Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last week I had the badly titled pun "duck close and personal" which could have been this one really too. Ah well never mind. So many of you were able to name the ugly duck after I asked for help last week as a Muscovy. All I knew was he just looked so weird with his bright white feathers and knobbly red beak. As Wilma put is (Mrs Nesbitts dog, no really) the duck looked like he had be playing with his mama's lipstick.

Well even I can tell you this Manx duck giving me the evil eye is a Mallard. Mallards are around the world, just this one has a Manx passport. Actually he was quite sweet. I like ducks to photograph. They just waddle towards you begging for their image to be snapped. Even better if you have a bag of bread, you can get an open beak shot, or a mad flapping group shot.

This shot was taken by the harbour under the bridge, the image yesterday. It's a crop of a cropped image. I am updating my library shots and was playing around with this duck shot as I found the whole image a little boring. Obviously that's why it's never been used. His eye caught my eye, so that's how the image came to be. Sometimes less is more with an image. Not to every one's taste but I confess to not having an image ready as I have been busy on another photographic project. Yippee it finished today though.

Thanks for the advice re those pesky emails. I've now got the junk mail filter enabled and a safe list. So that should dump the crappy ones. I don't really want to change the comments box though. I know it's more sensible to enable the censor so I can dump the rubbish before they go on, but I just don't like the idea of not letting people have their say. I will just keep an eye on it and dump the swearing ones. See how it goes.

John K. It's funny how you enjoy the ranting posts better than the nice ones. It seems you are not alone. In fact I get more feedback and requests for those kind than any other post. Sure some of you out there aren't just winding me up so I post a rant! Naughty.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008



Aha! Just when you thought it was safe I sneak in the bridge again next to the pretty skywatch shot. Kerry you have found me out. Quite right I do tend to put a black and white one on after the skywatch shot. So here we are No8 in the 100 shots of the same view series. Or in my case that most iconic of Ramsey images for me the swing bridge. Don't be surprised if I sneak the colour one in one week for skywatch when I have had too much to drink or something. No I haven't had one tonight, just in better non alcoholic spirits. Here's why.

Had quite a a laugh with a fellow blogger who emailed me their negative feedback. Seriously funny. The same time everyday he gets an email telling him how he has got well just about everything wrong and how no one reads it anyway. Then they end it with thanks for reading this email, what is the point of your blog, yours sincerely "a well wisher." Honestly it's priceless. Obviously it's his biggest fan just got a funny way of showing it. I mean he checks Craig's posts everyday and comments. Now that's dedication if somewhat misguided.

A few updates. Still no news on the "Tears of Mann," but my go to Manx Man when I can get hold of him will probably know, Adrian Cain. Still no news either on that band "Tynwald. "Again if anyone knows anything about them so I can do an update that would be great. I made a booboo. I called cushag gorse. I thought I had put ragwort but nope. Looks like I have a gorse pic called ragwort somehere on the laptop. So the unofficial flower of The Isle Of Man is still cushag, but it's ragwort, which is poisoness and leaves a nasty bitter taste and is a menace to animals. So there you go ladies and gentleman. The Isle of Man unofficial flower on the Isle of Man Government website is the cushag, ragwort a nasty poisoness plant, a menace to animals that leaves a nasty bitter taste in the mouth. Ahem! I'll stick with the Fuchsia. I'd like to name check the person who updated me, as you know I always give credit where it's due, but sadly they didn't leave their name, just a comment which I had to decipher by going to another blog.

I will be answering all the emails soon, just a little bogged down with a photo project that has to be done by tomorrow night. Many thanks for the generous comments and apologises to those that have gone missing. Blogger is on it as they say. Just email me if they don't return.

This post will magically appear as a scheduled post long after I have hit the sack. Goodnight then sweeties in bloggerland and you erm"well wishers." Yes I have my mojo back.

Friday, August 29, 2008


This image is copyrighted.

July 4th, we had this marvellous sunset. Never seen a sky like this in the 5 years I've been here.
For those who saw the previous posts you know I took a heaps of the setting sun that night over the nature reserve. Most of them I am using on a project which requires exclusivity, but this is one of the surplus I had left over. The other surplus stockI may post at sometime, unless I have alternative use for them.

For the record, no filters, photoshop or any other digital enhancements used. This was the sun setting between 10.30pm July 4th 2008. You can check other sites to see I was not the only one who got this night's sunset images, but I am one of the few who got it at the optimum moments.

Not a lot else to say tonight. Need a blog break, due to small minded people who really have nothing better to do that belittle the blog. I'll let the image do the talking instead.It has a lot more to say with such colourful vibrant language than I do tonight, and that really is a change.

Please stop by Wiggers World tonight, as the sun is setting on the blog. Thank you.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


This isn't graffiti. It's a mural by the kids of the now defunct Albert Road Junior and Infants School. The kids are moving to a new shiny building. I'll have to photograph the old soon. This is right along Parliament Street. Maybe we have some budding artists in Ramsey? What you can see? Three iconic images of Ramsey.

On the left is Albert Tower. The centre image is Queens Pier. The right image is a tram. Show anyone on the island this and they would instantly say Ramsey. I've shown you the pier already. The trams have only just come back to town, and the Tower I will do when I can hike up there. Again the blue hoarding surrounds an empty shop that has been demolished. What will be there next who knows. I kept simple shot as you see, shadow and all.

This leads me on though to a question posted by DAVID MCMAHON, AUTHORBLOG . Can you remember your first day at school.? Oh yes I can.! A detour today into the childlike world of days before I became er, me.

