Sunday, March 30, 2008


As the eagle eyed will have noticed the blog is now called RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO. The content as before around the Isle Of Man, but in keeping with other blogs of this nature it's name is from my home town. This will also be the most heavily featured.

A beautiful day today, coincided with the clocks going forward yesterday. British Summer time has begun! Venture is a visiting, working boat that appears from time to time. Liked the way it was positioned in the harbour against the industrial part in the background, with the boats splash of red/orange in the foreground.


As it's sunday the buses will be off to a later start, which gave me the opportunity to photograph the the fleet before they set off. Yes that was all the buses that were leaving today, a small amount for a small island. You can see the first bus is going to Douglas via Peel which is great bus ride if you aren't in a hurry, and want to go the scenic route to Dougals. You can also see the wording is in English, but occasionally you will see locations written in Manx. Might even be both languages, with the island you never know.

Still like opinoins on yeterdays' photo, art or graffiti. So far art is ahead. Wonder what the person who painted it it the first place intended it as?

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I always stop and look at this wonderful image in Douglas. It's on a carpark wall of all places, near the Post Office, just off the promenade.It's peeling, but still quite vibrant colourwise. It's the first time I've photographed it, and I wondered how many other people actually take a long hard look themselves when they pass it.

Question is, is this art or graffit.?Technically it's graffiti, as it's painted on public property, but you have to agree, it's rather artisically executed. It's certainly brigthens up a dull grey area and that can't be a bad thing now can it?

Friday, March 28, 2008


After last night's torrential rain, it's nice to see the sun back.

Peel Harbour on a very sunny morning, with a very aqua blue sea. Not Quite the South Of France, but a beautiful day of which we haven't had many on the island for a while. Half an hour after this photo was taken the heavens opened, and the rain came. It's very hit and miss taking daily photos in the Isle of Man.

Peel is the 4th largest town, but really should be a city as it has a cathedral. For the best sunsets on the island come to Peel and if your feeling peckish try manx kippers, lovely homemade cakes, and best of all Davidsons ice cream. It is the best in the world.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Back at The point to try and catch sight of wild rabbits, longtails( we can't call them rats, it's bad luck) or the odd sandpiper but no luck. Instead a shot of another delapidated lighthouse taken through an opening, just enough to catch the light through the window.

Decided a black and white shot was needed for this subject, but kept the sunspots filtering through the window. The ray of light and the sunspots are enhanced as a monochrome along with the once whitewash walls now sadly peeling. Often these kind of decaying building benefit as a stark image without the use of colour.

Hoping to get out and about round the island, that is if it ever stops raining here. Even the birds and wildlife are in hiding.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Point Of Ayre Lighthouse

It's dry so far today, but rain is on it's way. We have a lot of rain on the island, that's why it's so green. Not good for the photographer though!

Ayers Lighthouse is situated at The Point Of Ayre, right on the beach, the North of the island.The landfill site is behind this, and out of shot. The island's rubbish is not a pretty site!

For this photo ISO 2oo as it was quite sunny, wide angle lens used, with zoom on. Took this from the ground looking up, as close to the lighthouse as I could and a low to the ground, and just shot the top. Sometimes a part of building stands out rather than the whole and makes for an interesting shot.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Looks like everyone has gone back to work. Hardly ever see Ramsey Swing Bridge empty like this. The tide is high too, as high as it can get without flooding. Great weather for ducks and not one in sight.

Used the wide angled lens for this one to capture the length of the bridge and the backdrop of the Quay road, with a further backdrop of the mist covered mountains.

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