Thursday, August 21, 2008


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I have often said it's difficult for me to photograph people here. You have to appreciate that if I were to photograph someone at random, the chances are they could be neighbours, friends, acquaintances, basically no one here is a stranger. Someone will know someone eventually. Comments I make could be misconstrued as my humour is a little out there. This is usually why I stick to tourists to capture who always seem quite comfortable straying into the world of RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO . So why the change of policy today?

Yet again one the CDP bloggers has fallen foul of the local council in his area and asked to refrain from taking and in fact the photos have been banned. For the full story please go CURLY to where you can add your thoughts.

This image has been on the laptop for a while gathering dust. I cropped and desaturated it just to emphasise the tourist bikers on the right, with the local girls of Ramsey on the left as you look at the picture.) I just thought it was a comical image but have been reluctant to use it for so many reasons.

So what do you think about photographing strangers?

Ah yesterday, the image. Yes some of you got it. It was the laptop screen. The song Yesterday was playing and those were the graphics that were swirling around to it with windows media. Simple as that. It has been raining this week I had to improvise.


Jane Hards Photography said...

Blogger is at it again. Trying to enable my links. Where they have gone who knows. Time for bed now though.

Virginia said...

Dang, I thought about that but hey, I didn;t offer it as a suggestion. I was stuck on records for pete's sake.
As far as Curly and his situation, I fired off an email to his mayor and shared my concerns. I am appalled that they would censor someone who is trying to promote the city with postive photographs and comments. CDP folks are providing free PR for every town they represent. Is his city going to ban the tourists from taking pictures as well? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Keep on, keeping on. Neat panorama.

Tash said...

I like the shot - for some reason it has a nostalgic feel to it. I like the contrast between the girls in summer clothes vs. the fully decked out, helmeted bikers - seems like the street is the great divide btw 2 worlds. I'm not comfortable photographing strangers (thus I hardly post people photos & just yesterday I missed out on photos of 3 urban cowboys hanging around & a young couples' touching parting) - mainly from fear of upsetting someone.

* berzy * said...

Enjoyed your photos.

Hoping to visit your place one day.


stromsjo said...

Funny really. As a tourist I always like to think that I blend in, just being part of the local crowd. But I never succeed of course.

chrome3d said...

I think it´s okay to photograph strangers in public if they are small and not identifiable in the photo. There is this blog called bum bum blog and there is only butts of strangers. I think those are okay as you can´t tell whose butt it is.

Olivier said...

il y a plus de motards que de touristes dans ta ville ;o).
J'aime toujours autant ta vision en b&w

there are more bikers than tourists in your town ;o).
I always provided your vision in b&w

Kyanite said...

I was so transfixed with your E image I forgot to comment, but I wouldn't have guessed right.

Re photographing strangers I find it differcult, as had some bad reactions so now ask but that always ruins the image I wanted to capture.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Public events like the one depicted above are always likely to be photographed and I wouldn't have thought anyone would object [even if they could]

I'm a bit disappointed that yesterdays puzzle wasn't something more interesting than computer graphics but what the eck.

Profile Not Available said...

Great shot to illustrate the point of your post today!

Middle Ditch said...

I haven't been here for a while and enjoyed myself tremendously just browsing your blog.

Did that poor siskin survive?

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with you photographing me so long as it's my good side.

Brilliant Ramsey blog. I think I see you taking photos sometimes.It must be you. No one else takes pictures of trollies.

All the best


Lisa Wilson said...

I feel weird photographing strangers, but if it's a parade or large public event, I think it's okay to post on the interent.

KIANNA said...

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Anonymous said...

You just carry on. Just love it.

angela said...

It does have a nostalgic feel before enlargment but once enlarged the clothes give the game away...

Curly said...

Hi from South Shields,

I'd like to thank you for your steadfast support, the combine comments and emails from CDP bloggers has had a
profound affect, South Tyneside Council is to retrain it's staff and South Shields Daily Photo
will be posting again as from tomorrow.