Nervous a kitten clinging to my mother. Remembering the nice blonde kindly lady teacher gently but frimly coaxing me from my mother into the classroom and ushering mother out the door. Coat pegs. We all had a big black coat peg where my coat with my name written inside would be hung. Tiny chairs and tables. Being so proud I could write my name in thick black pencil and nervously holding it aloft for approval. Wondering why so many did not know how to write their own name. Frowning! Recognising Peter and Jane in the books of the same name. Smiling. Oh yes I liked this school thing.

Running round and round the playground. Eating strange bland food. Yuck! Two lots of food. pudding at lunchtime? No I don't like this school food thing. The sand pit. Oh how I loved the sandpit. Not the dolls house, the bikes,the numerous other wonderment of assorted educational toys, no not for me. Making new friends. Bullies! The boy who pushed everyone, who stole the toys. The boys who took my bucket off me. The boy whose legs I threw sand at for taking my bucket. The kindly blonde lady teacher, smelt like sweets. I told her he was naughty, she put him in the corner. I smiled. He was bad. He was punished! The good were rewarded. Oh yes I liked this school thing.

The bell. Big loud pulsating bell. Scrapping chairs. Scrambling for coats. Thanking the sweet smelling teacher with the generous smile. Spotting mom, running, talking, talking, talking. Tired. I can come back. Tomorrow! Oh yes I liked this school thing.

Written staccato like. After all It was long ago. Lengthy memories fade, but snapshots remain. It was heavenly, exciting, scary and fun. It was ordered, uncomplicated. Life is seldom like that now. The good and bad are neither punished or rewarded in equal measure. Life is not black and white now, but a muddy grey. People aren't so kindly, or sweet smelling. Strangers do not become instant friends. I still like a sandpit, it's why I've gone from city to beach. I still metaphorically throw sand at the bullies in life who pinch my proverbial bucket, but instead of a teacher now it's me who fights my battles. Welcome to the unordered, complicated, scary, fun, unfair world of adulthood. No wonder I'm nuts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For Bibi, Teardrops of Mann

I have mentioned before the cushag, (gorse) being the unofficial flower of the Isle of Man. The Fuchsia though also has island links and is commonly referred to as the "Teardrops Of Mann." Not a spelling mistake you will often see it spelt like this, especially in these kind of sayings. Why they are referred to as the teardrops of Mann I don't know, I have drawn a blank. Anyone know? I can tell you they are all over the island in various forms though. There are some Fuchsia Tree lined roads and when the petals fall you do get a beautiful carpet of red or pink fallen blooms which are extremely pretty.

Just a few snippets about the pretty flower, and remember it's just for fun.

Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants, mostly shrubs and can grow long shoots, which were identified by Charles Plumier in the late-17th century, and named by Plumier in 1703 after the German botanist Leonhart Fuchs (1501–1566).[1] The English vernacular name Fuchsia is the same as the scientific name.

While the original pronunciation from the word's German origin is "fook-sya" /ˈfʊksja/, most English speakers tend to say "fyew'sha" fjuːʃə/. As a result, the word is often subjected to misspellings such as "fushcia" or "fuschia". In English, the other accepted pronunciation is "fyewk'see-ah", which is somewhat truer to the word's origin.

Among horticultural writers the fuchsia is jocularly referred to as "the world's most carefully spelled flower," a label which was apparently first given to it by Jimmy Barnes.

Leonhart Fuchs was born in 1501. He occupied the chair of Medicine at the Tübingen University from the age of 34 until his death, on the 10th May 1566. Besides his medical knowledge, according to his record of activities which was extensive for the time, he studied plants. This was natural, for most of the remedies of the time were herbal and the two subjects were often inseparable. In the course of his career Fuchs wrote De Historia Stirpium, which was published in 1542. In honour of Fuchs' work the fuchsia received its name shortly before 1703 by Charles Plumier

The image is a stock photo of mine, a library shot, basically camera practise just before I went out to shoot the TT Motorbike Races. Before sport events I always try the camera out, for speed, white balance, and lighting conditions. This is a completely natural shot. As you can see I decided not to crop or clone the branch out of the top left corner or tidy the image up so to speak or tone down the colours. A natural shot should be that, warts and all.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A couple of week ago I posted the back view of Gladstone Park at a distance. This is the close up view of one of the main buildings. The bird flying is an optional accessory, but it has been pointed out they frequently play a cameo role in my images even when they are not the main subject, I thought I would continue the trend. I digress. Back to Gladstone Park.

Despite the vandalised window and the spot of damp it's a buildings that's still in use. In fact the Industrial Park houses business as diverse as the Post Office Depot, to Chrystals Auction Rooms.
It's a real Art Deco kind of building and I for one want to see it remain here. I posted a similar article before about what is too happen to this place and rumours are still rife. Everything from demolishing the park and building a new Tescos to a new Housing Estate. I did have some feedback from a few people who are not in the know but "know a man who is" but the rumour mill is still grinding. The most frustrating thing is now is I am coming straight back to my own blog when I try and search any info on Gladstone Park. Does that happen to you when you research your own town?

So does anyone at all know anything about the future of Gladstone Park? One for Island Residents.

One for Google Earth Feejit. Hello I do not live in, Douglas, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. I live in Ramsey, Isle of Man. We deserve you to place us accordingly please. It's very confusing for readers who are new. It's hard enough explaining where the Isle Of Man is but, to uproot us to Scotland is just not on.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Is this the ultimate perhaps in recycling? I mean talk about cutting out the middle man. Literally going to the root cause or source of green issues depending upon your viewpoint. Perhaps it's the font of all knowledge when it comes too... No no more puns.

