Tuesday, April 14, 2015

North Barrule, Isle of Man

                                 Up North

A walk up to the Albert Tower is a great vantage point to overlook the town, the coastline or this view of the the North Barrule. Some views, are worth a climb, Captured on a sunny Summer's day.

Jane Hards Photography for more Isle of Man views from sunrise to sunset

Image part of ABC where fellow bloggers upload a image for each letter of the alphabet.


William Kendall said...

I would enjoy climbing the tower, and that hill!

Ramsey Mom said...

Lovely hun. Must take the boys up.

ellen b said...

Beautiful view!

Anonymous said...

don't forget the july bbq up there. Good views.

Roger Owen Green said...



Trubes said...

Lovely shot Jane,
the island looks so green.
I don't know that part of the Island, we always used to stay in Port Erin and often walked up the hill to Milners mount, some good views up there on a clear day!
I don't doubt you are familiar with Port Erin too?

Best wishes,
ABCW team.

Tanya Breese said...

i'd say that view is worth the hike!

cieldequimper said...

That's a sight for sore eyes!

Joy said...

Looks a lovely summer walk.


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