Saturday, August 16, 2008


RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO my blog under the guise of Babooshka

I am a photographer, and I er take photographs
I upload some of my personal ones for your visual pleasure
I pass on practical photography advise and unravel a few photographic myths and mysteries
I try to encourage others, at whatever level, with any suggestions at their request only
I only leave positive feedback. Why be negative?(see above point)
I keep my writing light, whimsical, informative and more importantly my style as I speak naturally.
I try to convey Ramsey, warts and all honestly. Mainly it's marvellous, with a smidgen of room for improvement.
I try to show the Isle of Man is more than, bikes, cats, and the Finance Industry.
I am not a journalist, historian, teacher, or litter monitor, just a resident photographer of Ramsey, Isle of Man.
My name is Babooshka, and I have a confession to make. I am a blogger.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, questions, suggestions for posts, inquiries etc. To the majority out there who understand that I have fabulous sense of humour but none when it comes to litterbugs thanks for joining in the banter, answering trivial or important questions I pose, for joining in the word games. For the many awards, some I will be collecting soon, again thank you. I will pass them on wisely. For understanding that you may not always get my best high res, large file photography, (because I have to sell that) but you will always get something interesting, challenging or one of my soapbox rants about wildlife or litter pics. For understanding that I live in one of the smallest places of the Daily City Photos, so I have a minuscule amount to photograph compared to the luxury of a huge city. At least it makes you far more creative, and has opened my eyes up to my own town. I've made some amazing discoveries and I hope to make many more. Are you still in for the roller coaster ride?

Not the post I planned at all or the image. Rocks of Ramsey Beach taken randomly, practise shot for white balance. That's it for the shot today.

I am going to say this once. I do not have moderation on my comments because I believe in Free Speech. I upload images and write a few words daily in connection with Ramsey as part of the Daily City Photo. I am not better or no worse than any other blogger. It is not a competition.
Either support each other or the system fails, and we let the negative individuals win.

No need to comment on the text today. I've had all the support from you before. Just tell me why you blog instead? My ego can share the bloglite, unlike others.

Alernatively just make me laugh, this is all too serious. Pesky people out there irking me!


Gemma Wiseman said...

Why do I blog? I blog because I have the freedom to create a menagerie of pics and poetry as the whim takes me!

I rely on prompts to vary my perspectives!

And I love it!

Hopefully, I can inspire others to enjoy the world around!

There is always beauty to be found!
It only takes a pair of eyes and the willingness to look!

Competition? Nah! I don't need more tensions in my life! At first I joined a creative photography comp, but felt a sense of not being good enough! (That was just me, doing what I have always done when it comes to creativity! I feel fragile!) So, I pulled out! And now, I am sailing along on my blog quite happily again!

It's all good!

HUGS! I think you need one or two!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Babooshka.

Don't mind the Lady bit. Brad jnr says "that Lady called Babooshka blog" and it's kinda stuck.

Hope my Q&A aren't pesky. The baseball photos are 6/10. Thanks for the tips. I'll stick at 8/10.

Mama always said, say nice or shut up. Thanks for the A1 blog LB.

Virginia said...

As always your creativity, honesty and wit are why I come by evey day. Since I am a novice at this, I probably shouldn't comment, but I am never at a loss for words so I will. I do this because in the past, my city has not had the most stellar reputation. I hope to show another side to Birmingham and let visitors to my blog see it in a different light. The friends I have made here are an unexpected blessing. Your comments, suggestions, and expertise are making me a better photographer .

angela said...

Love your photos, your honesty and your tips!
Why did I start blogging? I like to learn new skills: using the computer, photography, blogging, growing tomatoes, genealogy, line dancing, all part of keeping the grey matter flexible. I keep blogging because I enjoy the sense of community, the idea that the world is a small place..

chrome3d said...

Why blog?
- to make my life understandable
- it´s a place to stash all photos that would otherwise stay on the harddrive forever
- stay tuned on the development of the web
- sometimes have a laugh

there, I think that´s it.

chrome3d said...

Yeah, and your bark photo had good contrasts and the angle made the perspective really cool. The black made the composition astonishing. You will be remembered for that. :) :)

Anonymous said...

I don't blog. I am more your voyeur.
You make me laugh. It's that simple honey. Downtown swing shift goes a whole lot better with a dose of Ramsey.

Hey. This is my first comment. Could be my last. I'm not a writer. I'm your reader.

Dan(Brad's bro)

Maria Verivaki said...

i blog because i have something to say, and no one to listen to me saying it

Kyanite said...