Odd though it certainly is. Again it's my beloved Poyll Dooey Nature Reserve, Ramsey where the odd shot sofa was. For those who didn't see it there really was an abandoned chair from a three piece suite in the woods. What to make of this though? It's quite high up about 8ft and there is no way to climb up the trunk it's too wide. No helpful branches either to step on. It certainly wasn't blown there by the wind. It's been placed on the branch. Can't say I ever see anyone reading the Racing Post in Ramsey either. So a real mystery then.

So is this a kiddie prank or a drunken jape? If it is can you just leave a comment on the blog telling me when and how you did this. Obviously I know when I took this and only the people responsible will be able to pinpoint the date and actual position. So don't bother with the wrong answers. Or just email me if you want.

I don't know. What with martian footprints , giant hand signs, purple houses, 3 legged flag symbols and Manx fairies and wild wallabies this place is becoming more Alice in Wonderland everyday. It wouldn't surprise me if I came across a white rabbit with a pocket watch shouting how late he was for his Tea Party in the Poyll Dooey next.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Flamming June was a flamming cold, it was not Hotter than July and August has been just plain Awful. Welcome to the world of the Great British Summer! So only one type of critter I could post today to go along with all the rain, the one creature as they say it's nice weather for is a duck.

Now what duck this is I couldn't tell you. Anyone out there in Blogland know, throw the answer this way. Do you like his quiff? Along with his bright face his head feathers brushed back really drew me to him. I think he was all spruced for his this little duckette girlfriend, which is why I was able to snap him. Poor thing she never did turn up.

I wasn't a close to the duck as it looks. For this shot I had what's called a telescopic lens. Not as scary as it sounds. It's a longer fatter lens as opposed to the shorter slimmer wide angle or portrait lens. To get the blurred out of focus background, and the focus on the foreground in this case the duck it's dead simple. Just turn the zoom on full, and focus on whichever part of the image you want as the main subject, in this case the duck. The light was really poor so I had the ISO on 600 which is not ideal. The higher the ISO the less definition you get, but you can compensate with practise by honing in as sharp as you can on the focal point, your subject. Again it's a manual shot. Auto would have just bleached the white feathers into a block of colour due to the poor light, and the background would be too dark, not allowing the duck to pop out of the image.

So was that info of any use or was it as clear as mud? Just trying not get too technical, but impart the know how as simplistically as I can.

For more wonderful camera critters see MISTY DAWN Camera critters.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


As my skywatch photo yesterday was just so picturesque, a real postcard type image I thought I
needed to redress the balance a little. So who's for a spot of realism?Nature reserves are all very well but we need the guts of the town in some shots too.

This is one of many building along Parliament Street, Ramsey that is currently up for sale. Parliament Street is the main high street of Ramsey, where the majority of shops, pubs banks etc are. This is the top half. The underneath is presently a second hand shop which seems to be permanently closed, although there are goods for sale inside. It's been on the market now for quite a few months. A you can see this is what you would call Prime Real Estate. It's central for starters. It has double fronted windows and as you can see by the upper level alone tons of space. I mean this is prime for a flat conversion and retail outlet underneath. So any budding business types out there, forget Douglas, come to Ramsey. If you could make it an Italian restaurant that would be perfect. Cheers.

This shot was a nightmare to take. I was on the other side of road, dodging the cars and vans that kept getting in the way. I also had the wide angled lens on which is really for landscapes so I was a bit to close in. If you find yourself in this position, never shoot straight onto the building. always shoot at an angle, keeping the bottom part as your line. If you lean back you get the nice slope of the roof too. By the way have you noticed those row of lights? Yes they are Christmas lights, they just never take them down. Don't ask. I've clueless myself.

Do you have building like this in your town?

Oh one more thing. The motorbikes are back. Yippe! The Manx Grand Prix is upon us so be warned I feel some bikes shot coming up. Now they really are pretty!

Friday, August 22, 2008



I was at a loss this week what image to post. Let me explain. I've had a run of creative skywatch images and tried to explain to those that ask how I take the images. By this I mean, the camera setting, the lighting conditions time of day, low high shot, what lens, focal point etc. I was basically trying to convey how to get the best out of often not picturesque surrounding under some very poor conditions and limited subject matter. I did this in response to the emails I received and thought it would be easier to back up the written explanation with an image as an example. Mostly the feedback was positive, but strangely some wrongly assumed I was just being a smartypants(not quite the words used) and just showing off.

That was never the intention. I was simply responding to questions asked and trying to convey how to get the best out of your camera whether that be a point and shoot, no frills or your top of the range all singing all dancing camera.

So this week I have simply shot a straightforward reflection shot. Again for those that like to know this stuff it was a manual setting, 2pm, good light. F4, ISO 200. No tripod used. Practise just gently coaxing the button to shoot rather than push down. This stops the jerking motion that often makes the image tip to one side rather than get the straight line you originally shoot. No alterations, just resized from a large 4MB file to a manageable 75kb for the blog.

A couple of other things. I'm considering putting a live feed on the blog, not to spy on people, so please don't feel obliged to comment if you drop by. It's strickly business stats. Would everyone be ok with this? The other is if anyone at all, has a problem with me can they email me. Please do not leave inappropriate comments on other peoples blogs. It's very rude and personally offensive. I never leave any negative feedback it's not my style, so please be courteous and contact me if you have anything to say. It's very cowardly to do it on other peoples blogs and yes they always alert me to it.

