Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Another from the Laxey Blues Festival. As you can see the lighting in these venues is always quite poor. The photographer(yes me) is usually a little merry aswell on the local ale by this time, so getting serious with the camera is the furthest notion from my mind. It's a fine line on these type of occasions, especially live music events which I adore, whether to be professional and dispassionate and seek out the ideal images or just kick back and be a fully fledged audience participant. Falling somewhere between the two camps I try and establish a happy medium. Usually though, the fan takes over. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a musical feast such as the Blues festival.

The band, as mentioned in a previous post are "Walter Ego." A local band that has many a line up change, but still maintain a quality sound.

I frequently mention the TT and have been asked via comments what this is. Basically, as I've said before, it's the oldest motorbike road races in the world. TT stands for "Tourist Trophey" and is not one but a series of week-long races for various class(size) of motorbikes and sidecars. A month to go now before the island is swamped with TT enthusiasts, including Mrs Nesbitt of
ABC Wednesday who can be found at MRS NESBITT'S PLACE



Hee hee bit of a funny yet clever band name. The festival looks good, really intimate.
Tried doing that ABC Wednesday thing, but I don't have loads and loads of pics that I can use (what the heck would I do for Z!?)
Oh well, I tried lol
Ciao love x

Scarlet x

laxeylass said...

Awesome! I missed the festival now 2 years running. Thanks for posting these. Won't say no if you have others you want to post. You have really captured the intimate feeling the venues have.

Jim Klenke said...

I think your blues photos are awesome, reminds me of a picture from the 60s. The only thing missing is the trail of cigarette smoke.

Tanya Breese said...

Well, even being "merry" you captured the moment well! It's all about having fun while you're there!

Janet said...

You did a great job getting the picture in poor light. I always have a hard time getting photos of performances...the few I attend!

Anonymous said...

Very Parisian Babooshka! A very retro moody sixties tinged image.

I look forward to seeing more of your music related images. You have caught the essence of a live musical performance to a T.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you need time off from being a professional sometimes! You've still managed to take a good picture - if I was merry it wouldn't have come out as well as this!

Profile Not Available said...

These photos have such a vintage blues-y look to them! I love the band name!

b.c. said...

love the blues fest photos, well i love the blues, its our hometown sound

likewise love the blacka and whites

Olivier said...

encore une belle photo de concert, le b&w va très bien aux concerts de Blues et de Jazz.

still photo of a beautiful concert, b&w goes very well with concerts Blues and Jazz.

Greyhound Girl said...

Fun! And a great shot! As always, I just love B&W!


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