Saturday, November 08, 2014

Shoprite, the local supermarket

                             Gone shopping

There are a few supermarkets in Ramsey, but Shoprite is the one that is probably most local, as it's Manx,  from the Isle of Man. There are about 12 of these stores around the island, serving the needs of the island folk. Not just local Manx produce, imports too, are sold and Shoprite is the only local supplier for Iceland food store goods. Douglas Shoprite now have a Subway outlet too. Ramsey branch has a Lloyds Chemist outlet just set inside the entrance. Some branches even have clothing outlets too. The bread doesn't have to far to travel to the supermarket, as Ramsey Bakery is set opposite.  The shopping bags logo carries the Manx three legs, as seen on the flag. Those bags often turn up in photos in the most unexpected places in the world, thanks to all those Isle of Man TT visitors.

The slogan for the Supermarket chain, is apparently "The Difference Every Day" and the shops are no relation to ones in the USA or South Africa. The bird on the roof is optional.  Shopping local helps the local economy. Like the pub, I do my bit. Conveniently, the supermarket is situated almost next door to The Central pub!


Ramsey Mom said...

The spelling has always bothered me hun. Right not rite. A minor gripe. Shop local is a good idea.

William Kendall said...

It looks like a rather modern establishment, but I would imagine the new or newly renovated ones would all have that going on.

k said...

Never seen it look so nice Jane.


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