Many thanks


Becky said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. I have the same problem here. As of yet, I think I have posted only one photo of a human on my photoblog. It's just so close of a community and so small of an area, that you run the risk of offending someone, even if you're careful!

At any rate, I love this photo. Especially the fact that it is in B&W. Nicely done.

laxeylass said...

I looked but no I don't know them. If they were Laxey Lasses then maybe. The way you photograph people I like so carry on. I would not have thought of such a wide angle crop but it works really well.

Any chance of a Laxey shot or two? Thanks. I may not be back on the island for sometime. Just nice to see my hometown.

EG CameraGirl said...

That's a tricky question, Babooska. Sometimes I feel funny about taking photos of people and sometimes I feel brazen. ;-)

Most of the time, I try to take interesting people photos without showing faces.

You know, I wanted to take photos of the daughter of a female police officer (the little girl was so cute) and asked, knowing her police officer mother might say no. I promised I wouldn't show her face. The police officer just laughed and said she had no problem with me taking a photo of her face. I was totally surprised.

I do feel people attending public events should lighten up.

Knoxville Girl said...

If I'm in a public place, I expect my behavior and dress to be open to public scrutiny, and if someone wants to take my photo, so be it. Which is why my dear mother taught me not to scratch my rear end in public.
If someone is in a private place with the expectation of privacy (like a fenced back yard) then no way would I take a picture, that's unethical.

Anonymous said...

Some local bodies are a little confused as to what their roles are. Time to haul them in and remind them they are not police. I have left a link for Curly. Thought you might like it too.

crittoria said...

This is a great photo, which seems to exaggerate the line between locals and tourists. It's always there, isn't it? Good perspective on this one.

marley said...

It seems that the united force of CDP bloggers has worked! Yay to all of us!

With regard to my photoshopped pic all I did was sharpen up the Abbey and enhance the colur overall and in particular the blue flag. Nothing wild or exciting, I was just having a practice. Later I did remove two heads from another photo! Very cool :)

Dido said...

I'm with knoxville girl on this one. I love taking pictures of strangers, although I usually pick people who put themselves out there, such as performers, musicians etc rather than their audiences. But if the latter get caught in the crossfire, hey.

I do sometimes go up to people afterwards and tell them about the blog; without exception they've been delighted to feature.

Dido said...

I'm with knoxville girl on this one. I love taking pictures of strangers, although I usually pick people who put themselves out there, such as performers, musicians etc rather than their audiences. But if the latter get caught in the crossfire, hey.

I do sometimes go up to people afterwards and tell them about the blog; without exception they've been delighted to feature.


Yeah, I have lots of trouble with my links, it's better if you keep if to just the blog name because it doesn't struggle so much with the post titles then!

I thought you were going to enlighten us about the whole enigma musical thing? Hah, and I have no idea what a live feed is. Does this mean you're gonna know where I live?

Aw, who cares anymore? I keep going on about the cold hard north anyway...

Scarlet xx

Cláudia said...

Beautiful shot. I have one similar at SWF. Beautiful blog, too! I will come back again.

Dragonstar said...

That's clever! I really liked the photo, too.

Capt. Ben said...

Wow, this thing about town councils controlling the types of pictures people take in public places boggles my mind.

Yeah, here in the U.S. government often has misplaced priorities and makes unfortunate to abhorrent policy decisions on numerous fronts, but at least we have not gone down this garden path yet... If I take pictures of people in public, all they can do is give me nasty looks or comments (well, I guess they could attack me and break my camera, but nobody has even come close to that).

If a city council here tried to prohibit photogs from practicing their art in public places, they (the council) would be facing some serious Constitutional Rights lawsuits (and they'd be facing them from the losing end, with probable damage awards), never mind being voted out of office.

I can understand that sort of thing happening in Belarus and such places, but in the most civilized of countries like Britain? Even with your residual Monarchy, I am flabbergasted. Particularly considering the gazillion government surveillance cameras programs... talk about double standards. No wonder we revolted!

-Captain Ben


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