Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SureStrike Bowling Centre

                                Bowling anyone?

The building in front of the apartment block is the Surestrike Bowling Alley, though a lot of people will remember the building once being the old swimming baths, which have since relocated to a new building and part of Ramsey. Not just a bowling centre, a great large separate dining area too, serving great food, great coffee, and even a bar for those wanting something stronger. The bowling alley can be hired for private bowling functions, for those wishing to have the place to themselves for celebrations.  This is my Thursday place for coffee and catch up with friends.  They also do themed nights too, for something a little different. A family friendly venue, which is ideal for all those kids on holiday atm and adults alike. With the summer weather being hotter than usual you can even sit outside with your brew after your game and watch the tide roll in and out, and head indoors when the inevitable rain appears.


Ramsey Mom said...

Two black coffees hun.

William Kendall said...

I think I've bowled all of once, maybe twice, in my life, as a kid.

Mo said...

So is the bowling more popular than swimming?

Jane Hards Photography said...

That's a good question Mo, and it does seem to be doing quite well as does the swimming baths. It's good to have somewhere indoors for activities with the inclement weather.


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