Wednesday, October 08, 2014

It's raining again, Bowring Road skyline

                      Typical island weather

To the right, the Central pub, where most people will probably head for a quick one after shopping and work on a cold, wet day in October. Behind the pub you can see the mountains which overlook the town. To the left, the abandoned building which still says Aladdin's cave. Once, it may have been a a treasure trove but not anymore, as it's long since been used as an auction room for Chrystals. Today the Isle of Man is bracing itself for more wet weather. Looking at those swollen clouds, I'd say yes, and head for the pub. The only wet you'll get in there, is the beer.


Ramsey Mom said...

Not my time of year hun. Are you keeping well?

Linette said...

Now those are some dramatic clouds you have there, I'm still sitting in mine actually I bet from a distance it would probably look like a blanket brushing through the mountains at the moment.

They are calling for rain this weekend or sooner it all depends we'll see. =0)

Beautiful weather shot Jane! =0)

Just Fluttering Around

Gerald (SK14) said...

Think we've getting the rain after you - well there is an R in the month

William Kendall said...

Dramatic skies. We're getting the same kind of weather here today.


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