I know I have a weird sense of humour and I engage in some healthy joshing with some like minded bloggers out there. I don't have a poker face and my moods do dictate what and how I write, the good the bad, the ugly and the plain old funny. Now let's get on with the job in hand.
Skywatch. It's only a photograph afterall.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Click to enlarge.

I have often said it's difficult for me to photograph people here. You have to appreciate that if I were to photograph someone at random, the chances are they could be neighbours, friends, acquaintances, basically no one here is a stranger. Someone will know someone eventually. Comments I make could be misconstrued as my humour is a little out there. This is usually why I stick to tourists to capture who always seem quite comfortable straying into the world of RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO . So why the change of policy today?

Yet again one the CDP bloggers has fallen foul of the local council in his area and asked to refrain from taking and in fact the photos have been banned. For the full story please go CURLY to where you can add your thoughts.

This image has been on the laptop for a while gathering dust. I cropped and desaturated it just to emphasise the tourist bikers on the right, with the local girls of Ramsey on the left as you look at the picture.) I just thought it was a comical image but have been reluctant to use it for so many reasons.

So what do you think about photographing strangers?

Ah yesterday, the image. Yes some of you got it. It was the laptop screen. The song Yesterday was playing and those were the graphics that were swirling around to it with windows media. Simple as that. It has been raining this week I had to improvise.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What on earth is this.?Experimental, definitely. Enthralling, to me yes. Enchanting, subjective. Easy on the Eye, no.

An Enigma then. Have you got it yet? Want some clues.

What I will I tell you.

It is a photograph.
It is unaltered with any software.
It is cropped from 3.3 MB to 54 kb( blog size)
It was taken in Ramsey
It is an indoor shot.
It is musical
It is Yesterday

Read it properly, you are right there appears to a mistake. It's not it's a statment of fact.

Remember I only take images of what I see. I may be creative with the angle, compostition and perspective. I may take low, high under over shots. I shot this straight to camera, no flash, long exposure, hand held. I was basically experimenting and this was the result.

Know what it is yet.? I bet some of you may even have done this yourself?

Well I could wax lyrical all day, but I'll let it be and pass it over to you

What did I photograph.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The image today is strictly for me. Purely selfish I know, but Ramsey has been under torrential rainfall for over a week now. Just wanted to remind myself what a blue sky day looked like. Ooh look it looks like that (insert your own adjective) image above. I know it could have a contender, you know a waterfront image for skywatch, but well my needs to see a touristy image today are greater.

The Sulby River as we have mentioned before is one of those lovely viking names they left their mark with on the island. I know this upsets a few Manxies out there, but you know some you of you are viking stock you can't deny it. Anyway the Sulby. It's the largest river in the Isle Of Man. Starting at the hills of Tholt y will, through, Sulby Glen and Village, through deep and shallow, pooling into waterfalls, past Lezayre, Ramsey, into the harbour, and into the Irish sea.
It's apparently good for salmon fishing when it's been as wet as this. Well yippe for those fisherman but bad news for me. My walkway down by the riverbanks is under water at the moment.

Teckie bit.

Wide angled lens, zoom full
ISO 200

Ah wasn't that nice! So for posting such a pretty, yummy shot of Ramsey with sensible(almost) writing you do know I will have to post an ugly Ramsey pic soon. All in the name of balance of course.

Monday, August 18, 2008


When in doubt get the birdies out!

This is one of those mad little birdies who fly into our patio window, who I sit with, or they sit on me until they are well and fly off. Not happened for a while though. This is one from the series I shot earlier in the year. Again something else was planned for odd shots, but I got a little sidetracked with the bird shots and well can't resist these cuties.

Here's the birdy science thingy stuff. I

The Eurasian Siskin, or just European Siskin in Europe, Carduelis spinus, is a small passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae. The siskin is also known as the aberdevine in Europe.

This bird breeds across northern temperate Europe and into Russia. There is a separate population in eastern Asia. It is partially resident, but the northern breeders migrate further south in Europe in the winter. The eastern Asian birds winter in China or further south. In some years there are large eruptions into the wintering range, when the preferred food of alder or birch seed fails. This species will form large flocks outside the breeding season, often mixed with redpolls.

Coniferous woodland, especially Spruce, is favoured for breeding. It builds its nest in a tree, laying 2-6 eggs. The British range of this once local breeder has expanded greatly due to commercial conifer plantations.

The food is mainly seeds, as above, and, in the breeding season, insects. This small siskin is an acrobatic feeder, often hanging upside-down like a tit. It will visit garden bird feeding stations.

The Siskin is a small short-tailed bird, 11.5-12cm in length. The upper parts are greyish green and the under parts grey-streaked white. Its wings are black with a conspicuous yellow wing bar, and the tail is black with yellow sides. The male has a mainly yellow face and breast, with a neat black cap. Female and young birds have a greyish green head and no cap. The song of this bird is a pleasant mix of twitters and trills.

There is a similar and closely related North America counterpart, the Pine Siskin, Carduelis pinus.

This again was a one handed shot with a portrait lens on a portrait setting. Not as close in as a macro lens, but perfect when you only have on free hand and a siskin has laid claim to another. No I am not a manx witch, one of the Manx Fairy folk or have any other magical bird attracting powers. No the bird didn't poop, but his tiny claws did tickle a bit. Oh he also said can we call him George, not just the siskin. Ok George.

