Thursday, June 05, 2008


Two races today, but for now we'll concentrate on the afternoon race, Sidecar B. Unlike the other races that we've had this week, Sidecar B went to form, the winners, the favourite team of Nick Crowe/Mark Cox. Very popular result as they are local guys. As you can see this is the sunniest day by far, which is ok so long as you aren't taking photos. Couldn't bag the spot I wanted today as the locals were out in force, and they won't budge, but this angle isn't too bad.

Images again a quick snatch from roughly 100.

From the top.

5I, Claude Montagnier/Laurent Seyeux, finished 37th
18, Greg Lambert/ Sally Wilson finished 11th
19, Doulgas Wright/Stuart Bond finished 10th
2, Nick Crowe/Mark Cox the winners
21, Roger Stockton /Peter Alton finished 18th
7, Nigel Connole/ Dipash Chauhan finished 9th
4, Klaus Klaffenbock/Christian Parzer finished 5th
1,Dave Molyneux/Daniel Sayle bagged second place

It's the early hours of thursday morning. Whilst I'm covering the TT. Barker is Covering the living room floor with football caricatures for the European Championships. You can check out the ones he's uploaded so far at this link,BARKER BITES BACK! . We'd really like some input on these, as it's hard for us two to be objective about each others work, so your comments would be welcome. Makes a change from his Political Cartoons.

Time to hit the sack.


1, Nick Crowe/Mark Cox 59 minutes 34.76 seconds (113.989mph)
2, Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle 59.45.31 (113.654mph)
3, John Holden/Andrew Winkle 1:00.19.33 (112.585mph)
4, Steve Norbury/Rick Long 1:00.33.58 (112.144mph)
5, Klaus Klaffenbock/Christian Parzer 1:00.34.47 (112.117mph)
6, Tim Reeves/Patrick Farrance 1:00.59.78 (111.342mph)
7, Phil Dongworth/Stuart Castles 1:01.16.68 (110.830mph)
8, Simon Neary/Jamie Winn 1:01.19.27 (110.751mph)
9, Nigel Connole/Dipash Chauhan 1:01.51.10 (109.801mph)
10, Gary Bryan/Robert Bell 1:02.40.45 (108.360mp


Chris said...

very cool shots for the last few days! (I'm just catching up.) I was just talking to a friend about motor bikes and how I don't see those type races here too much.

George Townboy said...

Awesome shots, again!! Never seen anything like this.

(Muscle your way in!) LOL

• Eliane • said...

Nice action picture! Must be the season of Grang Prix: with Jilly in Monaco, now you in Isle of Man and soon Jean-Charle in Montréal!

Jim Klenke said...

I like the side cars, they look different. I checked the caricatures, simply awesome. I know what Henry looks like, but I had to google the guys to see what they looked like for real. The the caricatures look right on.

pierre l said...

Thanks Babooshka, these are very lovely indeed. Plus, there is more colour to see with the sidecars. Well done to the winners.

Anonymous said...

neat shots and i can say a little bit dangerous

Louis la Vache said...

Very interesting, as "Louis" never would have thought of there being sidecar races! "Louis" is enjoying this series!

Profile Not Available said...

I am going to go back and look again, but it didn't appear that they actually ride in the sidecar? They seem to ride in tandem? I need to look more closely.

Very neat looking bikes/vehicles!

Anonymous said...

I watched you take these from the pub opposite. You have caught the atmosphere and the speed perfectly.

I will be purhasing a selection of these images as a keepsake. A job very well done.

Your blog is a real find.

pierre l said...

@kelly. The purpose of the second person is to balance the machine. When turning right, the passenger is as far to the right as possible to prevent the machine from tipping over. When going straight on, the passenger lies as flat as possible, for aerodynamic reasons. When turning left, most of the passenger is sitting on the outside, practically on the ground, to prevent the machine tipping the other way. From time to time, the passenger gets it wrong and the machine overturns, or the passenger falls off. Perhaps Babooshka has pictures taken in previous races from other vantage points to illustrate this.

Small City Scenes said...

Awesome shots. That sidecar person has so much to do. He really gets the workout. MB

Anonymous said...

I like the positioning of the wingman leaning into the driver. Said it before, can't say it enough outstanding.

Off to Cairo for a dig. Speak soon

Lol x

Jacqui x

Bergson said...

I like sidecar race !
In french the wingman : the monkey


How on earth do you get such good shots of the TT? They don't have speed limits right? How come they're not just a blur? Maybe I just don't understand photography that well lol!

Scarlet x

Chuck Pefley said...

Those side cars are pretty interesting. Don't think I'd be happy in one, especially at those speeds. Looks like a facility for gymnastics is requisite to compete in the corners. Blimey! Not for me. I'll stay with my nice stable and sedate Vespas, thank you very much!

maria elisa said...

thanks for visit my blog

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - actually it's brought back a memory that I'd totally forgotten about, sitting in my dad's sidecar when I was very little - 4 or 5 I guess. These are great pictures. I'm just off to check the cartoons now.

marley said...

I know this is not what the racers want to hear, I think they are sporty and cute!!

CrazyCow said...

These look like fun. Not sure I'd like to do the speed they no doubt do, but I'd love to ride in the sidecar. My favourite is a trip in the country, on the back of a bike.

Mark said...

Great photos!

I love the black and white side cars. THe shap of the side cars have a certain 30's 40's feel about them and the black and white just adds to the affect

Ming the Merciless said...

It's interesting how the second riders were almost off their seats to create a more streamline effect.

Olivier said...

superbe ces courses de Side-Car. un dirait des couples de danseurs.

these superb races Side-Car. one would say couples dancers.

Neva said...

What cool shots!

Dragonstar said...

I'm so late visiting, but thankyou-thankyou-thankyou for these lovely photos. Did you get any of left turns? Sidecars are my favourite.

Jilly said...

I've never seen these cars - or side cars - before. How fascinating. Great shots.


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