Friday, August 08, 2014

Isle of Man TT, Sure Sidecar Race 2

Side by side. The next shot was a wheel lift and crunch!

Sidecar 15 Roy Hanks/Kevin Perry - Sidecar 16 Gordon Shand / Phil Hyde

This is a new spot to me to photograph from, School House Corner, Lezayre Road, Ramsey. I normally photograph right in the heart of town, Parliament Square. It's not just motorbikes racing at the TT (Tourist Trophy) Road Races, sidecars feature heavily too. There are not many sport events in the world you can get this close to photograph, from the safety of someones garden. For me they are still after 11 years here the best two weeks on the island.

Manx Grand Prix, coming soon.


Louisette said...

Nice shot, very colored,greeting from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Am coming over for the MGP. Thanks for tips

Unknown said...

Great timing! Cool shot.

William Kendall said...

I've never seen racers like these.

Louisette said...

Have a nice weekend from Belgium

Pietro said...



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