Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Manx Taxis, Albert Road

                              The quiet time

The building to the right of the image, where the lights are on inside, is the base for Manx Taxis, situated on Albert Road. Even small towns have taxi firms for late night revellers, early morning airport runs, school runs, hospital runs and I'm having a taxi because it's raining and this shopping is heavy runs. After the school run and before the evening pub crowd go out shot. The quiet time for the night shift before the door to pubs runs start. 

Jane Hards Photography


William Kendall said...

A wonderful mood in this shot.

Merisi said...

Your image and your words are in perfect harmony!

Merisi said...

William said exactly what I am thinking, too!

Ramsey Mom said...

I use taxis hun in a dash.

cieldequimper said...

Better to go in the pub after sunset. It'd be a shame to not see it properly! :-)


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