Thursday, February 26, 2015

Multi coloured sunrise

                    The sun isn't even awake yet

I refer to this spot jokingly as my office. It's Queens Promenade, Ramsey, Isle of Man where I do most of my beach photography.My most licensed sunrise photos have been across this beach, hence my office." No two days are the same and the strangest colours are often before the sun rises. Throw a stick any morning and you're bound to hit a local photographer capturing this scene. And why not. My nest step will be to paint it. I used to be an artist, and got sidetracked by photography, but scenes like this, call for a paintbrush. Mother nature's natural paint palette, knows best

Jane Hards Photography, find me on facebook for more colourful landscapes

Image taken with my trusty Nikon, no filters or alterations, and part of skywatch

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Manx Grand Prix

                       Sometime in August.......

............After the Isle of Man TT Road Races, we have the other motorbikes races, the Manx Grand Prix. Not as busy or well known out of biking circles as the infamous TT, but equally as exciting. Attracting many tourists and riders from across the world, the Isle of Man, once again gives up it's roads to the races. Daily life fits around the two weeks races (practice week, race week) so everyone can still get around the island negotiating alternative routes and breaks in road closures. I'm lucky to have a job that involves photographing this on my doorstep, my home town.

More info on the history of the Manx Grand Prix can be found here

More photos form the event and the island ca be found at Jane Hards Photography at the Manx

Part of Abc, and hoping Mrs Nesbitt will join us one year for the Manx, in addition to the TT

Monday, February 23, 2015

Never to old for a walk in the park

                            Autumn evening

A walk round the boating lake situated in the local Park called the Mooragh. Unlike a lot of local parks across the world, this one has no gates enclosing to lock you out of an evening. The park is always open, and runs parallel to the beach for a promenade walk. Benefits of island life. Walking, through pretty areas, the low budget night out, and the healthier option. If you're feeling the need to get even healthier you can always use the free gym equipment dotted about the park The alternative to the pub for some. Never goes out of fashion, a simple romantic evening walk.

Jane Hards Photography

Part of Our World Tuesday

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Karaoke and sunsets

                            View from the pub

Shot from the doorway of one the local pubs, The Stanley, looking towards Bowring Road. The bonus of taking a camera out to capture the Friday night sing songs of karaoke nights and shenanigans,  the flaming orange sunsets of summer. Or the summer showers. Either way, all good fun

Part of skywatch where bloggers around the world show and tell their skies. Welcome to join and view others.

Jane Hards Photography

See you soon mon amis

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


                                fiery skies

Taken at an event called Ramsey Rocks. Each year the towns local bands take to the street adjacent to the harbour and entertain the locals for one night only Weather permitting that is, but even with a downpour, the bands can turn to the old faithful alternative venue, the local pubs. The end of the event is always marked with anther old faithful, a fireworks display. Last shot of the end of the Rocks, over the bridge and over for another year.

Jane Hards Photography

Part of abc

Ramsey Rocks images the people here

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Manx Magic

                           and fairy dust skies

With mornings like this on the Isle of Man to wake up to, I don't wish to be anywhere else. Well except the South of France on colder days here maybe.  The mythical Manx fairies, Mother Nature or Pollution. Who knows, but it's a nice view to capture and start the day. My office is the beach. Lucky, yes. Sunrises, not just for tourists, all year round.

Jane Hards Photography

Image part of Skywatch

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Evening walk and empty buildings

                            The walk home

Wander down Waterloo Road. To the right, out of picture is the Tram Station. The yellow building in the distance, may look open, but it's now a disused pub, The Britannia. Closed over a year ago now, and neither demolished or used.  The takeaway behind it though, is still a thriving business for late night revellers. Just after rush hour. Even island have rush hours, albeit sedate ones. Great time for street photography in Ramsey, as other local photographers will know.

Jane Hards Photography

Part of abc


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