Monday, April 21, 2014

School House Corner, the bridge

                              Off to school

School House Corner, get its name, from the local school, Ramsey Grammar. You may wonder why such a footbridge is need in such a quiet town. You can't cross this road when the Isle of Man TT Races are in progress, unless you use the footbridge. Well you try, but you'd be arrested for causing an obstruction.  You can walk into town fine, but for those that live on the other side of the road, it does avoid them getting trapped for hours on the wrong side of the road and forced to wait out the races. Unfortunately for the kids, the footbridge connects to the school too, so no excuse for missing exams.

Should the footbridge ever be closed and you find yourself unable to cross for hours, there is a pub on either side of the road to wait out the time. Just saying.


William Kendall said...

A lovely footbridge in black and white. It reminds me of one here, but that's crossing a freeway.

Ramsey Mom said...

Lovely hun

Rob said...

Best tip ever; wait it out in a pub. Thanks!


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