Please if you have no sense of the absurd, humour or think photography is just about who can say the cleverest comment, step away from the blog. George said that not me!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I posted the black and white version of this image. Blue and purple light on the monochrome image are quite pronounced as a stream of white light. This is the image as shot. For the monochrome I simply used photoshop "desaturate" to strip the colours from the image. Again it's just been re sized for the blog. You will notice I shoot a lot over, near, by or onto water. It's because it's so reflective and can really enhance tones and hues. The colours are reflections from the harbour boatyard. Also shooting towards the sun helped to elongate the magenta light onto the gravel.

These two swans were again a fortuitous shot. I had been snapping away at one of the elusive cormorants. It just wasn't happening. Cormorants are shorebirds with dark feathers, almost black, but on closer inspection you see green, blue and purple when the light hits. Very poor light and basically the wrong lens for the distance meant time call it a day. I Always take the opportunity to take a few spontaneous shots on these days. I had noted the swans were about to pass near to the better light, the reflection, and as they are white knew they would make up for the cormorant. The magenta light onto the gravel I like purely as it's unbalanced for the shot. Again I could of cropped just for the swans, but personally I'm just a sucker for purple.

As some people really don't get my humour I have gone for a very straightforward post with a smattering of photography tips, without the patronising tone of you could never take this shot. On the contrary. It demonstrates that there are some days when you just can't get the shot you want, but if you improvise, know one will ever know. Well not unless you're me and you shoot and tell.

For more camera critters see MISTY DAWN Camera critters.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO my blog under the guise of Babooshka

I am a photographer, and I er take photographs
I upload some of my personal ones for your visual pleasure
I pass on practical photography advise and unravel a few photographic myths and mysteries
I try to encourage others, at whatever level, with any suggestions at their request only
I only leave positive feedback. Why be negative?(see above point)
I keep my writing light, whimsical, informative and more importantly my style as I speak naturally.
I try to convey Ramsey, warts and all honestly. Mainly it's marvellous, with a smidgen of room for improvement.
I try to show the Isle of Man is more than, bikes, cats, and the Finance Industry.
I am not a journalist, historian, teacher, or litter monitor, just a resident photographer of Ramsey, Isle of Man.
My name is Babooshka, and I have a confession to make. I am a blogger.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, questions, suggestions for posts, inquiries etc. To the majority out there who understand that I have fabulous sense of humour but none when it comes to litterbugs thanks for joining in the banter, answering trivial or important questions I pose, for joining in the word games. For the many awards, some I will be collecting soon, again thank you. I will pass them on wisely. For understanding that you may not always get my best high res, large file photography, (because I have to sell that) but you will always get something interesting, challenging or one of my soapbox rants about wildlife or litter pics. For understanding that I live in one of the smallest places of the Daily City Photos, so I have a minuscule amount to photograph compared to the luxury of a huge city. At least it makes you far more creative, and has opened my eyes up to my own town. I've made some amazing discoveries and I hope to make many more. Are you still in for the roller coaster ride?

Not the post I planned at all or the image. Rocks of Ramsey Beach taken randomly, practise shot for white balance. That's it for the shot today.

I am going to say this once. I do not have moderation on my comments because I believe in Free Speech. I upload images and write a few words daily in connection with Ramsey as part of the Daily City Photo. I am not better or no worse than any other blogger. It is not a competition.
Either support each other or the system fails, and we let the negative individuals win.

No need to comment on the text today. I've had all the support from you before. Just tell me why you blog instead? My ego can share the bloglite, unlike others.

Alernatively just make me laugh, this is all too serious. Pesky people out there irking me!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Yes that is sunlight. Nothing complicated at all about the shot. Have all your setting on for the sunniest day, fooling the camera, which will compensate by underplaying the light needed therefore you get this night time in wonderful Ramsey feel.

I did have another shot prepared but then why should a shot be prepared for skywatch? Isn't skywatch all about just taking the sky on the spur of the moment to share and say, hey, this is my beautiful, dreary, sunny, rainy blue, grey sky today. Just a thought! You know I think too much!

I took this literally along the road we live. Firstly I saw the oil droplets and the prism colours thrown out by the sunlight, next the adjacent cloud. Rain or wet surfaces can actually be a bonus for the photographer( by that I mean the person holding the camera, professional and non professional.) Anything photographed over by or near water automatically becomes reflective or textured. Note the wetter parts of the path and road have the most tonal value. Finally it was just noticing that chip in the kerb/sidewalk and how the puddle hadn't risen above it. The oddest part of all for me with the downpour we'd had.

Now I know a lot of people would have cloned the chipped kerb back in, cropped it slightly, and boosted the prism colours but to me there is no need. It's just the sunlight, cloud and sky
in a puddle. Why make it complex, it's odd enough as it it and real. What's wrong with realism in a shot. It's a blog, not a tourist guide. Saying that if the I.O.M Tourist Board want some excellent pretty, pretty shots of Ramsey, you know where to come, but you still pay the going rate.

"We are all in the gutter, some of us are just looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

Some of us also have a double ear infection which is really annoying them this week, but I can most definitely see those stars! I have nothing to declare but my (photographic) genius!

Today if you leave a comment my challenge to you is not to use these words, the most over used words when describing a photograph. Go on you can do it, be brave.


Also go to this link BARKER BITES BACK! and do the same.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008




So can you see the longtail? Think it might help to enlarge the image? Afraid not! Why is that then Babooshka? It's because there are no longtails in the image. They are probably scurrying under foot and over the bridge, following the Pied Piper! You think Babooshka has her fairy tales mixed up don't you? Well not if you live on the Isle of Man!

