Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow on the Isle of Man TT course

              Don't worry, all be gone for TT

Where the street light is left hand side of the photograph is a little alley behind the back of Taubman Street. That's one of my spots to capture the Isle of Man TT races that happen May/June of each year. Parliament Square is part of the TT course. It's probably hard for all those tourists who come over for the motorbike race to envisage this snowy winter view as the same place they watch the race from. This area is also a meeting place for biking tourists visiting Ramsey. The same photo for TT would be full of visitors stopping for a bite to eat or soft drink from the pub close by. What a difference seasonal weather makes.

Jane Hards Photography

Part of Our World Tuesday

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mooragh Lake, sepia

                    Who pulled the plug out

The same view from the post before Icy reflections and what a difference a day makes. Mooragh Lake at tide out looks like someone has pulled the plug and let the water out. No boating today, though the birds walking on water was a bonus photo shoot. 

Jane Hards Photography

Sepia for Simonetta, for that old fashioned nostalgic view of the place of her dreams Ramsey

Friday, January 23, 2015

Icy reflections

                               Mooragh Lake

The boating lake in winter is often frozen, allowing for mirror image captures. Dusk and cloud cover accentuate the setting sun colours.

Mooragh Park
Isle of Man 

Jane Hards Photography

 More on the Mooragh

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Harbour sunset


I photograph the local rugby team home games on Saturdays. As the game is played over the Autumn through to Spring, the light is fading fast as the nights draw in towards the end of the game. The walk home through the park and onto the harbour inlet at this time of year coincides with the setting sun and occasionally the last embers of a fading sunset, cloud cover and evening light allowing. It's a working harbour, as you can see by the silhouetted cranes and sail masts. Win lose or draw, always a sunset to focus on. Rugby in hail storm photos

Part of Skywatch

Jane Hards Photography

Ramsey, Isle of Man

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feltons, Ironmongers

                                  Shop local

Not many towns have an old fashioned Ironmongers. We still do, on Parliament Street. In their owns words "The North's favourite emporium for everything DIY and so much more. From paint to potting compost, window cleaner to wood stoves, you will find it here!" You'll also find something sadly lacking in those out of town faceless DIY stores, good old fashioned customer service. This place opens at 7am for those needing the tools of the trade for their job until 5pm through the week, and even open Sundays.  I believe in shopping local when I can, and here I can. Not just another faceless chain store, a local Ramsey shop. 

 Jane Hards Photography, Ramsey Daily Photo

Who wouldn't want a purple wheelbarrow.

Feltons fb page

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boats in the harbour

                                No sailing

The harbour inlet
North Shore Road
Isle of Man

Part of abc

Tomorrow, we might even have snow. What a difference a day makes

Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily beach walk

                             House with a sea view

I call the beach my office, as I do most of my Ramsey photography here. This image is walking out to sea, looking back towards the house overlooking the beach, and the arches to the left of the image. If you walk towards the arches you encounter a walkway through the glen leading you upwards back onto Ballure Road and the tram tracks.  A lovely little area inhabited by numerous birds and the occasional shy rabbit. Another walk for a another day, and another view to capture. 

This is part of my daily walk, which today I've posted as part of Our World Tuesday, a snapshot of my world. 

The rest of the album can be found here with views of the beach and strange objects washed up and a rare sighting of a Political Cartoonist, my other half.


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