hidden walk you'd overlook if you didn't know where to look, as it's set off the main road leading out of Ramsey to Douglas. If you start at the top entrance, off Ballure Road, you follow the path and stream from Ballure Reservoir, that will eventually lead you to the Irish Sea and beach  If you decide to go over the little bridge situated within the glen, you have a small climb up to Ballure Walk and where you'll find a picnic area. The island is full of myths and legends, and one of those tells of Carrasdoo men.  Believed to have had a base by the arches where the path meets beach.  There fires were lit tricking ships leading to their destruction. These  men were known as 'wreckers'. The Isle of Man, has a always will be a strange but beautiful place.

Part of Our World Tuesday

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Derby Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man - Sunset

                                             Mirror image

Skywatch this week, a dusky pink serene scene. Mirror image reflections along the harbour inlet, Derby Road, looking towards Bowring Road. The sun rises over the beach, and sets inland, always casting a myriad of colurs over the harbour inlet, Sulby river and buidlings. No two days are the same, which is great for a photographer on a night time walk. 

To see a sizzling orange fiery sunset of the same view see here. You'll see what I mean about the colours of the setting sun. Unreal, yet natural.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Elfin Glen, Ramsey, Isle of Man

                           A Woodland Walk

The left hand path lead towards the Mountain Road and Albert Tower. The right hand path leads towards Lhergy Frissell and onwards down to the hairpin ( a well named tight bend) also part of the Mountain Road. From the top and looking out of the glen you have a wonderful view of the town of Ramsey and the coastline, viewing mainland Britain. That's on a clear day. If the mountain mist is about you'll be lucky to see your hand in front of your face. Either way a nice out of town walk. 

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Waiting, Isle of Man TT

                      Not the queue to the pub

It's ABC on the blog circuit this week ad the letter is Z. If you look closely on the image you can see black and white stripes midway in the photo across the road. Those are where pedestrians wait to cross the road safely, and it is called a Zebra crossing. Many countries have these, nothing unique to the island, but use of varies throughout the world. A instantly recognizable image that transcends most languages. The image taken at the two week event, Isle of Man TT Road Races. This may look like the queue for a pint from the pub in the distance, The Central, but the spectators waiting on Parliament Street for the motorbike race to begin. 

Jane Hards Photography

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Ramsey Rocks, Ramsey National Week

                               Summer Nights

Next week on the Isle of Man is Ramsey National Week and the image above is from the annual festival, Ramsey Rocks which takes place down by the harbour quayside. Local bands, family fun, food stalls and  kids entertainment.  If  it rains, there is always the pub. Several pubs in fact.  Possibly the busiest night out in the town, or at least one of them.  Fingers crossed for sunshine hoping for sunshine.

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Image part of Skywatch where other skies of the world ca be seen.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Yn vooir - The waves

                     Night time photography

As it is ABC on the blog, another Manx word or saying. I thought Y might be a difficult letter, but a whole list of words appeared. yn vooir =  the waves. Night time photography, with the Nikon, crashing waves under moonlight rays. Living on an island you are never far from the sea, and midnight strolls along Queen's Promenade are the norm. 

Y words in Manx

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Red Arrows, Upside down

                          The display team

Almost every year, on Ramsey's special day (conveniently named "Ramsey Day") during the Isle of Man TT Road Races we have the UK Red Arrows display team do a flyover display. Tricks, licks, upside down spills, crossovers, leaving contrails of coloured and/or white smoke in their wake. Everybody with a camera, smart phone, video etc has the chance to get a least one shot. One of about 30 captured, where all are upside down, which is the theme today for us bloggers. 

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Jane Hards Photography


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