Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Point Of Ayre Lighthouse

It's dry so far today, but rain is on it's way. We have a lot of rain on the island, that's why it's so green. Not good for the photographer though!

Ayers Lighthouse is situated at The Point Of Ayre, right on the beach, the North of the island.The landfill site is behind this, and out of shot. The island's rubbish is not a pretty site!

For this photo ISO 2oo as it was quite sunny, wide angle lens used, with zoom on. Took this from the ground looking up, as close to the lighthouse as I could and a low to the ground, and just shot the top. Sometimes a part of building stands out rather than the whole and makes for an interesting shot.

Other photos of mine can be found here


Anonymous said...

Very arty. Like the new blog and have always liked the lighthouses.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, makes me want to come and enjoy the very scenic land and water scapes....truly!!!


laxeylass said...

I like this photograph.


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