Thursday, May 28, 2015

Isle of Man TT, Parliament Square, Ramsey

                          Throwback, 2009

The event known as the Isle of Man TT Races is almost here. A throwback shot, race week 2009. Fading evening light casts bike shadows, and sometimes a sunset if the riders get all the laps in, though not here, just the rainclouds passing over blue skies.  Due to the inclement weather on the island, the day race schedule is subject to change and evening races occur. Best advice for tourists. Pack shorts, sandals and a umbrella. You're bound to need all of them, sometimes together. I'm a photographer, and the TT for me is both work and pleasure. Jane Hards Photography, an older image on a Nikon D50.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TT Tourists, Ramsey Day

                              Ramsey Day

As Mrs Nesbitt, who initially started the abc round will be visiting the Isle of Man soon for the annual Isle of Man TT Road Races, a timely image of other visiting tourists. This scene is from Ramsey Day, a day set aside during the Road Races for activities such as the Motorcycle Sprint and display teams to entertain the crowds, along with things for the kids like face painting. The sunshine can't be guaranteed, but a fly over and display by the Red Arrows can be. 

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Storm clouds, Queens Pier

                             on a rainy day, or not

Instead of a sunrise, storm clouds on the horizon. Looks can be deceiving though and the ominous threatening storm passed over the island and the sun shone. 

Jane Hards Photography

Image part of Skywatch, where people across the world show their skies.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Queens Drive West, Sunset

                           Remains of the day

Ramsey isn't the best place on the Isle of Man for sunsets, (we fair better for sunrises) but we do have our fair share of colourful evenings. In the opposite direction to this image, you could capture the moon. Spoiled for photographic opportunities tonight.  

For even better beach sunrsies - Jane Hards Photography 

Image part of Skywatch

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Parliament Square, Isle of Man TT

                             Chasing sidecars

It's almost that time of year again the island is becomes a haven for motorbikers tourists and competitors (one of those is Mrs Nesbitt who created the abc meme) the Isle of Man TT Road Races. As you can see Parliament Square part of the race route, right in the heart of Ramsey For those who follow the races via TV, this is one of the camera checkpoints shown, passing through Parliament Square. It's also the place I do my job, TT photographer.

Jane Hards Photography - TT photos
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Image part of abc

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ramsey Hairpin

                           The Biker View

Ramsey Hairpin, to those familiar with the Isle of man TT Races this will be a familiar view, a sharp turn leaving Ramsey and heading towards the mountain road. When not doubling as a racetrack as you can see it's a suburban sedate road with little traffic apart from "rush hour" commute. It's the Isle of Man. Our rush hour is a little more relaxed. You're more likely to be stuck behind a tractor than a traffic jam. If you can make it across the road in one piece, you'll find woodland walks leading to Albert Tower and a view of the town, which everyone has photographed at some point.

Jane Hards Photography - TT photos

Image part of Our World Tuesday

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mooragh Promenade

                         The beach seat view

Sundays are made for sitting on a bench and watching the waves. The more adventourous can brave the freezing cold waters and surf the waves. The photographer can sit a capture the scene. 

Jane Hards Photography

Image part of The Weekend in Black and White


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