Why I blog?
I started because a Canadian friend inspired me & on a whim on a grey cold January evening in 2007I set up "If only, if only..." as diary log - the plan, to write for a year.
I quit after 13 months.
But missed blogging & the friends I'd made so much after just 3days, I started again with "Behind Kyanites Door."
Now I store my photo's, memories past & present there.
And, travel the globe via my lap-top.
Plus, if I didn't blog, I might not speak to anyone some days - it's become my conection with the world.

Have a great weekend - hope you see some other than rain!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

My first blog was about political events in France and comparisons with the Scandinavian countries where some of my relatives live : Finland and Sweden.
I began last year to post pics about the region I lived nowadays, l'Aube in France though I was born in Paris and I had lived many years around Paris.
It's a good way to learn and know a country and appreciate others blogs especially yours.

Ann said...

I am not a wordsmith. I blog because I enjoy taking photos and visiting blogs like yours is helping me become a better photographer as well as showing me parts of the world I haven't yet seen.

Louis la Vache said...

(Editor to "Louis:" LOOK! Babooshka somehow got a shot of the rocks in your head!

"Louis" to Editor: Shut up or you'll have my horns in your heinie!)

Oman said...

hmmm. interesting photo babooshka.

i blog because it serves as my diary of the places i have gone to and at the same time promote what my country can offer. plus, it relieves my stress from law works.

Oman said...

by the way, have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like to learn about taking better photos. I learn a lot from your blog.
You are not selfish with your photo secrets.

If I blogged it would be a gardening
blog. That's my line of work.

Meead said...

I like photography. I do blog because I want to share my photos, photos of my city and country, with others. There is no way to share my photos internationally since I'm an amateur.

Thanks Babooshka.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Ahhh Photo blogging. It opens your eyes to all that is around you.My camera is constantly with me because inevitably there is always a photo op right around the corner just waiting to be shot :-)

And sharing that interesting shot with the rest of the world...well. To me there's nothing better than to have someone in Papau New Guinea pop by my Montego Bay Jamaica blog, see a photo of something and say, "Hey! we have something similar here in PNG too!"

Blog on Babooshka! :-)

Stanley said...

Nice shot. Has a very "gritty" look!

Dina said...

Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Hills are just too good not to be shared. And spiritually they belong to all of you around the world. That's why I blog.
Babooshka, you're such a good soul.

Lake Lady said...

Oddly, I've been asking myself this question for a while now! Some days I think "I'm in over my head here" or "I'm such a wannabe" because I see so many much more talented bloggers out there. But I have learned so much from folks like you that I'm still having fun! Sometimes I also think "Why do I call these people my blog FRIENDS when I've never met them?" That one's harder to answer, but it's the other reason I'm still here. 1) Fun/learning 2) Community

Jim Klenke said...

Why do I blog? Cause I like pressure to come up with something new every day? NAH. I found a DCP of Dallas and though it would be neat to photograph where I live. When I searched the internet for things about my town, I often came up with nothing. Now when I search, I find my own pictures showing up. Pretty neat.

Gerald (SK14) said...

It becomes an addiction but what I love often is the responses posts like this get as your great writing prompts the commentators to give their side - you even made a lurker make his first comment today.

marley said...

Ok, no comment on the text.

Why do I blog? I saw the other Cheltenham Daily photo back in October and thought "I can do that." And here I am. I never thought I'd still be here. I don't even know how I managed to start it. I used to only be able to open an email (and look at rude stuff on the net. Well, I am a man!) Now I know about copying, pasting, html and all sorts of things that used to be a complete mystery to me.

Now I blog because I love it. I love showing off Cheltenham. I'm a proud Cheltonian. And now I love photography too. I have loads still to learn, but my images please me and they seem to please others, so here I'll stay.

Its important to enjoy what you do in life. When its a chore its time to stop.

George Townboy said...

I haven't figured it out yet.

Pat said...

Why do I blog? Because it's there! No, wait...that's for mountain climbing. First of all, I blog because I want to break the "bad Serb" image. Secondly, to show that people, average people, are the same all over, and shouldn't be judged by their politicians. I also blog to show my friends who for one reason or the other cannot travel here, but would like to. It keeps us in some kind of daily contact. And also, I really, really enjoy meeting bloggers. Agree with you, Babooshka, it isn't any kind of competition, and should remain fun for the blogger and the viewer (bloggee?)

D said...

I enjoy your photos and posts very much. I blog because I love my hometown and want to share it with other people. I also needed something to keep my mind off my worries for a few minutes a day. Connecting with other bloggers has been an added perk I didn't anticipate in the beginning. Thanks for your visits and kind comments on my blog!

Unknown said...

