Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Ready for my close up Miss Babooshka"

Say hello to George posing nicely here showing his best side. George is a bit of a celebrity as he escapes from the Wildlife Park, here on the Isle of Man to Ramsey, usually the promenade, (where this pic was taken) on several occasions. Why he only flies to Ramsey is a mystery, must be good fishing for pelicans. He is not the first escapee pelican, that honour goes to Scotty in '98, and I'm sure he won't be the last. Scotty though made it to Scotalnd,(what are the chances of that?) so obviously a more adventurous pelican. Actually I think George just wanted to feature in the Ramsey Daily Photo and was a bit miffed I have photographed so many other birds. He's make a great odd shot sometime. Whole new meaning to a Pelican Crossing!

I am really struggling now for images. The maxtor has them and won't relinquish them. Not sure why yet. This is a mono version of colour image shown earlier but as I mentioned George and his antics in the Red Panda post I had requested to show the Boy George here. Do you really want to hurt his feeling by not saying hello to him? Please excuse the bird poop. George had a little accident which he is rather embarrassed about, but as I like natural images the poop stays. Sorry George.

(Gary and I should have been in London tonight at the Political Cartoon Awards, but with credit crunch meant no way were we paying £600 for flights and then a hotel. Manx airlines sort your prices or we will have no tourists!)

Do you have any escaped critters in your area?


bitingmidge said...

Airfares I don't understand! £600 to London when one can fly to Ireland for £5!

Perhaps you should have a quiet word in George's ear!

(Don't ask me where you find an ear on a Pelican though.)
Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you couldn't go to the political cartoon awards..darn economy...I love they send him back? I don't think we have any escaped wildlife here that I have seen yet...

Gaelyn said...

I really like George. Does the Wildlife Park come and retrieve him or does he return on his own.
Sorry you missed the awards.

Capt. Ben said...

I love Pelicans! They abound around here, and I photograph them all the time, looking for the perfect shot of one in a dive towards a meal.

Our pelicans are Brown Pelicans, though... George looks to be another type. We certainly don't have any escaped pelicans around here... too many wild ones to warrant capture and display.

I too wonder about whether he is retrieved or returns on his own? Do you not have any wild ones around? I will have to look that up. I assumed pelicans would abound along the British and Irish coasts.

Victor said...

A perfect portrait Miss Babooshka!

Jane Hards Photography said...

My Irish friend certainly cannot fly to Ireland for £5 from here. He will be very interested in that info. It's the tax on top of the flight that has become extortionate recently. Internet prices are just not to be trusted. Basically we are held sitting ducks here. The tourists weiil ot pay these prices and I don't blame them. Phew. That felt good.

Snapper, I am honoured to have one of my favourite photographers pass comment.

Virginia wen you arrive I'm climbing out the sin bin and off to bed. I have done my time.

Tanya Breese said...

Hello George! Oh I'm sorry you missed the awards, blasted economy anyway!
Escaped critters? None that I can think of. I did see a cool red salamander this morning when I was walking to the car to take Ashlyn to school but she was running late and wouldn't let me get my camera,lol and the darn thing was gone when I got back home. He was perfect for Christmas! Remember my orange one right at Halloween time too. They co-ordinate well with the holidays,lol.

gogouci said...

Way to go George. said...

We have lines of pelicans that regularly fly in their "V" formation over our condo in Costa Rica. And, like you, we are worried in Costa Rica that the economy and higher air fares will mean fewer tourists, and tourism is the number one industry in Costa Rica.

What makes one side of the pelican better than the other side?

Anonymous said...

Hi George & Babooshka!!! hehehe
He's a handsome lil devil, isn't he!?!!

Virginia said...

I have arrived to pardon you sister and set your free. That is just the pits that you and G couldn't go to the awards. I am assuming he won a boatload. Damn!

The pelican is just great. He looks like he could pick our ever loving brains out if we had any.

magiceye said...

that is a brilliant picture indeed!!!

Tash said...

Up close & personal! Just for you (& us). Good show, old chap.
I don't understand the airfare pricing - the fares here went down quite a bit but, to compensate, the hotel prices are going up with fewer discounts. Bummer on missing the awards.
I have not heard of any escapees here - but with your and Abe's influence I've been noticing & trying to take pictures of more birds around here.

Jilly said...

Pelicans are adorable. I remember one used to parade around Cairns, almost a pet. I thought this was a sculpture for a moment. Superb and posing just right for you!

Anonymous said...

They are great flyers and with a following wind, Scotland would be no great step.
I found the ferry company pretty high handed years ago, and it sounds like the airline treats you as a captive audience.

Olivier said...

superbe b&w, beau contrasme

"Toi, mon ami le pélican,
emporte-moi mais dis-moi quand
nous partirons vers l'Amérique
et voir les îles sous le vent.
Toi, mon ami le pélican,
emporte-moi mais dis-moi quand
nous traverserons l'Atlantique
portés sous les ailes du vent."

very nice b&w, beautiful contrasme

"You, my friend the pelican,
outweighs me but tell me when
we go to America
and see the leeward islands.
You, my friend the pelican,
outweighs me but tell me when
we cross the Atlantic
brought under the wings of the wind. "C. Goya

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

It's quite useless to try to find any reason when capitalism becomes crazy !

Anonymous said...

Wow that is an incredible price for plane tickets. The budget airlines need to get into your island. I hope Gary's cartoon does well. Love George. Are Pelicans normally a loner bird?

Pat said...

Bibi says hi to George. Would probably try to chase him, too.

I am supposed to fly to ATHENS tomorrow for my son's grqaduation...but flights to and from there were cancelled yesterday from Belgrade airport, due to unrest. Darn. Keep fingers crossed.

Jim Klenke said...

George looks very happy.

No escaped critters problem here, unless you count closing time at the bars.

Irina said...

Your George is just gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...


Kudos and props. Never seen a pelican that close.

Anonymous said...

It's not that I get to see pelican photos all the time, but this is probably the best I've seen so far. Nevermind the poop, theis photo is beautiful. And b&w really brought out the texture.

Buck said...

Pelicans are very interesting birds! We get the occasional moose who escapes the mountains and wanders through the city, but I'm not sure that quite fits the 'escaped animal' category.

EG CameraGirl said...

No escaped animals here that I know of, though I can think of a few humans that should be fenced in...OOPS! Did I really say that?

Hello, George!

Ann said...

Blimey thats so expensive ! I am paying for a return flight to Tucson Arizona in a weeks time and its £470 !!
Love georgey boy, looks like he hasn't a care in the world, great shot!

Knoxville Girl said...

I'm still waiting for your photo of the escaped wallaby. But George will do til then.
Sorry you had to miss the awards. Dumbass economy. But Gary's toons are a winner.

Cloudia said...

Great photo.
sorry you had to miss your event.
Keep blogging! Aloha-

Suzi-k said...

yes, we have an escaped critter..... Jacob Zuma is visiting Port Elizabeth today to drum up support for the ANC which is rapidly losing members to the new COPE party, hehe.

Dragonstar said...

He's a handsome bird!

Bettey said...

What a shot! Lovely model you have there.

marley said...

Its a shame you missed the awards, but £600! That is madness!

crittoria said...

Great portrait!


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