Longtails are better known as Rats. One of the first things you learn when you move here is do not say the word Rat or Rats out loud. There are other words, but this is today's mad one.

Straight from Wiki. Read on.

On the Isle of Man, longtail is a euphemism to describe a rat, as a relatively modern superstition has arisen that it is considered bad luck to mention this word. The origins of this superstition date to sea-taboos, where certain words and practices were not allowed to be mentioned aboard ship, for fear of attracting bad luck (or worse, bad weather).

Although this particular sea-taboo was one amongst many and didn't apply on land, it has become a popular modern myth that the word is somehow "unlucky" and has been adopted by some as a typical Manx practice, despite the fact that the old Manx had no qualms in using the word, or its Manx gaelic version "roddan". In modern times, even non-local and non-superstitious people will refrain from using the "r" word in an effort to fit in with those who take it seriously, or may adopt the superstition in an attempt to become more "folksy".

Local, and socially acceptable alternatives for the superstitious also include joey, ringie, queerfella, iron fella and roddan (a Manx word).

Until I moved to the island I used to say the R. word. Not anymore. I have seen 3 since I moved here( which I have called all Basil!) but none when I lived on mainland Great Britain. Newcomers to the island can often be found laughing at the cheeky squirrel they nickname stumpy as they think it's lost it's tail. Not so. We have no squirrels on the island, just cheeky longtails.

Is there anything in your town that you can't say due to superstition?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008




My choice for the letter D this week is simply Dusk. I'm also using this image as part of my other challenge some of you are aware of. Simply to photograph one item, a 100 different ways. This then is number 7 in the series. It 's the Top of Ramsey Swing Bridge again, photographed at dusk. It does look like a scene out of Hitchcock's The Birds doesn't it. The birds are optional in the challenge and not compulsory. Just as well as they aren't stationary objects . The girders and metal framework are as you've seen in previous shots cream and red, but obviously at dusk colours change and shadows cast. Gives the metalwork the darker hues.

I've just noticed the diamond shapes in the framework so an extra D then.

Can I again state my images do not have things super imposed on them, or manipulated, unless otherwise stated, ie cropped or re szied for the blog. They are also copyrighted. If you want to use them ask or pay. As you can see really not in the best frame( no pun intended) of mind tonight. Jolly bloggy will be back another day.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This little archway is situated on the stretch of beach between the towns of Ramsey and Maughold. If you continue the walk towards the right side of the image, tide out you can walk round the sweeping bay, over rock pools to Maughold Beach.

It can only be accessed when the tide is out, so visitors to the town could miss this, a lot of locals do, but it's worth the short walk out. If you follow the stream inland it leads back to the main road leading down into Ramsey Town Centre. No groovy signs to point the way here though like yesterdays post! Along the way you'll pass an array of wild birds, frogs, toads and if you're lucky the odd rabbit. So far I have not been lucky enough to snap a rabbit, well not here anyway. It's perfect for photographers, just wait a while and wildlife will come to you and hang around long enough for you to start snapping.

Just after I shot this image the tide ebbed it's way in and I had to walk briskly to get to Ramsey Pier. I think it was worth crossing the stream and getting wet boots to shoot though. Speaking of my funky blue suede walking boots they are poorly and need of repair. They are my old faithfuls, really funky and with my skinny black jeans and do make me look like a fly stuck in ointment. Yeah, but I can walk through anything in them. Even the ensuing tide.

By the way I would like to say how clever I was to snap the dog owner in one arch and the dog in another but not so. Serendipity again, they just happened by that way as I snapped. No on second thoughts, I am such a photographic genius I spotted them and composed the juxtaposed dog and walker in each dividing frame. Honest!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ramsey, is just plain weird. Last week my odd shot was a footprint from a series of footprints that guide you part way round the town. Well across the road from those footprints was this oddity. What do you make of this?

Sadly it's recently been taken down. I took the shot before it was removed, again just documenting the town for posterity. How odd is it though? If you come into town by bus, right across the road from the bus station was this enormous sign on a slopping tree, pointing straight into town. So no need to approach a local. Look up ( you really couldn't miss it) and follow the pointed finger, and then follow the footprints. How simple is that! Irony is, Ramsey is so small, you actually don't need this rather threatening giant hand with the finely manicured nails
(gender indiscriminate) pointing out the direction, the place is too small to get lost.

Please, please put this sign back. I love it. It's just so quirky like the bright green footprints, the shocking purple house, and the swinging bridge. These are the oddities that makes Ramsey, well Ramsey. These are what make this town, from this funny little island unique.

What then in your town distinguishes it from any other place?

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Sunday, August 10, 2008



This is a house sparrow chewing a fly for his lunch. It was odd for me to snap a garden bird along the beach, but perhaps not so now with this particular bird anymore. The poor house sparrow used to be the commonest garden bird in the UK. Every garden had dozens of these friendly little birds, not so now. So why has the bird declined in numbers?

Modern living. I could elaborate and do a weeks worth of blogs in one post, but to put it in a nutshell that's it. What though do I mean by modern living?

Modern housing estates. It's all very well building nice shiny little boxes to live in, but please plant some hedgerows with them. These cute little birds thrive amongst the hedgerows. No hedgerows, no sparrows.

Off road car parking. Again a great idea, but birds don't live on a pile of concrete. Would it hurt to surround car parking areas with a little greenery for nesting birds.

Less gardens. Again birds don't live on gravel drives.

Too tidy gardens. Mow your lawn by all means, trim your hedges too, but don't obliterate the foliage. Keep it neat, but keep it.

