Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feltons, Ironmongers

                                  Shop local

Not many towns have an old fashioned Ironmongers. We still do, on Parliament Street. In their owns words "The North's favourite emporium for everything DIY and so much more. From paint to potting compost, window cleaner to wood stoves, you will find it here!" You'll also find something sadly lacking in those out of town faceless DIY stores, good old fashioned customer service. This place opens at 7am for those needing the tools of the trade for their job until 5pm through the week, and even open Sundays.  I believe in shopping local when I can, and here I can. Not just another faceless chain store, a local Ramsey shop. 

 Jane Hards Photography, Ramsey Daily Photo

Who wouldn't want a purple wheelbarrow.

Feltons fb page


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane. Lightbulbs always in

William Kendall said...

It sounds like it comes in handy!

Lois said...

Ironmongers is a new word for me! Sadly we have no local DIY places like this at all. I want that purple wheelbarrow. I guess they probably wouldn't want to ship it over to me here in Florida though!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I wonder if they've got some fork handles

Anonymous said...

No shop in Ramsey more helpful and useful. Most give no thought to opening hours. All Feltons staff are dedicated and patient and deserve an extra week of holiday.THANKS Feltons, always there for Ramsey. Malcolm Bee.


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