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That Was The week That Was Then. The Fat Lady has sung and the 2OO8, Isle of Man TT has drawn to a close for this year, but not without thrills and spills in the closing race. The race was finally won by John McGuinness , with Cameron Donald second. John has now won 14 TT races, the same as the late, great Mike Hailwood.

The images.

First image is two Manx riders, look closely you can see the Isle Of Man 3 legs. 54 is John Crellin.
(If someone could tell who 55 is as I haven't got the programme to hand. Doh!)
No 13 is another Manx Man, Gary Carswell finished 13th
No 3, John McGuinness the winner
No6, Cameon Donald gained 2nd place
No 8 Ian Hutchinson who came 3rd.


1, John McGuinness 1 hour 46 minutes 47.69 seconds (127.186mph)
2, Cameron Donald 1:47.38.64 (126.183mph)
3, Ian Hutchinson 1:48.29.44 (125.3198mph)
4, Ryan Farquhar 1:48.47.45 (124.852mph)
5, Steve Plater 1:49.22.02 (124.195mph)
6, Gary Johnson 1:49.42.39 (123.810mph)
7, Ian Lougher 1:49.59.30 (123.493mph)
8, Carl Rennie 1:50.18.08 (123.180mph)
9, Daniel Stewart 1:50.30.89 (122.905mph)
10, Michael Dunlop 1:51.03.62 (122.301mph)

This is just a small sample of images. Some of the others will turn up at intervals, but for now normal service will be resumed. Locals and birds watch out, Babooshka and her camera will be
capturing you for Ramsey Daily Photo as per normal.

I hope you've at least got the flavour of the biggest event to hit this tiny isle each year. A special mention must go to Manx resident John Qualye. He's a 105 years young gentelman, who watched the very first TT in 1907. Yes 101 years ago. Now that is too amazing a timespan to comprehend. John, you're a TT legend too.


Karoliina Urso said...

These shots are full of action! Great job.

Louis la Vache said...

WOW! 105! "Louis" wonders what that first race was like! Can Mr. Quayle share anything with us about Admirals Jellicoe and Beatty at Jutland?

chrome3d said...

I loved to see all the different motorbikes you have here. It must have been some noise!

George Townboy said...

What an awesome series of photos - the entire week's worth. Thank you for risking life and limb to get these photos for us! Was the t-shirt a big hit?

Unknown said...

Wow I never realize that motorcycler races gets that close with their knees to the ground while zooming through a turn!

Great shots on these photos here!

USelaine said...

A spectacular series! The question now is, did they get to have a barbecue? ;^) And now you have us interested in seeing Mr Quayle!

Thanks for stopping in at my place.

Jim Klenke said...

I have enjoyed all of these pics. Well done.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Yesterday's flying bike was really "it" for me!!!

Chuck Pefley said...

Well, it looks as if you got your favorite spot again for these images. Great stuff, and personally I look forward to seeing more. Also, I hope you have a photo or 2 of the 105 yr old gentleman?

Now, get some rest. Don't spend all your time processing images :)

raf said...

Hope you get a good rest. Thanks for the ride, babooshka! Yours was a job well done and now we have the promise to see more as time goes by. Bring on the birdies and locals :)

Dragonstar said...

Well done John McGuinness! Yes, Mike Hailwood was truly great.
John Quayle must be a remarkable man!
I've really enjoyed your coverage Babooshka, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

These are great shots of a spectacular and very dangerous event.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed this TT coverage. Look forward to more of your breathtaking photos. Where can I buy them?

Can I email you my requirements?

angela said...

thanks for your those photos and I can almost hear the noise. Must be deafening..

laxeylass said...

A job well done. Words and photos tell the story of the TT perfectly.

Tom said...

I'm really enjoying these posts.. your pictures really are excellent of both bike and riders.

Jilly said...

Oh wow, what absolutely fabulous shots. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up luv. It's not my thing at all, motorbikes but I have become a convert and addict this week. It's been a very entertaining week.

Jacqui x

Dan said...

Wow, these are awesome! fantastic color and great job freezing the action on these. I bet the noise was wonderfully deafening!

Marie Reed said...

Wow! How exciting! It makes me want to pop on a helmet and jump on my harley .. back from garage ... darn it! I don't own a motorbike...

Marie-Noyale said...

I have really enjoyed this motorcycles'series of pictures. You have really done a fabulous job!
I have never taken bikes in action,but some of the shots you took must be pretty hard to achieve..
Congratulations and now,your ears... and the whole island!! must be in need of silence!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the photos.My mother-in-law lives on the isle of man we were there last year.Had to miss this year.we will be there next year.

Greyhound Girl said...

I enjoyed all these motorcycle pics- what a great event! Nice work!

Martin MY said...

Nice action shots.

Do you get to move around a bit or are you confined to the same position?


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