Sunday, March 30, 2008


As the eagle eyed will have noticed the blog is now called RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO. The content as before around the Isle Of Man, but in keeping with other blogs of this nature it's name is from my home town. This will also be the most heavily featured.

A beautiful day today, coincided with the clocks going forward yesterday. British Summer time has begun! Venture is a visiting, working boat that appears from time to time. Liked the way it was positioned in the harbour against the industrial part in the background, with the boats splash of red/orange in the foreground.


laxeylass said...

How pretty the blue water is Ramsey.
Will you have any of Laxey?

Anonymous said...

British Summer Time sucks. Lost an hour.Nice job again.Why the name change?

Anonymous said...

Nicely composed,vibrant hues. Look forward to more from you.


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