Friday, February 06, 2015

Take out for dinner, sunset for dessert

 Home time

Parliament street, looking towards the Swan and Central pubs, where the sun is setting in the distance. Home time. Take out dinner. It's Friday. The chip shop is full. The pubs will be fuller soon. It's life, in a small town, like any other, just with better skies.

(I don't always have a camera with me, Terry, I just always run into you when I have one.)


Ramsey Mom said...

Lovely hun. What do you think of the New Chippy

Mo said...

How about a pic of the new chippy

T said...

Hi Jane. Not out tonight? Get down the dooey for sunsets.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Mo, I need to update the chippy photo. It's the same people different venue.

Ramsey Mom, it's so busy but worth the wait.

T, No night out for us. Busy, which is a good thing.

magiceye said...

Beautiful sight captured!!

Thank Peter from Sunshine Daily for his appreciation!!

Have a super weekend!!


William Kendall said...



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