Thursday, March 27, 2008


Back at The point to try and catch sight of wild rabbits, longtails( we can't call them rats, it's bad luck) or the odd sandpiper but no luck. Instead a shot of another delapidated lighthouse taken through an opening, just enough to catch the light through the window.

Decided a black and white shot was needed for this subject, but kept the sunspots filtering through the window. The ray of light and the sunspots are enhanced as a monochrome along with the once whitewash walls now sadly peeling. Often these kind of decaying building benefit as a stark image without the use of colour.

Hoping to get out and about round the island, that is if it ever stops raining here. Even the birds and wildlife are in hiding.


G said...

You've reawakened my fantasies of buying that place and finally getting to live in a lighthouse!

Anonymous said...

I prefer this blog. I like the white backgound I can read it better
Outstanding photograph, my favourite so far.I don't agree with everything you have to say, but I do think your photographs of the Isle of Man are the best I've seen.My grandchildren are looking forward to riding the railway that you had a hand in saving.


Anonymous said...

That picture is absolutely amazing! I love your work.


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