Blogging is sharing, something I allways have loved doing.
I did not comment your yesterday photo because after reading your post, I really would have liked to say something quite original about it, but as English is not my language, I prefered to keep it for today, when I 'am allowed' to use some common words and they are: ABSOLUTELLY BEAUTIFUL, Babooshka! :-) :-)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Well this was really interesting.

JM - you have touhced on a point many of us english speakers forget, the lanuguage barrier. You say what you like how you like. In fact why should you have to write in english. If you are kind enough to comment, in whatever language you feel comfortable in then fine. It's up to me to translate it. PLEASE do what feels best for yourself and that's to all.

Neva said...

HI babooshka......I love the tidbits of advice I get from reading your blog....and it seems you have more than your share of people who seem to object to your sharing of your town/city....I would just ignore them. Small minds, small people.....I blog because I love to learn....I have really enjoyed reading and learning about cities I will probably never get to ....but if I do....I will have someone to meet! Keep up the good work....and I like your photo today.

Ming the Merciless said...

I read up on Isle of Mann on Wikipedia yesterday. It is a small place indeed.

According to Wikipedia, the BeeGees brothers are from there. How cool is that?

Tash said...

Liked your "I am"'s good to know oneself & thanks for letting us get to know you & your humor & pet peeves.
Interesting photo - I thought I saw bunch of shells.
On blogging - I discovered CDP thru TuzlaDailyPhoto, which I consider my home town (lived there from 5 to 12) & I went on a search for photos of Tuzla & then discovered the WORLD thru amazing photos! & then thought I'd join the WORLD. A co-worker astutely said that I am an international person, living in a US suburbia, & bloging provides that connection to other places & people. I was giddy when I got my first comments.
BTW thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Happy swans.. how can you shoot that nice moment friend..

Unknown said...

I do blog because I love taking photos and share them with friends and other bloggers.
I also appreciate to see pictures from around the world, I might never ever have the chance to view with my naked eye.
See others pictures is helping me become a better photographer too.

Lovely shot, Babooshka.

Anonymous said...

That looks like it's a shot from the Moon!

I blog because I live in such a cool place I wanted to remember it the way *I* saw it - assuming I don't live here forever. It's more fun than a "today I had cornflakes for breakfast, then I went to work.." kind of thing. Likewise my new Sibiu blog, I'm doing partly as a trip down memory lane, and partly to make sure I don't forget. With both of them, and with another blog which is more of a random writey thing, even though they're nothing amazing they're all very *me*, and so I'd like to leave them to my kids, if I have any. So that when I'm a senile old bat driving them crazy [Ed: what do you mean, when?], they can look at these blogs and think "She wasn't always like this, actually she was a cool old bird back in the day".

Greyhound Girl said...

Until you told me what it was, I thought you were taking shots of a cave ceiling or something--- I have an overactive imagination!

Oh, and why do I blog? Which blog you referring to? I have no life so I have 5 blogs... yikes- I sound lame!

And I am completely in touch with living in a small place and having to be creative. i love to come her because your professional tips help me make better pictures and your photos themselves are inspiring!

Knoxville Girl said...

I had so much fun visiting the CDP photoblogs that I wanted to be part of that world, so I started the blog. Also, I had just started up with photography, so this looked like a great way to get creative. And bonus! I get to write bad puns on your blog.

Hilda said...

Reading what I missed while my husband and I were away…

Sorry to hear about pesky people irritating you. I don't understand why they have to pick on nice people — you've been nothing but encouraging to all of us!

Why do I blog? Because I like sharing information. Make that, I need to share information! I started with Happy at Home, full of little whatsis about organizing, cooking, cleaning, books, movies, whatever I was concerned with, interested in, caught my eye, some serious, some whimsical.

Then because of Eric's blog, I decided to post pics from my neighborhood because I really do spend more time outside the house than in it. I wasn't planning on doing it on a daily basis at all. Then on a whim, I applied at CDP and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

I have both blogs here in Blogger and in Multiply, which is more a social networking site really. But Happy at Home has more readers in Multiply — I guess because many stay-at-home moms and wives keep SNS accounts. And that's my trivia for you today. ;)

Rob said...

As the saying goes, "turn that frown upside down". neagative people voice for many reasons. One is jealousy, they like what they see, but can not duplicate what they saw.

Why I blog?

Mainly to show you, the viewer photos I think are worthy of sharing. Afterall, why take photos if they are never to be shared and seen?

Also, I enjoy learning about the world. I enjoy travelling, but budget contraints allow a week every other year or longer.

Now I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffe and virtually travel the world, see wonderous sites, learn about other's cultures, pick up new words in a language not my own. Learn about photography through others, and enjoy each othere's comraraderie in our photographic endeavors.

The world is large, the blogisphere is larger, but we get around the world on a minutes notice.

Blogging is virtual traveling.


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