Friday, March 28, 2008


After last night's torrential rain, it's nice to see the sun back.

Peel Harbour on a very sunny morning, with a very aqua blue sea. Not Quite the South Of France, but a beautiful day of which we haven't had many on the island for a while. Half an hour after this photo was taken the heavens opened, and the rain came. It's very hit and miss taking daily photos in the Isle of Man.

Peel is the 4th largest town, but really should be a city as it has a cathedral. For the best sunsets on the island come to Peel and if your feeling peckish try manx kippers, lovely homemade cakes, and best of all Davidsons ice cream. It is the best in the world.


Lily on the Road said...

Thank you, I feel as though I'm on a mini vacation every time I stop by...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue.


laxeylass said...

Wow! Peel looks so blue. Really pretty.


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