Birds don't live in apartment blocks. Renovate existing building, not throw up new faceless ones. Birds love eaves. Where have all the eaves gone?

Save parks and and Nature Reserves! For all of us really. We really don't need another empty office block or supermarket buying land they will flatten and never use, just to stop a competitor buying it. Sparrows need green areas, hedgerows, trees and grass. In fact don't we need those too. Sure you dog that needs walking or your children kicking a ball would agree!

My garden has the house sparrow as a visitor. We too live in a modern house, but we have a garden, full of nuts, seeds and water. A tree to hide from sparrowhawks. Space under the guttering to nest.

Too find a humble house sparrow, scavenging for food along the beach, competing with the more adept shorebirds just wasn't right. We share this planet, we don't own it.

For more camera critters see MISTY DAWN Camera critters.

Saturday, August 09, 2008



Ramsey Swing Bridge No 6( I am not a number I am a free bridge! Apologises to fans of the prisoner, including me. Babooshka is feeling like No 6 today!)

For those that don't know Blah, Blah!, photographing the Bridge 1OO times. Don't ask why or see an earlier post. I live in Ramsey, it's something to do. I have cabin fever living on an island. Someone said I couldn't show so many different views. Anyway, Here we go again. Same bridge, but here's the (yawn) reason it's called the Swing Bridge, it er swings out to allow boats and ships with taller masts to pass through the harbour. No way dude! How cool is that. Exciting isn't it. SCHWING! I seriously need a break if I am quoting Wayne's World.

Oh yes some really interesting photo stuff. As jennifer Aniston would say, here's the Science bit. Manual setting again, wide angled lens, F4, ISO 200. Um let me see anything else. I shoot all images in Raw, Big files, and convert to Tif or jpeg later and re size. Oh I'm bored with all the technical stuff, but I did promise I'd do this more often. Oh yes I cropped a smidgen of the bottom of the pic for balance, otherwise no sharpening, brightening or colour change. Best tip, think before you alter colours. Over saturated images loose, shadows and detail. Leave natural when you can. Can I stop now?

Re yesterday's funky, groovy psychedelic skywatch pic( see post below.) Why you should never shoot into the sun with a naked lens. One you can damage the lens and secondly, more importantly your eyesight. Told you it was a naughty shot, and that was why.

So what little gem of a tip would you like to pass on photography wise that you have discovered?

Friday, August 08, 2008


Is it Friday already. Well no actually it's still Thursday and this is a timed post. I no longer trust Blogger with the week I've had!

Oh yes, the pic. Do not try this at home, I am serious! This was very naughty of me. Breaking golden rules of photography with the one. I am too rebellious though, and the scene just begged to be taken. Do not point your naked lens at the sun!!!!!!!!

Wandering round Poyll Dooey Nature Reserve I found a nice bench, under this the tree in the pic to sit and change the lens. When I looked up the sun was so bright overhead that I thought I would get a way with one shot. The rest were taken with the sun not as exposed and streaming through the leaves. A very quick manual shot with a wide angled lens, ISO 200 to keep the blue sky blue and capture the white flash. I angled the camera against the leaves to create the sunflares. You will notice looking back over my images I like sunflares and try and catch the light to create them whenever I can. If I had used the auto setting this image would not have been as vibrant, and the sky would have been bleached. Have a go with manual setting when you can. Have confidence, you really do get finer, sharper hues and lines and it will train your eye on focusing, and perspective. Honest!

More bridge shots in the IOO series to come( the same photographed IOO different ways) and more Mutiny on The Bounty Isle of Man connections.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Ramsey Swing Bridge No 5. ( sounds a bit like a dodgy perfume)

Fletcher Christian. Now there's name synonymous with all things mutinous and apparently Manx, that is the Isle of Man. Ooh er. How exciting!

Fletcher Christian was born In Cumberland in England, however he was related to The Christians of Miltown Ramsey. So explodes the first myth he was a Manxman. Afraid not. His family though did at one time including the man himself seek refuge in Ramsey to escape bad debts in England though.

As we all know Fletcher Christian( Marlon Brando to me) instigated the Mutiny on the Bounty (more Isle of Man/Bounty links for another time) settled with a load of mutineers on the Isle of Pitcairn(many Manxmen amongst them) and then it all gets a bit Hazy. In other words here starts the myth and fact nightmare.

John Adams the last surviving mutineer gave several accounts of Fletcher's whereabouts, changing his story several times. Firstly Fletcher had committed suicide. Secondly he was killed by Pitcairn natives, and thirdly he escaped back to England, an onto the the Isle of Man.

The poet Wordsworth was distantly related to Fletcher Christian by marriage. It is rumoured that Wordsworth and Christian met in Bristol and Fletcher recounted details of the mutiny to him. Subsequently the Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner was written and rumour has it, the Ancient Mariner was Christian himself, as it bore uncanny details to certain events of the mutiny and time after that were never for public consumption.

The date or place of Christian's death is still unknown. No remains have ever been found. Could he in fact of died on the island, with his Miltown Ramsey relatives? Who knows, but it's a great tale either way.

Just remember this blog is a bit of fun. So please think about your comments. Don't get all po faced. I'm not an historian, it's all whimsical Isle of Man related stuff, with some photography thrown in. Ok!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Enough C's for you .

Celebrity Cartoon, By Celebrity, Cartoonist/Caricaturist and my Cohabitor

No, Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice isn't in Ramsey, but she has been lying on my living room floor for the last few hours. Figuratively speaking that is, on paper. Gary is now doing David Beckham as I type this up. It was quite interesting watching her taking shape. What starts as a rough sketch of disjointed lines, a puzzle you can't fathom suddenly takes shape when the inner eyes are drawn, the pout, those sucked in cheeks or the flick of the hair.

