Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Social Housing, demolition and rebuild

                       Gone but not forgotten

The Pondi is an Estate of houses known as "Commissioners houses."  UK readers you may be more familiar with the term "Social Housing" formerly called "Council Houses" I am not sure what the equivalent would be in other parts of the world, or even if this type of housing exists in this form elsewhere. It's a a form of accommodation owned by the local Council authority and rented out to tenants on long or short term let  at a low rental. They are not Private sector rentals. The idea was to abolish the slum landlords and overcrowding and provide lower income families with affordable habitable accommodation. Also enabling people to pay a lower rent with a view to purchasing their own home in subsequent years, then relinquishing the property to new tenants and continuing the cycle to provide a step on the mortgage ladder for all.

The image shows one of those houses being demolished, along with the rest of the estate to make way for a re build of newer improved Commissioner's houses.


Ramsey Mom said...

Still live there hun.

William Kendall said...

The equivalent here would be community housing.


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