What's really exciting though is seeing the Political cartoons take shape. Being privy to an editorial cartoon lampooning the Government for the BBC. Not being able to tell anyone what Gary is working on until it appears , knowing the controversy they will cause. Believe me photography is easy compared to this line of work, as many of you artisits out there will know.

So that's my C, a bevy of them. Thanks to NEW YORK, MING and his Serendipity post for giving me the idea for today's post.

Check these links for more of Gary's work. Please tell him to tidy his workstation up too, namely my floor. I need to hoover again and I wouldn't want David Beckham to me sucked up into the Dyson.


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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Ramsey Swing Bridge - Red White And Blue- No 4

Is anyone else having trouble with uploading images tonight.

Can you leave a comment to say if you are seeing an image. Thanks.

A you know I was challenged to show a hundred different and varied photographs of one thing. The Subject being the Ramsey Swing Bridge. So this is, if you can see it that is, be No4 on the hit list. It's a section of the main archway looking up through the girders. Fortunately the sky was a vivid blue and the Bridge is Red and Cream, but in this light it's taken on a white tone, hence the title.

Again this was taken with the little handheld no frill olympus. I cropped an unnecessary layer of sky from the top that was just to distracting. Apart from that it's a pretty straightforward image, but again focusing on a different area of the bridge to the previous bridge shots under healthier weather conditions. A I have already said as well just to show that you don't need to swamp colours or sharpen with digital software when using a snapshot camera, just point shoot and trust your judgement.

Have you tried shooting the same image then again and again, without using any enhancements?
It's good practise and can really help hone your skills. Try it you'll like it.

I am not a happy bunny tonight. Blogger is annoying me big time!

PS. Blogger now fixed, hoefully so republished this post at 11.50am GMT time.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Ok, you got me. It's not to my knowledge a Martian, or any other kind of visiting alien footprint, but is a little bit of an X File. I noticed these footprints when we first came to Ramsey. Wherever you wander around the central town streets you come across these strange painted footprints with the little Chad type figure on. They only go in one direction though, which is odd in itself. A bit like Ikea when you get shunted in one direction from start to finish, and can't deviate. If you follow them you will actually do a circuit of the town. Useful then perhaps if you're a visitor. Tried to find out how old they are, but most people don't notice them anymore or think I'm weird for asking. Imagine the looks I got taking this! I hope you like the chewing gum decoration, not me, but probably the litterbug who I berated on my blog before.

Does anyone else have anything like these cute footprints in their part of the world?

The next bridge shot in the IOO shots series is tomorrow. By the way the footprint, Saturday's bridge shot, and Fridays metal theme/skywatch shot were taken with my handheld tiny Olympus. No fancy lenses, no zoom, no filters, on a sun setting. I do take most of photos on my Nikon D50(and even I want a better camera now) with a number of lenses, but I just wanted to encourage all those that only have a small point and shoot, great shots can still be taken. After all it's you that composes and times the shot, not the camera.

No footprints or aliens were hurt in the making of this post.

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I know it's a really bad pun but I couldn't resist it.

Ramsey Harbour, Birds File 5

Having a sort out of the photos and came across this one hiding amongst Birds file 5. As it's been a pretty bad week for birds and animals around Ramsey, and atrocious weather, I went for a reliable image. I like these kind of shots. Best left as they were taken. As you can see it was grey light day but his dramatic entrance really livened things up . To the person who commented "do I always have a camera with me," in the main yes, and this kind of shot is why. You can't plan these they just happen and are best left as taken.

I'm still looking for the escaped wallaby from the wildlife park, but no luck. It could be a myth of course but apparently there have been some reliable sighting. No seriously, there is an escaped wallaby roaming the hills outside Ramsey. Possibly with the Loch Ness Monster, a flying pig and a pink elephant entering the local pub. Sounds like a bad joke!

For more camera critters see MISTY DAWN Camera critters.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Following on from the metal theme - Ramsey Swing Bridge, Ramsey Harbour.

Yesterday was theme name. The theme for those you didn't see it was interpretations of metal around the world. I said in yesterdays post that I took about a hundred images of the bridge. I received a rather strange email saying that it wasn't possible to take so many different images of such a small bridge, and perhaps could I prove it. Oh dear, this person doesn't know me well do they? Obviously haven't seen the blog before!

So, start counting Joe, this is No. 2. As you can see if you compare it to yesterdays shot, it's a very different image. Obviously it's B&W which is the first difference. It's a section of the top of the bridge, not the whole. It's the curve of the arch looking up from the bridge pathway, the pedestrian walkway, nearest to the quayside road side.

So will I rise to this challenge. Well normally I wouldn't post two consecutive images of the same place , but I made an exception today. Tomorrow of course it's critters day, so cute animal or bird will be posted. Stay tuned though for the other 98 bridge shots. Do you think I can do it?

Question is, do you photograph the same image with varying results and why?


I hadn't realised until yesterday that today was not only the usual Friday Skywatch, but also August Theme Day - Metal. Doh! So I decided to combine the two with this one from a dawn shoot of Ramsey Swing Bridge. I take hundreds of images a week of this transporter bridge, and every time it's different. In fact my intitial post was a full length shot of the bridge on a very, very dull day. It did have the backdrop of the mountains though.

Today is Daily City Photo Bloggers' Theme Day: Metal

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